Force was established in America in 1901, opening an office in London in 1902 with advertising in magazines.  It was first breakfast cereal flake to be available in Britain.

At first the character used to promote the cereal was a woman called Miss Prim, but she was replaced in 1903 by Sunny Jim, who also featured as the main logo on packets from 1910.

Manufacture was taken over by A.C.Fincken & Co from 1910.

Whilst the first rag dolls become available in large numbers from 1922, it was not till the 30s when more significant novelty items were released to appeal to children.

During the Second World War, imports ceased from America and Canada, but was relaunched in 1955 based on original recipe. 

In 1985 A.C.Finken were bought out by a subsidiary of Nestle

Distribution appears to have been a continual problem plaguing Force over the years.  Sadly in 2012 Force was dropped by Cereal Partners as sales were insufficient to continue, where only a few retailers, such as Waitrose stocked it. 

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1920’s - 1960’s

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Sunny Jim Rag doll (3)
Sunny Jim Rag Doll
Force Yoyo1 small
Force Jigsaw box no 8 (betr) (1)1 small
Sunny Jim Jigsaw
1930s Force Cardboard Record1 small
Force Records
Force Drafts set (betr)1 small
Draughts Board
1939 Force Painting Book1 small
Painting Book
1972 Force Breakfast Cutlery - spoon (1)1 small
Wheat Ear Spoon
force2 small
Sunny Jim Tin
Force Story of Wheat cards1 small
Story of Wheat Cards
Force There's Force Behind that cards3 small
There’s Force Behind That Cards
Force Recipes book1 small
Original Housewife’s Recipes
Force Sunny Jim Mask 1950s1 small
Sunny Jim Face Mask
Force Sunny Jim Puppet (betr)
Sunny Jim Hand Puppet
1930s Force Kinderbeast Cards (1)1 small
1910s Force Postcard (1)1 small
Force Advertising Card
1930s Force Sunny Jim Game & Jingle (1)1 small
Sunny Jim Game
1920s Force Dish of a Day (1)1 small
A Dish for Every Day
1920s Force Sheet Music High O'er the Fence (1)1 small
Music Song Sheet
Force Cereal Sunny Jim badge
Pin Badge
1902 Force Sunny Jim Spoon1 small
Sunny Jim Spoon
1939 Force Sunny Jim Painting Book1 small
Painting Book


Force Spoon Offer (betr)1 small
Force Cutlery
1974 Force Cuddly Bear Offer1 small
Teddy Bear
1974 Force T Shirt Force Full1 small
Force T-Shirt
1974 Force Swiss Style Breakfast1 small
Swiss Style Breakfast
1977 Force Sunny Jims Excursions - Syon Park, Longleat, Festini
Sunny Jims Excursions
1977 Force Sunny Jim Remembers - Force Super Kite offer2 small
Kite & Sunny Jim Remembers
Force Sunny Jims Painting Book (1)1 small
Sunny Jim Painting Book
Force Doll Making kit1 small
Make your Own Rag Doll
1971 Force Coin set1 small
Pre Decimal Coin Collection
1960s Force front2 small1
Force Wheatflakes
Force Storage Jar1 small
Stoneware Storage Jar
Force Milk Jug (1)1 small
Milk Jug




1980 Force How is Force made1 small
How Force Made & Tea Towel
1982 Force Guide to Enjoying Britain - Village Festivals1 small
Guide to Enjoying Britain
1983 Force Trees of Britain1 small
Trees of Britain
1984 Force Cooking with Force1 small
Cooking with Force
1984 Force Discovery Countryside with David Bellamy1 small
David Bellamy Books
1984 Force Gardening Month by Month book1 small
Gardening Month by Month
Force Sunny Jims Mug1 small
Sunny Jim Mug
1970s Force Butterfly Mobile1 small
Butterfly Mobile
1970s Force Special Recipes (2)1 small
Special Recipes
Force carry bag (betr)1 small
Sunny Jim Shopping Bag
1980s Force Coasters (4)1 small





1990s Force Apron1 small
Sunny Jim Apron
1998 Force Great Offers1 small
Force Great Offers
Force Wall Clock1 small
Wall Clock
1993 Force Garden Flower Cards1 small
Garden Flower Cards
1996 Force Oxford Die Cast Van (2)1 small
Delivery Van
Force Sunny Jim Tray1 small
Sunny Jim’s Tea Tray
1980s Force T-Towel1 small
1990s Force Milk Jug (2)1 small
Bone China Milk Jug
1991 Force 1932 Double Decker Bus Offer1 small
Double Decker Bus







2000 Force Lledo Delivery Truck1 small
Lledo Delivery Truck
2000 Force cereal front & back same1 small
2001 Force Teddies1 small
Craggley Boggs Teddy Bears
2002 Force 100th Anniversary front1 small
100th Anniversary
2002 Force Van set1 small
Oxford Diecast Vehicles
2003 Force Whole Grain Cereal1 small
Wholegrain Health
Force Wall Clock 2 (betr)1 small
Wall Clock
End of an Era







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