Scotts Porage Oats have issued intermittent send away promotions, free gifts and cut out packet backs.  Here are items from my own and other peoples collections

Please let me know of anything that can be added.  I have detailed in the yellow box on each of the offers, the types of items I am still looking for.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more information on each offer

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Scott’s Oats

1950s Scotts Porage Circus1
Scotts Circus
1950s Scotts Porage Wild West Wagon Train1
Wild West
1958 Scotts Porage Zoo1
Scotts Zoo
1950s Scotts Porage Highland Games Tosisng the Caber1
Highland Games
1970s Scotts Oats Letraset transfers (betr) (3)
Superscott Action Transfers
1980 Scott's Porage Oats Receipe Book 100 Years (1)
Home Cooking Recipe Book
1984 Scotts Porage Oats Nostalgia pack (1)
Nostalgia Pack
Safety Stickers
1953 Scotts Oats Queen Peep Show1
Coronation Peep-Show Theatre
1995 Scotts Oats & Recipe idea (2)1 small
Recipe Ideas
2006 Scotts Oats Family Recipes No 3 small
Family Recipes
1970s Scotts Oats Recipes1 small
Goodness with Scott’s
1971 Scotts Oats Funfair (2)1 small
Scott’s Funfair
2009 Scotts Oats Family Recipes (2)1 small
Family Recipes Reissue
1980 Scots Oats centenary T Towel (betr)1 small
Tea Towel
1950s Scots Oats Epics of Courage and Endurance No 3 Dunkirk1 s
Epics of Courage & Endurance
1970s Scotts Oats Free Kitchen Scissors (2)1 small
Free Kitchen Scissors
1950s Scotts Oats Tape Measure (1)1 small
Tape Measure
1950s Scots Oats Recipes1 small
1950s Scott's Oatmeal Leaflet1 small
Recipes Leaflet
1970s Scotts Oats What You Would Expect in Scotland (1)1 small
1981 Scotts Oats Champions Chart (1)1 small
Champions Chart



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