Since Shredded Wheat Spoonsize/Cubs launch in 1958, there have been a number of send away promotions, free gifts and activities printed on packet backs.

Please let me know of anything that can be added.  I have detailed in the yellow box on each of the offers they types of items/information I am still looking for.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more details and pictures on each offer

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1957 Cubs Scale Model plane1
Air Fleet Model Planes
1958 Spoonsize Model Cars Morris Oxford
Model Cars
1958 Shreddies Cubs Detective Squad badge
Cubs Detective Squad
1958 Shredded Wheat Cubs Detective Kit - secret pencil
Cubs Detective Kit
1959 Cubs Battling Knights
Battling Knights
1950s Shredded Wheat Cubs Conquest of Space1 small
Man’s Conquest of Space


1960s Spoonsize Football Stamps1
Football Stamps
1968 Nabisco Savings club brochure
Nabisco Savings Club
1966 Spoonsize Jungle Book Puppet No 1 Shere Khan1
Jungle Book Puppet
1966 Shreddies Tarzan transfers2
Tarzan Adventure Transfers
1966 Shredded Wheat Batman & Robin transfers1
Batman & Robin Adventure Transfers
1960s Spoonsize Origins of Sport No 6 Tennis1
Origins of Sport
1960s Spoonsize 6d token and Savings Club Offer (1)1
Save 6d
1969 Spoonsize  Why We call it Spoonsize
Spoonsize General Pack
1968 Spoonsize Grenoble Olympic Stamps & Savings Club (1)1
Grenoble Olympic Stamps
1969 Shreddies Footballer Jigsaws (betr) (2)1
Football Jigsaw & Bedspread
1969 Spoonsize major-matt-mason
Major Matt Mason
1969 Spoonsize Oneida Cereal Spoon1
Oneida Cutlery
1960 Cubs Conquest of Space (4)1 small
Man’s Conquest of Space
1966 Shreddies Coloured Pencils (1)1 small
Free Coloured Pencils

1970 - 1974

1970s Shreddies Famous Planes & Airbattle Game1
Famous Planes
1970 Spoonsize Football Cards & Competition1 small
Football Cards
1970 Spoonsize Adventure books1 small
Mini Books
1971 Spoonsize Aristocats Dominoes (3)1 small
Aristocats Dominoes
1971 Shreddies Aristocat stickers 3 small
Aristocats Action Pictures
1972 SpoonsizeTom & Jerry Face Kits - Tom1 small
Tom & Jerry Face Kits
1972 Spoonsize Tom & Jerry Magic Badge small
Tom & Jerry Magic Badge
1972 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Comics drawn Bill Titcombe3 small
Tom & Jerry Comics
1972 Spoonsize Tom & Jerry Counter Game1 small
Tom & Jerry Great Games
1972 Spoonsize Tom & Jerry Secret Coder1 small
Tom & Jerry Secret Club
1973 Spoonsize Tom & Jerry Road Safety Game (1)1 small
Green Cross Code
1973 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Glove Puppet (3)1 small
Tom & Jerry Glove Puppet
1973 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Jumbo Sticker (2)2 small
Tom & Jerry Circus Jumbo Stickers
1973 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Joke Machine (2)1 small
Tom & Jerry Joke Machine
1974 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Crazy Crazy Card done2 small
Tom & Jerry Crazy Card
1974 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Fun Sheet 2 front1 small
Tom & Jerry Fun Sheet
1974 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Iron on Transfer - Tom
Tom & Jerry Iron-on Transfer
1974 Shreddies Tom & Jerry New Joke Machine (1)1 small
Tom & Jerry New Joke Joke Machine




1975 - 1979

1975 Shreddies Tom & Jerry bike stickers1 small
Radio & Glo Stickers
1975 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Green X Code Mini Playing Cards - Sa
Green Cross Code Playing Cards
1975 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Trick cards1 small
Magic Tricks
1975 Spoonsize Tom & Jerry Portable TV Colouring Competition No
Dotty Colouring Competition
1976 Shreddies TV Competition2 small
Win a TV Competition
1976 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Play n Wipe front (2)1 small
Play n Wipe
1976 Spoonsize Safari Letraset (1)3 small
Safari Rub Down Transfer
1976 Spoonsize Spikey Stickers & Nature Competition (1)1 small
Spikey’s Nature Competition
1977 Spoonsize Cut n Play Jolly Jungle Race (1)1 small
Cut n Play
1977 Shredded Wheat Kevin Keegans Play n Score games1 small
Play n Score Cards
1978 Spoonsize How we Make Shredded Wheat1 small
General Packets
1978 Shredded Wheat Wheel Trimmers 2 back1 small
Wheel Trimmer
1978 Spoonsize Wildlife Stamps & Competition (1)1 small
Wildlife Stamps
1980 Shredded Wheat Scratch card Games1 small
Find the Ball Scratch Cards
1979 Spoonsize Tom & Jerry Shrinky Dink done1 small
Tom & Jerry Shrinky Dinks







1980 - 1984

1980 Spoonsize Aces in Action Picture Cards & Airfix Model (1)1
Aces in Action
1980 Shredded Wheat Kevin Keegan's Quiz cards 3 small
Waddingtons Quiz Cards
1980 Spoonsize Free Extra Pintas front1 small
Free Pint Milk
1981 Spoonsize RSPB Gaird Game & Membership (1)1 small
Super Bird Game
1982 Nabisco Cubs Tom & Jerry Poster 3 small
Tom & Jerry Poster
1982 Spoonsize Tom & Jerry Play n Wipe Playboard1 small
Tom & Jerry Play n Wipe
1982 Spoonsize Tom & Jerry Comic Strip (1)1 small
Tom & Jerry Comic Strip
1983 Spoonsize Tom & Jerry Wildlife Stickers & Wallchart1 small
Wildlife Cub Stickers
1983 Spoonsize Jungle Book Stick n Lift Sheet & Readalong set (
Jungle Book Stick n Lift Stickers
1984 Spoonsize Masters of the Universe Battle Disc1 small
He-Man Battle Disc
1984 Shreddies Pop Video Star badge 3 small1
Pop Video Star Badge
1984 Spoonsize Walt Disney Poster1 small
Walt Disney Poster
1988 Shredded Wheat Neighbours Trivia book1 small
Neighbours Pocket Trivia Books
1989 Shredded Wheat Touchdown Gamecards 4 small
Touchdown Scratchcards
1989 Small Shredded Wheat Pop Trivia Stickers (2)1 small
Pop Quiz Cards
1989 Shredded Wheat Record Token1 small
1 Record Token







1992 Bitesize breakfast Healthy Eating booklet1 small
Healthy Eating Booklet
1994 Bitesize Sharon Davies Lycra1 small
Lycra Body
1994 Shredded Wheat Bitesize Oasis Sports Bag1 small
Asics Sports Bag
1994 Shredded Wheat Bitesize Masterchef Book Offer1 small
Best Masterchef Book
1997  Shredded Wheat Bitesize Only Pure Wholewheat1 small
Science of Sport
1998 Shredded Wheat Bitesize 55 more1 small
Bigger Box
1990 Shredded Wheat Nintendo booklets1 small
Nintendo Sticker Scratchbook
1995 Shredded Wheat Bitesize Fruit Juicer1 small
Fruit Juicer
1997 Shredded Wheat Bobby Charlton & Dictionary front1 small
Dictionary & Thesaurus
1990s Shredded Wheat Bitesize Pocket Radio (4)1 small
Pocket Radio





2000 - 2009

2000 Shredded Wheat Bitesize Health of Your Heart1 small
Healthy Heart
2001 Shredded Wheat BitesizeAlan Titchmarsh Free Seeds front1 s
Alan Titchmarsh Packet Seeds
2002 Shredded Wheat Alan Titmarsh Seeds (1)1 small
Alan Titchmarsh Packet Seeds 2
2002 Shredded Wheat Bitesize Salt Awareness1 small
Salt Awareness Campaign
2003 Shredded Wheat Bitesize 1 off Zest Magazine1 small
1 Zest Coupon
2003 Shredded Wheat Bitesize Toby Cavery for 2 small
1 Toby Carvery Coupon
2004 Shredded Wheat Bitesize As a Matter of Fat1 small
As a Matter of Fat
2002 Shredded Wheat Bitesize Salt Awareness1 small1
The Big Red Fightback
2004 Shredded Wheat Bitesize Choose Whole Grain1 small
Choose Whole Grain
2004 Shredded Wheat Bitesize Fit Your Favourite1 small
Little Black Dress Season
2004 Shredded Wheat Bitesize Slimming Magazine1 small
Slimming Magazine Award
2005  Shredded Wheat Bitesize No1 small
No Added Salt
2006 Shredded Wheat Bitesize British Heart Foundation1 small
Help a Heart Campaign
2006 Shredded Wheat Bitesize Pre Biotic News1 small
Pro-biotic News
2007 Shredded Wheat Bitesize Go Free1 small
Get Up & Go Free
2008 Shredded Wheat Fruitful AA Walking Book - Walks1 small
AA Walking Books






2010 - to date

2013 Shredded Wheat Free Seeds (2)1 small
Free Seeds
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