1970 - Frosties Jigtoys Free in Packets

Variation on the versions issued in 1960, but this time with a horse, car and tractor instead of lorry, plane and helicopter. At least 3 colours - red, yellow and green.  The moulding of the covered wagon is slightly different in design from the 60s version

Ebay pic



Picture of the packet, better colour advert and other toys

1970s Frosties Jigtoys (1)
1970 Frosties Jigtoys1
1970 Frosties Jigtoys
1970 Frosties Jigtoy 4
1970 Frosties Jigtoy Jeep
1970 Frosties Jigtoy
1970 Frosties Jigtoy Horse
1970 Frosties Jigtoy Tractor mint & made
1970s & 1959s  Jigtoy Wagon variation (1)

The wagon on the left is the 1960s version.  Note the wheel design and box on side are different on the 70s version on the right

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