Nicktoons Flick-Book

1997 - Coco Pops Nicktoons Flick-Book Free in Packets

Set of 8 cartoon animated books to collect featuring Angry Beavers, Rugrats, Hey Arnold and Real Monsters, with 2 different books for each.  Kelloggs also decided to rename to Choco Krispies part way through the promotion to align with Europe

Ebay pic



Reverse of flick book and set open

1997 Coco Pops Nickelodeon Flick Books 1997 Choco Krispies Nickelodeon Flick Books (renamed)
1997 Coco Pops pre name change
1997 Choco Krispies post name change
1997 Coco Pops Nickelodeon Flick Books mint
Coco Monkey
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