Football Frenzy PC Game

2002 - Frosties Football Frenzy PC Game Free on Packets

Set of 4 discs to collect where each has a fully playable game of football with 8 teams.  Collect all 4 discs to have access to 32 teams in total

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Picture of the presentation pack if issued

2002 Frosties Football Game CD Rom (2)
2002 Frosties Football Game CD Rom No 2

How the inserts get included - Anon

I was a sales and marketing director of a disc manufacturing company and approached by a game developer that had struck a deal with Kellogg’s to issue a series of four PC CD-ROM football games as a promotion in 2002.

After agreeing the price we had to undergo an inspection by Kellogg’s to see if we could meet their criteria.  This consisted of four main areas

We had to achieve factory near-food compliance.  As the disc would be outside the packaged cereal this was not as stringent as a promotional item that would be inside the packaged cereal.  However, this still involved very stringent rodent control, hair nets, gloves and suitable clothing.  This was set up and inspected twice by Kellogg’s.

 As part of this compliance we had to ensure that two processes of disc manufacture (the lacquer and the surface print) would not cause any problems.  Both are cured by UV light.  We had to produce test results that demonstrated the neither cured layer had any “outgassing” i.e. emitted any chemicals.

Random product distribution was requested.  Sounds easy but as a disc manufacturer we spent an awful lot of effort making sure that discs did not get mixed up.  You did not want a kid’s DVD getting mixed up with an 18 movie.  So making sure we deliberately mixed up the games for box insertion was something new.  Kellogg’s wanted a random delivery of games to their packing lines.

Supply of volume of order was also a key.  Initially this was five figures but we were warned that if the promotion was successful then it could easily go to six figures and beyond.  It did.  This is interesting as they must have been aware of increased sales due to the promotion – and hence decided to extend it.

I was very impressed by the professional Kellogg’s personnel.  However it was quite interesting that everyone I met stressed that Kellogg’s “did not make cereals for anyone else”.  They had a very strong view of “generic products”.

2002 Frosties Football Game CD Rom No 1
2002 Frosties Football Game CD Rom No 3
2002 Frosties Football Game CD Rom No 4
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