Since they were introduced in the 1993, Nesquik have issued a number of send away promotions, free gifts and packet back activities

Please let me know of anything that can be added.  I have detailed in the yellow box on each of the offers they types of items/information I am still looking for.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more details and pictures on each offer

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1993 Nesquick New front
Launch Issue
1993 Nesquick Hunchback of Notre Dame figures2
Hunchback of Notre Dame
1993 Nesquick Flyers2 small
Nesquik Flyer
1993 Nesquick Toy Story 3D Holograms (2)1
Toy Story 3D Holograms
1994 Nesquick Quicky Action Stickers1
Quicky Action Stickers
1995 Nesquick Pocahontas stickers1
Pocahontas Stickers
1995 Nesquick Adventures of Quicky1
Adventures of Quicky Comic
1996 Nesquick Krazy Straws (2)
Krazy Straws
1997 Nesquick Hercules figures1
Hercules Figurines
1997 Nesquick Colour Changing Zoom Spoon open (3)1 small
Colour Changing Zoom Spoons
1997 Nesquick 3D Glasses1
3D Pictures
1997 Nesquick Promatch Cards & Football1
Promatch Cards
1998 Nesquick Disney World Competition
Walt Disney World Competition
1998 Nesquick Bugs Life Bugs Box Magnifyer open (3)1 small
Bugs Life Bug Box Magnifier
1998 Nesquick Euro 98 Kicking Footballers open1 small
Kicking Footballer
1998 Nesquick World Cup Stars Action Replay cards1
World Cup Star Action Replay
1998 Nesquick Godzilla Keyring Holograms1
Godzilla Holograms
1999 Nesquick Tarzan Action Stickers
Tarzan Action Stickers
1999 Nesquick Tarzan book front
Tarzan Book
1999 Nesquik Toy Story 2 Stick n Stay Figure - mint (3)1
Toy Story 2 Stick & Stay Figures
1999 Nesquick Adventures of Quicky Galactic Decoder
Galactic Adventures of Quicky
1999 Nesquick Disney CD Sampler front (2)1
Disney Sampler CD
1990s Nesquick Breakfast bowl
Cereal Bowl
1994 Nesquik Chocolate Milk Shake1 small
Nesquik Milkshake
1993 Nesquick Colour Changing Spoons1 small
Colour Changing Spoons




2000 - 2005

2000 Shreddies Euro 2000 Footballer (3)1 small
Euro 2000 Footballers
2000 Shreddies Stuart Little Scene Seekers plastics (3)1 small
Stuart Little Scene Seekers
2000 Nesquik Stuart Little Book front1 small
Stuart Little Book
2000 Nesquik Chomping Dinosaur Magnet1 small
Chomping Dinosaur Magnet
2001 Nesquik AA Essential Spanish book front (1)1 small
AA Essential Languages
2001 Nesquik Digimon Pencil Toppers2 small
Digimon Pencil Topper
2001 Golden Nuggets Meteorite cards 5 small
Real Meteorite
2001 Shreddies Atlantis Explorer Kit (2)1 small
Atlantis Explorer Kit
2001 Nesquik Playstation Action Hero - Crash Bandicoot Lara Cra
Playstation Action Hero
2002 Shreddies Monsters Inc Hanging Action Monsters1 small
Monsters In Action Monster
2002 Nesquik Spiderman Shooter2 small
Spiderman Web Shooters & Mask
2002 Golden Nuggets Men in Black 2 Flingons - back2 small
Men in Black 2 Flingon
2002 Shreddies Lilo & Stitch Action Stickers (1)1 small1
Lilo & Stitch Action Stickers
2003 Nesquik Treasure Planet CD Rom game front1 small
Treasure Planet PC Mini Game
2003 Nesquik Music Mixing PC Rom front1 small
Music Mixing CD Rom
2003 Nesquik Finding Nemo Aqua Swimmers1 small
Finding Nemo Aqua Swimmer
2004 Nesquik Quick Change Adventure1 small
Quick Change Adventure
2004 Shreddies Action Footballers - open (2)1 small
Dream Team Kicking Footballer
2004 Nesquik Shrek 2 Mask1 small
Shrek 2 Mask
2004 Shreddies Incredibles changing tags (3)1 small
The Incredibles Character Tag
2005 Shreddies Dual Master Stickers1 small
Duel Master Sticker
2005 Golden Nuggets Lego Knights - parts (4)1 small
Lego Knights Kingdom
2005 Shreddies Madagascar Fun Runners1 Small
Madagascar Fun Runners
2005 Nesquik DK CD Rom1 small
2005 Nesquik Full of Front back1 small
Full on Fun Pack
2005 Nesquik Magic Straws (1)1 small
Magic Straws



2006 - 2009

2006 Nesquik Games Quizzes & Puzzles inside open1 small
Pack of Fun
2006 Golden Nuggets Lace Ace - mint1
Lace Ace & Pack of Fun
2006 Golden Nuggets Cars PC Mini Game1
Cars PC Mini Game
2006 Nesquik Free Milkshake sachet1 small
Strawberry Milkshake
2006 Golden Nuggets Puffin Book1
Puffin Books
2007 Golden Nuggets Fantasy world.com1
Fantasy World of Fun
2006 Golden Nuggets National Geographical CD Rom front 3
National Geographical CD
2007 Golden Nuggets Spiderman 3 Activity Comic1
Spiderman 3 Activity Comic
2007 Nesquik Chocolatey Puzzles1 small
Chocolate Games
2007 Golden Nuggets Go Free1
Get Up & Go Free
2007 Golden Nuggets Puffin Books1
Puffin Books
2008 Golden Nuggets 3 Great Reasons1small
3 Great Reasons
2008 Golden Nuggets Spiderwick Book front 4
The Spiderwick Books
2008 Golden Nuggets Euro 2008 Stickers2
Euro 98 Panini Stickers
2008 Golden Nuggets Go Free More Activities1
Go Free
2008 Golden Nuggets Family DVD for 2
1 DVDs
2009 Golden Nuggets Go Free1
Go Free
2009 Nesquik More Chocolaty Taste1 small
Chocolate Taste
2009 Golden Nuggets Fantastic Mr Fox books (2)1
Fantastic Mr Fox
2010 Nesquik 5 off Cereal1 small
5 Cereal Coupon

2010 - 2014

2010 Golden Nuggets Fun Games variation1small
Fun Games
2010 Nesquik Ultimate Chocolate Taste Challenge1 small
Chocolate Taste Challenge
2010 Golden Nuggets 1m Tesco Clubcard points1small
1 Million Clubpoints
2010 Golden Nuggets Get Set go Free2 small
Get Set Go Free
2010 Golden NUggets Whole Grain Guarantee1small
Whole Grain Guarantee
2011 Golden Nuggets Instant Win2 small
Instant Win
2011 Nesquik Quickys Breakfast Fun (2)1 small
Breakfast Fun
2011 Golden Nuggets Get Set Go Free1 small
Get Set Go Free
2011 Golden Nuggets Double Tokens Books1 small
Double Box Tops
2012 Golden Nuggets The Facts2 small
The Facts
2012 Nesquik Instant Win1 small
Instant Win
2012 Golden Nuggets Find the Scarecrow2 small
Find the Scarecrow
2011 Nesquik Quickys Breakfast Fun1 small
Breakfast Fun
2013 Golden Nuggets New Recipe1small
New Recipe
2013 Golden Nuggets Spooky Sleepover competition2 small
Spooky Family Sleepover
2014 Win a Cow voucher2
Win a Cow
2014 Golden Nuggets Nutrician Expedition1 small
Nutrition Expedition
2014 Golden Nuggets Win an ipad Every Day
Win a Tablet




2015 to date

2015 Cookie Crisps Home Makeover Prizes (2)
Home Makeover Competition
2015 Cookie Crisp Win a Cow (1)1 small
Win a Cow
2016 Nesquik Activity pack (1)1 small
Creativity Pack
2016 Golden Nuggets Win 30k Nector Points (1)1 small
Win 30K Nectar Points
2017 Nesquik Alphabet Shapes (1)1 small
Alphabet Shapes
2018 Nesquik Build a Rocket (3)1 small
Build a Rocket
2018 Nesquik Alphabets 3 Letter Stories1 small
3 Letter Stories
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