Since Shreddies launch in 1953, there have been a number of send away promotions, free gifts and activities printed on packet backs.

Please let me know of anything that can be added.  I have detailed in the yellow box on each of the offers they types of items/information I am still looking for.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more details and pictures on each offer

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1957 Shreddies Underwater Frogman (2)1
Freddy Frogman
space wheel red
Space Wheel
1958 Shreddies Prehistoric Animals (2)1
Prehistoric Animals
1950s Shreddies Puch & Judy1 small
Punch & Judy Show
1959 Shreddies Great Parade of Transport (2)1
Great Parade of Transport
1959 Shreddies Jokers Tricks - nail1
Joker’s Trick
1950s Shreddies Stepping Stones Puzzle No 11 (betr)
1950s Shreddies World of Sport No 5
World of Sport
1950s Shreddies Tom Dick & Harriet adventure front
Tom Dick & Harriet Adventures
1959 Shreddies Buried Treasure Competition3 small
Buried Treasure Competition
1957 Shreddies Telescope Ad1 small
Tom’s Telescope





1960 Shreddies Scuba Diver & Sea Creatures
Skin Diver & Sea Creatures
1961 Shreddies Adventure Comics Agadir (1)1 small
Adventure Comic
1962 Shreddies Free Foreign Stamps and Competition (1)
Foreign Stamps & Competition
1960s Shreddies Captain Mike Adventure Comic
New Adventure Comic
1963 Shreddies Cut out Flying Models Famous Planes -  Spitfire
Cut out Flying Plane
1965 Shreddies Paint by Numbers Set1
Paint By Numbers
1966 Shreddies Colouring Contest1
Colouring Contest
1968 Shreddies Jungle Book Puppets (5)1 small
Jungle Book Puppet
1966 Shreddies Jungle Book Toy Box1
Jungle Book Toy Box
1969 Shreddies Jungle Book Colouring Set
Jungle Book Colouring Set
images (1)
Football Jigsaw & Bedspread
1960s Shreddies Adventures of Shreddieboy Pisa
Adventures of Shreddieboy
1960s Shreddies Shreddieboy and the Turanians
Shreddieboy Adventures
1960s Shreddies Jetliner Kits (2)
Model BOAC Jet Airliner
1960s Shreddies Football Stamps1
Football Stamps
1960s Shreddies Free 2 Trebor Bumper Fruit Bars (1)1
Free Trebor Sweets
1960s Shreddies Stamps of the East & Album offer (1)1
Stamps of the East
1960s Shreddies Hover Kite Offer1
1960s Shreddies Mine a Million Game (1)
Mine a Million Game
1960s Shreddies Picture Book of Animals (betr)
Picture Book of Animals
1960s Shreddies Polyfoto Portraits discount1
Polyfoto Portraits
1960s Shreddies Save 3d on Mary Baker Mix1
Mary Baker Mix
1963 Shreddies Corgi Toy Discount1
Corgi Toy discount
1964 Shreddies Finding Out Magazine1 small
Finding Out Magazine
1960s Shreddies Artillery Guns Saker (1)1 small
Artillery Guns
1958 Shreddies Tiger Shark (1)
Tiger Shark
Shreddies Explorers of Sea Book 1950s1
Explorers of the Sea Booklet
1960 Shreddies Adventure with Hans Hass - Whale Shark1 small
Adventure With Hans Hass

1970 - 1974

1970s Shreddies Famous Planes & Airbattle Game1
Famous Planes
1970 Shreddies Footballer Card Mexico 70
Football Cards
1970 Shreddies Adventure books1
Mini Books
1971 Shreddies Aristocats Dominoes (3)
Aristocats Dominoes
1971 Shreddies Aristocat stickers 2 (2)
Aristocats Action Pictures
1971 Shreddies Aristocats Crazy Face1
Aristocats Crazy Face
1971 Shreddies Aristocats Models - orange
Aristocats Figures
1971 Shreddies Nourishing cereal - front & back same
Nourishing Cereal
1972 Shreddies Tom & Jerry  Faces - Spike
Tom & Jerry Face Kits
1972 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Magic Badges
Tom & Jerry Magic Badge
1972 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Comics drawn Bill Titcombe3
Tom & Jerry Comics
1972 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Trap Game (3)
Tom & Jerry Great Games
1972 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Crazy Race
Tom & Jerry Crazy Race Game
1973 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Learn Road Safety
Green Cross Code
1973 Shreddies Hand Puppets Tom
Tom & Jerry Glove Puppet
1973 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Jumbo Sticker (1)2
Tom & Jerry Circus Jumbo Stickers
1973 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Joke Machine (2)1
Tom & Jerry Joke Machine
1974 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Crazy Crazy Card done
Tom & Jerry Crazy Card
1974 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Fun Sheet 1 front1
Tom & Jerry Fun Sheet
1974 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Iron on Transfer - Jerry
Tom & Jerry Iron-on Transfer
1974 Shreddies Tom & Jerry New Joke Machine (2)1
Tom & Jerry New Joke Machine

1975 - 1979

1975 Shreddies Tom & Jerry bike stickers
Tom & Jerry Glo Stickers
1975 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Green X Code Mini Playing Cards - Sa
Green Cross Code Mini Playing Cards
1975 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Magic Tricks 2
Tom & Jerry Magic Tricks
1975 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Portable TV Colouring Competition No 3
Dotty Colouring Competition
1976 Shreddies TV Competition1
Win a TV Competition
1976 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Play n Wipe front (2)1
Tom & Jerry Play n Wipe
1976 Spoonsize Safari Letraset (2)
Safari Rub Down Transfers
1976 Shredded Wheat Spoonsize Spikey’s Sticker (2)1 small
Spikey’s Nature Competition
1976 Shreddies Cut n Play Racing Car (1)
Cut n Play
1970s Shreddies Malt Street Kids Make n Play Cards (1)1
Make n Play
1977 Shreddies Flippadisc1
1978 Shreddies Star Wars transfer (2)
Star Wars Action Transfers
1979 Shreddies Eagle Eye Play n Wipe game 3
Eagle Eye Plan n Wipe
1979 Shreddies Battlestar Galactica transfers
Battlestar Galactica Action Transfers

1980 - 1985

1980 Shreddies Magic Tricks No 4 (betr) (2)1 small
Magic Tricks
1980 Shreddies Black Hole shrinkees 2 (betr)1 small
Black Hole Shrinky Dinks
1980 Shreddies Superman 2 Transfers3 small
Superman 2 Action Transfers
1980 Shreddies Worzel Gummidge Play n Wipe 3 small
Worzel Gummidge Play ‘n’ Wipe
1981 Shreddies The Adventurers Amy Johnson made1 small
The Adventurers
1982 Shreddies Window Art Colouring sheet 4 small
Window Art Colouring Sheet
1982 Shreddies ET Transfers1 small
ET Glow in the Dark Action Transfers
1982 Shredded Wheat Pop Posters 9 small
Pop Posters
1983 Shreddies Superman 3 Play n Wipe game 4 small
Superman 3 Action Replay Game
1983 Shreddies Pop Stickers 3 small
Pop Stickers
1983 Shreddies Fun stickers1 small
Fun Stickers
1984 Shreddies Ghostbuster Waterslide transfers1 small
Ghostbusters Waterslide Transfer
1984 Shreddies Pop Video Star badge 3 small
Pop Video Star Badge
1985 Shreddies Transformers Scout Plane made (2)1 small
Press Out Transformers
1980s Shreddies Henry's Cat1 small
Henry’s Cat Badge
1985 Shreddies A Team Comics1 small
A-Team Action Mini Comic
1985 Shreddies Masters of the Universe1 small
Master of the Universe Stickers
1985 Shreddies Back to the Future Comic book1 small
Back to the Future Adventure Comics




1986 - 1989

1986 Shreddies Knight Rider Flyers (1)1 small
Knight Rider Striker
1986 Shreddies Bear Aid1 small
Bear Aid Star Pics
1987  Shreddies Dungeon & Dragons Holograms1 small
Dungeons & Dragons Holograms
1987 Shreddies Inspector Gadget transfers1 small
Inspector Gadget 2 in 1 Cards
1987 Shreddies Thundercats stickers back1 small
Thundercats Stick n Lift Stickers
1987 Shreddies The Adventurers IK Brunel1 small
The Adventurers
1988 Shreddies 20% Extra free1 small
20% Extra Free
1988 Shreddies Quest for The Jewels of Power Game (2)1 small
The Jewels of Power Game
1988 Shreddies Real Ghostbuster Flyers1 small
Real Ghostbusters Particle Beam Flyer
1989 Shreddies Roger Rabbit Comics1 small
Roger Rabbit Mystery Game
1989 Shreddies Count Duckula Scratchcards1 small
Count Duckula Adventure Game
1980s Shreddies Spokey Dokey - mint1 small
Spokey Dokeys



1990 - 1995

1990 Shreddies Ghostbusters 2 Action stickers front1 small
Ghostbusters 2 Stickers
1990 Shreddies Garfield Stickers1 small
Garfield Stickers
1990 Shreddies Busy Bodies Action Transfers2 small
Busy Body Action Transfers
1990 Shreddies Wildlife Comics1 small
Wildlife Comics
1990 Shreddies Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle transfers2 small
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sticker
1991 Shreddies Kosmic Kreatures2 small
Kosmic Kreatures
1991 Shreddies Circling shark back1 small
Circling Shark Disc
1991 Shreddies Simpson Slogan Sliders1 small
Simpsons Slogan Sliders
1992 Shreddies Dion Soarers (3)1 small
Dino Soarers
1992 Shreddies Amazing Mazes
Amazing Mazes
1992 Shreddies Hotspot Teasers1 small
Hot Spot Teasers
1992 Shreddies Euro Disney packet & glasses
Euro Disney 3D Scenes
1992 Cheerios Shark Shooter loose
Shark Shooter
1993 Shreddies Spooky Spoons
Spooky Spoons
1993 Shreddies Beverley Hills 90210 Trivia cards 3 small
Beverly Hills 90210 Card & Sticker
1994 Shreddies Alien Fling Ons Shreedies label1 small
Alien Fling-ons
1994 Shreddies Joke stickers2 small
Joke Stickers
1994 Shreddies Power Rangers Secret ID book1 small
Power Ranger Secret ID Book
1995 Shreddies Hunger Strikes Again 3 small
Hunger Strikes Again
1995 Shreddies Biker Mice from Mars Pogs1 small
Biker Mice from Mars Stakkers
1995 Shreddies Hunger Puzzles2 small
Hunger Puzzle
1995 Shreddies Zig & Zag Joke Machines1 small
Zig and Zag Joke Factory
1993 Shreddies Super Snap Cameras (1)1 small
Supersnaps Camera
1990 Shreddies Crazy Hopper1 small
Crazy Hopper





1996 - 1999

1996 Shreddies Premier League stickers1 small
Premier League 96 Merlin Stickers
1996 Shreddies Smash Hits stickers1 small
Smash Hits Sticker
1996 Shreddies Toy Story 3D Video Scenes (2)1 small
Toy Story 3D Video Scenes
1996 Shreddies Promatch cards1 small
Promatch Cards
1997 Shreddies  Hercules 3D Motion Card & World Cup 98 Merchand
Hercules 3D Motion Cards
1997 Shreddies Giant Hunger Puzzle1 small
Giant Hunger Puzzle
1997 Shreddies Xray Dinosaurs1 small
X Ray Dinosaur Cards
1998 Shreddies Walt Disney World Competition
Walt Disney World Competition
1999 Shreddies Disney Sample CD front (3)
Disney Sampler CD
1998 Shreddies Bugs Life Bug Box Magnifier (3)1 small
Bugs Life Bug Box Magnifier
1998 Shreddies Hoop-La Hunger Game1 small
Hunger Hoop-La
1999 Shreddies Disney Magic Windows1 small
Mickey Mouse Magic Window
1998 Shreddies Kicking Footballers & Gameboard
Kicking Footballer
1998 Shreddies World Cup Stars France 98 Action Replay Cards1 s
World Cup Star Action Replay
1998 Shreddies World Cup 98 Merchandise1 small
World Cup Competition
1998 Shreddies Godzilla Posters2 small
Godzilla Posters
1998 Shreddies Keeps Hunger Locked Up (2)1 small
Keeps Hunger Locked Up
1999 Shreddies Tarzan 3D Movie Card front (4)1 small
Tarzan 3D Movie Card
1999 Shreddies Tarzan stickers
Tarzan Action Stickers
1999 Shreddies Toy Story 2 Stick n Stay Figure - mint (3)1 smal
Toy Story 2 Stick & Stay Figure
1999 Shreddies Toy Story 2 PC CD Rom1 small
Toy Story 2 PC CD-Rom
1997 Shreddies Disneyland Paris Competition1 small
Disneyland Paris Competition







2000 - 2003

2000 Shreddies Dinosaur Activity Book1 small
Dinosaur Activity Book
2000 Shreddies Dinosaur Pencil Case front (2)1 small
Dinosaur Pencil Case & Model
2000 Shreddies Dinosaur 3D Movie Card (2)1 small
Dinosaur 3D Movie Cards
2000 Shreddies Euro 2000 Footballer (3)1 small
Euro 2000 Footballers
2000 Shreddies Stuart Little Scene Seekers plastics (3)1 small
Stuart Little Scene Seekers
2000 Shreddies Stuart Little Sticker Calendar front1 small
Stuart Little Calendar
2001 Shreddies 102 Dalmations Postcards & Puppy Bean toy
102 Dalmatians Puppy & Cards
2001 Shreddies Digimon Hologram Cards1 small
Digimon Cards
2001 Shreddies Digimon Pencil Toppers1 small
Digimon Pencil Topper
2001 Shreddies Emperors New Grove PC CD Rom front
The Emperors New Grove CD Rom
2001 Shreddies Meteorite cards 4 small
Real Meteorite
2001 Shreddies Playstation Action Hero - Crash Bandicoot Lara C
Playstation Action Hero
2001 Shreddies Atlantis Explorer Kit (2)1 small
Atlantis Explorer Kit
2002 Shreddies Lilo & Stitch Competition1 small
Lilo & Stitch Competition
2002 Shreddies Lilo & Stitch Action Stickers (1)1 small
Lilo & Stitch Action Stickers
2002 Shreddies Men In Black 2 Flingon2 small
MIB2 Flingon & Desk Tidy
2002 Shreddies Monsters Inc Hanging Action Monsters1 small
Monsters Inc Action Monster & Masks
2002 Shreddies Spiderman Mask1 small
Spiderman Web Shooter & Masks
2002 Shreddies Treasure Planet Holographic Space Spinner1 small
Treasure Island Discs & Galleon
2003 Shreddies Puffin Books front (2)1 small
Puffin Books
2003 Shreddies Hulk Desktop Buddies1 small
Hulk Desktop Buddies & Mask
2003 Shreddies Finding Nemo Water Squirters2 small
Finding Nemo Aqua Squirters & Game
2003 Shreddies Finding Nemo Aqua Swimmers1 small
Finding Nemo Aqua Swimmer & Popstar Stickers
2003 Shreddies Brother Bear Cuddly Koda toy small
Brother Bear Cuddly Koda
2004 Shreddies  Brother Bear Wobbling Wildlife1 small
Brother Bear Wobbling Wildlife
2003 Shreddies Set your Kids up1 small
Set Up Your Kids
2003 Golden Nuggets Pop Star Stickers set1 small
Popstar Stickers


2004 - 2006

2004 Shreddies Action Footballers - open (2)1 small
Dream Team Kicking Footballers
2004 Shreddies Shrek 2 Fun Faces2 small
Shrek 2 Faces & Mask
2004 Shreddies Free Books for School1 small
Books for School
2004 Shreddies Puffin Book front (2)1 small
Puffin Books
2004 Shreddies Incredibles changing tags (2)1 small
The Incredibles Tags
2004 Shreddies Umbro VIP1 small
Umbro VIP
2005 Shreddies Dual Master Stickers (1)1 small
Duel Master Stickers
2005 Shreddies Healthy Heart1 small
General Health
2005 Shreddies Puffin Books1 small
Puffin Books
2005 Shreddies Madagascar Fun Runners1 small
Madagascar Fun Runners
2005 Shreddies DK CD Rom front (1)1 small
2005 Shreddies Go Free (1)1 small
Get Up & Go Free
2005 Shreddies Narnia Books front (1)1 small
Chronicles of Narnia Book
2006 Shreddies Lace Ace - mint1 small
Lace Ace
2006 Shreddies Cars Light Speeder (2)1 small
Cars Light Speeders
2006 Shreddies Mental & Physical performance1 small
School Fuel
2006 Shreddies Puffin Books1 small
Puffin Books
2006 Shreddies National Geographical CD Rom front (3)1 small
National Geographical CD
2006 Honey Shreddies New front1 small
Honey Shreddies



2007 - 2009

2007 Shreddies Spiderman 3 Activity Comic2 small
Spiderman 3 Activity Book
2007 Shreddies Knitted by Nanas (1)
Knitted by Nanas
2007 Shreddies The Golden Compass Storybook front (1)1 small
The Golden Compass Books
2007 Shreddies Puffin Book1 small
Puffin Books
2008 Shreddies Spiderwick Book1 small
The Spiderwick Books
2008 Shreddies Go Free1 small
Go Free
2008 Shreddies £1 DVD1 small
£1 DVDs
2008 Shreddies Help your School Library Grow1 small
Box Tops for Books
2009 Shreddies  2 Go Free1 small
Go Free
2009 Shreddies Factory (2)1 small
Nanas Packets
2009 Shreddies Fantastic Mr Fox books front (4)1 small
Fantastic Mr Fox Books
2009 Shreddies Whole Grain
Whole Grain
2009 Shreddies £5 off cereals1 small
£5 Cereal Coupons


2010 - 2015

2010 Shreddies You could Be Next - Vote for Nana1 small
We Need Nanas
2010 Shreddies 1m Tesco Clubcard points1 small
1 Million Clubpoints

2010 Shreddies Get Set Go Free1 smallGet Set Go Free

2010 Shreddies Whole Grain Guarantee1 small
Whole Grain Cereal
2010 Shreddies Knitted by Nanas1 small
Knitted by Nanas
2011 Shreddies Instant Win1 small
Instant Win Competition
2011 Shreddies Swapit points1 small
Swapit Points
2011 Shreddies Get Set Go Free1 small
Get Set Go Free
2011 Shreddies frosted 4 Layers of Satisfaction1 small
4 Layers of Satisfaction
2012 Shreddies Books for School Tokens1 small
Box Tops
2012 Shreddies Instant Win & Nanas Pearls of Wisdom1 small
Instant Win & Nanas Wisdom
2012 Shreddies Holiday Competition1 small
Holiday Competition
2012 Shreddies The facts1 small
The Facts
2012 Shreddies Limited Edition Chocolate Orange front1 small
Orange Shreddies
2012 Shreddies Find the Scarecrow1 small
Find the Scarecrow
2013 Shreddies Battle of Breakfasts1 small
Battle of the Breakfasts
2013 Shreddies frosted 60th Nana versary1 small
Nana- Versary Competition
1950s Shredded Wheat round the World with Welgar No 8 small
Spooky Sleepover
2014 Shreddies Caramel New (1)1 small
Caramel Shreddies
2014 Shreddies Win a Cow Competition1 small
Win a Cow
2014 Shreddies Nutrician Expedition1 small
Nutrition Expedition
2014 Shreddies Win a Tablet
Win a Tablet
2014 Shreddies Ltd Edition Spooky (1)1 small
Spooky Shreddies
2015 Shreddies Home Makeover Competition (2)1 small
Win a Home Makeover
2015 Shreddies Nana Needs You (4)
Nana Needs You
2015 Shreddies Win a Cow (2)1 small
Win a Cow
2015 Shreddies Pouch (1)1 small
Shreddies Pouch
2015 Shreddies Wrap up Warm1 small
Some Like It Hot

2016 - 2019

2016 Shreddies BGT VIP Tickets Competition 4 small
BGT VIP Tickets
2017 Shreddies Frosted Shrddie or Not (2)1 SMALL
Shreddie or Not
2017 Shreddies Star Wars Last Jedi - Rey (1)1 small
Star Wars Last Jedi Prizes
2017 Shreddies Star Wars Last Jedi - Bag Clips (5)1 small
Star Wars Last Jedi Bag Clips
2018 Shreddies Jurassic Park Height Chart (4)1  small
Jurassic World Vue Cinema Tickets
2018 Shreddies New Improved Recipe (1)1 small
New Improved Recipe
2019 Shreddies Rise of Skywalker Cereal Bowl Prize (4)1 small
Rise of Skywalker Cereal Bowl
2018 Shreddies Breakfast to Go pack (2)1 small
Breakfast Options
2019 Shreddies Forever Vegan
Forever Vegan
2018 Shreddies Ltd Edition Apple & Cinnamon (2)1 small
Apple & Cinnamon
2019 Coco Caramel Shreddies Limited Edition (2)1 small
Coco Caramel
2019 Shreddies Ltd Edition Toffee Apple (1)1 small
Toffee & Apple
2019 Shreddies Ltd Strawberries & Cream (2)1 small
Strawberries & Cream


2020 +

2020 Shreddies Tokyo Olympic Screens (7)
Tokyo Olympic Competition







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