Spiderman Web Shooter & Mask

2002 - Nesquik Spiderman Web Shooter Free in Packets & Cutout Masks

Set of 4 plastic shooters with pullback mechanism which when released shoots a cardboard disc from the front. 24 discs to collect, which come in same group of 3.  Shooter is stamped Nestle on the back.  Other packets feature cut out mask of Spiderman but no plastic gift

Ebay pic2


2002 Nesquik Spiderman Shooter1
2002 Nesquik Spiderman Shooter
2002 Shreddies Spiderman Web Shooter (1)
2002 Shreddies Spiderman Web Shooter (2)
2002 Nesquik Spiderman Shooter - mint
2002 Nesquik Spiderman Mask
2002 Nesquik Spiderman Shooter - reverse
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