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Shredded Wheat was the first cereal made by the company.

It started in 1890 when an American lawyer, Henry D. Perky, was lunching in a country inn and saw a fellow customer eating an item not on the menu.  It was boiled whole wheat, mashed with cream.  The man apparently suffered from chronic indigestion and this helped ease it. So Mr Perky tried the formula and was so impressed that he ignored his law practise and set to work developing the idea of an easy-to-eat, healthy cereal.

His experiments led him to produce a machine which could press wheat into shred-like strips.  When baked, these strips became delicious biscuits, where Perky dubbed his new food “Shredded Wheat”

The Shredded Wheat company was formed and factories were built first in Boston and then Niagara Falls. It was promoted as the first ready-to-eat cereal being high in fibre and free of added salt and sugar.

Imports into Britain began in 1908, with a company being set up in Aldwych, however demand started to increase and it was clear a factory had to be built. In 1926 their factory in Welwyn Garden City was opened.

In 1928 the company was acquired by American National Biscuit Co, that later became Nabisco after WW2

Shredded Wheat was the sole product to be produced until 1953 when a 2nd brand, Shreddies was introduced.  This was followed by Cubs in 1958, a smaller version of Shredded Wheat.  The name changed to Spoonsize Shredded Wheat in 1969 and reverted back to Cubs in the early 1981, until 1987 when it was discontinued and small Shredded Wheat took its place, renamed Bitesize in 1992

In 1988 Nabisco was purchased by RHM Foods Ltd, changing ownership again in 1990 when it changed again being purchased by Cereal Partners UK - a joint venture between Nestle & General Mills

In 1990 Coco Shreddies and Frosted Shreddies was introduced.  A year later the joint venture launched a new product, Golden Grahams

Since then a series of other varieties have come...and gone, including Lucky Charms & Clusters in 1992, Golden Nuggets reintroduced in 1999, Cookie Crisps and Nesquik

In 2008 the factory in Welwyn was closed - click here to see pictures



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