2002 - 05

Since they were introduced in 2002, Cookie Crisps have issued a number of free gifts and packet related activities.

Please let me know of anything that can be added.  I have detailed in the yellow box on each of the offers they types of items/information I am still looking for.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more details and pictures on each offer

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2002 Cookie Crisp New Cereal
Launch Issue
2002 Cookie Crisp 3D Bubble Magic Card front 5
3D Bubble Magic Cards
2003 Cookie Crisp Treasure Planet CD Rom game front 4
Treasure Planet PC Mini Games
2003 Cookie Crisp Acme Catapult
2003 Cookie Crisp  Music Mixing PC Rom1
Music Mixing CD
2003 Cookie Crisp Hulk Desktop Buddies2
Hulk Desktop Buddies
2003 Golden Nuggets Pop Star Stickers set
Popstar Stickers
2002 Cookie Crisp New back1
Howl Competition
2003 Cookie Crisp Finding Nemo Water Squirters - side
Finding Nemo Water Squirter
2003 Cookie Crisp Brother Bear Cuddly Koda1
Brother Bear Koda
2004 Cookie Crisp  Brother Bear Wobbling Wildlife1
Brother Bear Wobbling Wildlife
2004 Cookie Crisp Limited Edition White Chips front
Ltd Edition White Chocolate Chips
2004 Golden Nuggets Action Footballers - open (2)1
Dream Team Kicking Footballers
2004 Cookie Crisp Incredibles Secret Code pack front
Incredibles Website
2005 Golden Nuggets Dual Master Stickers (1)1
Duel Master Stickers
2005 Cookie Crisp Lego Knights - parts (4)1
Lego Knights Kingdom
2005 Cookie Crisp Madagascar Fun Runners2
Madagascar Fun Runners
2005 Cookie Crisp DK CD Rom front 4
2005 Cookie Crisp Transforming Narnia Statues2
Narnia Frozen Statues
2005 Cookie Crisp Full of Fun
Full on Fun
2005 Cookie Crisp Go Free vouchers1
Get Up & Go

2006 - 2009

2006 Cookie Crisp Full of Fun Games Quizzes & Puzzles inside
Pack of Fun
2006 Golden Nuggets Lace Ace - mint3
Lace Ace & Pack of Fun
2006 Cookie Crisp Cars PC Mini Game1
Cars PC Mini Game
2006 Cookie Crisps Full of fun ship inside - both variations
Pack of Fun
2006 Cookie Crisp Puffin Book front 4
Puffin Books
2006 Cookie Crisp Fantasy World .com
Fantasy World of Fun
2006 Cookie Crisp National Geographical CD Rom front 3
National Geographical CD
2007 Golden Nuggets Spiderman 3 Activity Comic 2
Spiderman 3 Activity Comic
2007 Cookie Crisp Go Free1
Get Up & Go Free
2007 Cookie Crisp Free Puffin Book 5
Puffin Books
2008 Cookie Crisp 3 Great Reasons
3 Great Reasons
2008 Cookie Crisp Spiderwick Book front 4
The Spiderwick Books
2008 Golden Nuggets Euro 2008 Stickers4
Euro 98 Panini Stickers
2008 Cookie Crisp Go Free1
Go Free
2008 Cookie Crisp Family DVD for 2
1 DVDs
2008 Cookie Crisp Double Tokens
Box Tops Anniversary
2009 Cookie Crisp Go Free1
Go Free
2009 Cookie Crisp Whole Grain in Every Box
Whole Grain Cereal
2009 Cookie Crisp Enjoy the Cookie Taste
Cookie Taste
2009 Cookie Crisp Fantastic Mr Fox books front 2
Fantastic Mr Fox Books


2010 - 2014

2010 Cookie Crisp Fun Games variation
Fun Games
2010 Cookie Crisp Cookie Plot1 small
Cookie Plot
2010 Nesquik 1m Tesco Clubcard points1 small
1 Million Clubpoints
2010 Golden Nuggets Get Set go Free2 small
Get Set Go Free
2010 Golden NUggets Whole Grain Guarantee1small
Whole Grain Guarantee
2011 Golden Nuggets Instant Win2 small
Instant Win
2011 Cookie Crisp Chips Breakfast Fun 2
Breakfast Fun
2011 Golden Nuggets Get Set Go Free1 small
Get Set Go Free
2011 Golden Nuggets Double Tokens Books1 small
Double Box Tops
2012 Cookie Crisp Instant Win1
Instant Win
2012 Golden Nuggets The Facts2 small
The Facts
2012 Golden Nuggets Find the Scarecrow2 small
Find the Scarecrow
2012 Cookie Crisp Chips Breakfast Fun 3
Breakfast Fun
2013 Golden Nuggets New Recipe1small
New Recipe
2012 Cookie Crisp Grab 2 Go inner pack
2013 Golden Nuggets Spooky Sleepover competition2 small
Spooky Family Sleepover
2013 Cookie Crisps More Choclatie1 small
2013 Cookie Crisps Brownie New (1)1 small
Cookie Crisps Brownie New
2014 Win a Cow voucher1
Win a Cow
2014 Golden Nuggets Nutrician Expedition1 small
Nutrition Expedition
2014 Golden Nuggets Win an ipad Every Day
Win a Tablet

2015 to date

2015 Cookie Crisps Home Makeover Prizes (2)1 small
Win a Home Makeover
2015 Cookie Crisp Win a Cow (1)1 small
Win a Cow
2016 Cookie Crisp Activity pack No 3 small
Activity Pack
2016 Cookie Crisps More Activity Ideas (1)1 small
More Activity Ideas
2016 Golden Nuggets Win 30k Nector Points (1)1 small
Win 30K Nectar Points
2018 Cookie Crisp Taste So Good (1)1 small
Rebrand Cookie


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