Since they were introduced in the early 1990s, Cheerios have issued a number of send away promotions and free gifts.

Please let me know of anything that can be added.  I have detailed in the yellow box on each of the offers they types of items/information I am still looking for.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more details and pictures on each offer

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1992 Cheerios Shark Shooter loose1
Shark Shooter
1993 Cheerios Tom & Jerry The Movie Stickers Down the Alley2
Tom & Jerry Action Stickers
1993 Cheerios Dazzling Dayglo stickers2
Dazzling Dayglo Stickers
1993 Cheerios Glow in Dark Dinosaurs (1)1
Glow in the Dark Dinosaurs
1994 Cheerios Family fun day out vouchers1
Family Fun Days Out
1994 Cheerios Lion King Pop up cards1
Lion King Pop-Ups
1994 Cheerios Facts or Your Money Back1
Money Back Guarantee
1994 Cheerios Flyers opeb (1)1
Cheerios Flyers
1995 Cheerios Wicked Wrist Pouch
Wicked Wrist Pouch
1995 Cheerios Biker Mice from Mars Pogs1
Biker Mice from Mars Stakkers
1995 Cheerios Sports Bag & Towel Offer1
Sports Bag & Towel
1995 Cheerios Watch Offer - Copy
Cheerios Watch
1997 Cheerios 101 Dalmations1
101 Dalmatians Collectors Cards
1997 Cheerios Hercules 3D Motion cards1
Hercules 3D Motion Cards
1998 Cheerios Football pack
Limited Edition World Cup Pack
1998 Cheerios Free Frisbee
Cheerios Frisbee
1999 Cheerios Disney Sampler CD Rom (1)1
Disney Sampler CD
1998 Cheerios World Cup Merchandise1 small
World Cup Merchandise
1998 Cheerios Vauxhall Corsa Competition1 small
Vauxhall Corsa Competition

Celebrate the Millennium



2000 Cheerios Trivial Pursuit pack2 small
Trivial Pursuit
2000 Shreddies Euro 2000 Footballer set1 small
Euro 2000 Footballers
2000 Cheerios AA Essential Languages Book Spanish1 small
AA Essential Languages
2000 Cheerios Dinosaur 3D Cards front (1)1 small
Dinosaur 3D Movie Card
2000 Golden Nuggets 102 Dalmations Colour Changing Dogs2 small
102 Dalmatian Dogs
2000 Cheerios General health1 small
Keep Healthy Heart
2001 Golden Nuggets Digimon Hologram Cards1 small
Digimon Cards
2001 Who Wants to Be a Millionairre CD Rom back1 small
Who Wants to be a Millionaire CD
2001 Cheerios Playstation Stickers 3 small
Playstation Action Hero Sticker
2001 Cheerios Bionicle CD Rom - Technic1 small
Lego Bionicle CD
2001 Cheerios Legoland offer1 small
Legoland Discount
2001 Cheerios Lord of the Rings Calendar & Poster Froddo front1
Lord of the Rings Poster & Calendar
2001 Cheerios Monsters Inc Moving Cards front (5)1 small
Monster Inc Movin Cards
2002 Cheerios Championship Manager CD ROM front (2)1 small
Championship Manager CD
2002 Cheerios Free Puffin books (2)1 small
Childrens Puffin Books
2002 Cheerios Lord of the Rings Action Cards3 small
Lord of the Rings Action Movie Cards
2003 Golden Nuggets Pop Star Stickers (1)1 small
Popstar Stickers
2003 Cheerios Family Breakfast1 small
Family Breakfast
2004 Shreddies Shrek 2 Fun Faces
Shrek 2 Fun Faces & Mask
2005 Golden Nuggets Madagascar Fun Runners3 small
Madagascar Fun Runners
2005 Cheerios Free Narnia Books (1)1 small
Narnia Books
2005 Cheerios Free Puffin Books  (1)1 small
Puffin Books
2006 Shreddies Cars Light Speeder (2)1 small
Cars Light Speeders
2006 Cheerios Fifa World Cup Ticket competition1 small
World Cup Tickets
2006 Cheerios Get up & Go1 small
Get Up & Go Free
2007 Cheerios New Oats Front1 small
New Cheerios Oats
2008 Cheerios Panini Football Stickers1 small
Euro 08 Football Stickers
2003 Cheerios minipacks Nemo stickers1 small
Finding Nemo Static Clings


2011 Cheerios Crunchers New front1 small
Cheerios Crunchers
2012 Cheerios Chocoaley New front1 small
Chocolatey Cheerios
2014 Cheerios Win a Cow1 small
Win a Cow
2017 Shredded Wheat Seeds for Bees (4)1 small
Seeds for Bees
2017 Cheerios Bowl Prize (1)1 small
Limited Edition Bowl
2017 Cheerios Star Wars Last Jedi - Kylo Ren (2)1 small
Star Wars Prizes
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