Sporties logo


2001 Sporties New front v4 small
Sporties New Cereal
2002 Sporties FA Premier Cards front1 small
FA Premier League Cards
2002 Sporties Championship Manager CDs1 small
Championship Manager PC Rom
2002 SportiesTreasure Planet Holographic Space Spinner1 small
Treasure Planet Spinner
2002 Sporties Michael Owen Photocards 4 small
Michael Owen Photo Cards
Lucky Charms logo


1992 Lucky Charms Magically delicious1 small
Lucky Charms
1992 Lucky Charms Magic Mug (2)1 small
Magic Mug
1992 Lucky Charm Magic Slate1 small
Magic Slate
1993 Lucky Charms Cartoon Flicker Book (1)1 small
Cartoon Flicker Book
1993 Lucky Charms Water Squirters2 small
Water Squirters
1994 Lucky Charm Bowl1 small
Fantastic Bowl
1990s Lucky Charms Lucky Flyers (2)1 small
Lucky Flyers
Trios logo


1959 NabiscoTrio Master Spy Set gifts (2)1 small
Master Spy Kit
1960s Trios Jokers Trick1 small
Jokers Trick
1960s NabiscoTrio Spinaroo1 small
1960 Trios Western Walker (2)1 small
Western Wonder Horse
1960 Trios Spotterscope 4 small
1960 Trios Hunters Bow (5)1 small
Hunters Bow & Arrow
Team logo


1987 Shredded Wheat Team Flinstone stickers 3 small
Flintstone Kitchen Stickers
1987 Shredded  Flinstone shrinkees1 small
Flintstone Keyring Shrinkies
1988 Shredded Wheat Neighbours Trivia book1 small
Neighbours Pocket Trivia Book
1989 Shredded Wheat Touchdown Gamecards 4 small
Play Touchdown Gamecards
Fitnesse Logo 2

2003 - 2006

2003 Fitnesse New front1 small
New Cereal
2005 Fitnesse Free Joey DVD front1 small
Joey & 2.5 Men DVD
2005 Fitnesse Go Free back1 small
Get Up & Go Free
2005 Fitnesse Nutritionists1 small
Whole Grain
2006 Fitnesse Eat Fab1 small
Eat Fab be Delicious

Other Varieties

2010 Chocapic New front1 small
2010 Nestle Crunch New front1 small
Crunch Cereal
2006 Nestle Football Crisp front1 small
Football Crisp
2013 Monsters Inc - Mike front1 small
Monsters Inc
2003 Lion Cereal New front1 small
1973 Good Os front1 small
Good O’s
1980s Bran Crunchies front1 small
Harvest Home & Bran Crunchies
2004 Nestle Mud & Worms Shrek 2 - front and back1 small
Mud & Worms
2014 Toffee Crisp New cereal (1)1 small
Toffee Crisp






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