New Nursery Rhyme Books

1962 - Ricicles Nursery Rhyme Books Free in Packets

Set of 3 New books - Times and Seasons, Songs and Games, Letters and numbers.  These are stitched at the seams and feature a number of brightly coloured verses and were issued in usual Kelloggs envelopes.  Previous issue of Nursery Rhymes from 1961

Ebay pic



Picture of the packet, better scan of advert & date

1960s Riccicles Noddy Nursery rhymes 3
1960s Riccicles Noddy Nursery rhymes 2
1950s Kelloggs mini books 2 (betr)

Click on picture above to view the pages

1950s Kelloggs mini books

Front & reverse of 2 books

1950s Kelloggs mini books inside
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