Launched in 1957 Oat Krunchies have issued a number of send away promotions, free gifts and cut out packet backs.  Here are items from my own and other peoples collections

Please let me know of anything that can be added.  I have detailed in the yellow box on each of the offers, the types of items I am still looking for.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more information on each offer

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Oat Krunchies

1950s - 1960s


1959 Oat Krunchies Super Pop Rocket
Super Pop Rocket
1959 Oat Krunchiers Flying Saucer
Flying Saucer
1959 Quaker Oat Krunchies Magic tricks gifts1
Super Magic Trick
1960 Oat Krunchies Anti Tank Bazooka (1)
Anti-Tank Bazooka
1960 Oat Krunchies Jet Water Pistol1 small
Super Jet Water Pistol
1960s Oat Krunchees OK Magazine1
OK Magazine
1963 Quaker Oat Krunchies Space Cards
Space Cards
1963 Quaker Oat Krunchies Armour through the Ages 3
Armour Through the Ages
1964 Quaker Oat Krunchies Vintage Engines 3
Vintage Engines
1965 Quaker Oat Krunchies  Prehistoric Animals
Prehistoric Animals
1965 Quaker Oat Krunchies  Historic Ships1
Historic Ships
1966 Oat Krunchies Fears & Fancies1
Fears & Fancies
1967 Oat Krunchies Heroes of their Day Wolfe (1)1 small
Heroes of their Day
1967 Oat Krunchies History's Greatest Moments 1 - Battle of Tra
History’s Greatest Moments
1967 Oat Krunchies History's Greatest Moments 2 - Zeppelin Atta
History’s Greatest Moments 2
Crazy Customs
1961 Quaker Oats Krunchies Quantas competition1
Quantas Trip Competition
Quaker Oats Krunchies Beach Bat & Ball 1960s1
Beach Bat & Ball
1959 Quaker Xmas Bargins3
Christmas Bargains
1964 Oat Krunchies Would You Believe It1 small
Would You Believe It
1960 Sugar Puffs Dive Bomb (2) small
Torpedo Game
1966 Quaker Oat Krunchies  Whats In a Name (1)1 small
What’s in a Name?
1960s Oat Krunchies Tippe Tops Test1 small
Tippe Top
1959 Oat Krunchies Knights1 small





1970s - to date

1975 Oat Krunchies Vacuum Flaks (1)1
Vacuum Flasks
1985 Oat Krunchies Free packer1
Free Packet
1990 Harvest Oat Krunchies Pop Profiles
Pop Profile Cards
1990s Harvest Oat Krunchies Tricky Stickers1
Harvest Squirrel Tricky Stickers
1992 Oat Krunchies Animal Masks1
Endangered Animal Masks
1992 Oat Krunchies Birds of Prey Mobile1
Bird of Prey Mobile
1992 Oat Krunchies Mans Evolution1
Man’s Evolution
1995 Oat Krunchies Thomas the Tank Engine Models back1
Thomas the Tank Engine
1996 Oat Krunchies Sealife games inside (2)1
Ocean Life Game
1996 Oat Krunchies Space Models inside1
Space Models
1997 Oat Krunchies Play & Learn inside (2)1
Play & Learn
2001 Oat Krunchies for Health1
Energy Taste & Health
1990 Quaker Oat Krunchies Hidden Squirrel Badge (2)
Hidden Squirrel Badges
1993 Oat Krunchies Dinosaurs back1 small
1995 Oat Krunchies Rescue Cut Out front
Rescue Air, Land & Sea
1996 Oat Krunchies Natural World Animal Matching Game1 small
Natural World
1994 Oat Krunchies Pirates (1) small
1971 Oat Krunchies JAckie Stewart (1)1 small
Action Superstars
1974 Oat Krunchies Muhammad Ali (1)1 small
Action Superstars Series 2
1975 Oat Krunchies Action Superhero Tony Greig Cricket Offer (2
Action Superstars Series 3
1978 Oat Krunchies Sue Barker  Foam Playball (3)1 small
Action Superstars Series 4
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