Since its launch in 1954, Sugar Puffs have issued a number of send away promotions, free gifts and cut out packet backs.  Here are items from my own and other peoples collections

Please let me know of anything that can be added.  I have detailed in the yellow box on each of the offers, the types of items I am still looking for.

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1957 - 1959

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1957 Sugar Puffs Adventures No 4
Adventures of Sugar Puffs
1957 Sugar Puffs Model Cowboys & Indians (1)1
Cowboy & Indian Model
1958 Sugar Puffs Model Famous Ships - Arcadia  (2)
Model Ships
1959 Sugar Puffs Model Racing Cars green, blue yellow (2)1
Model Racing Cars
1959 Sugar Puffs Alphabet Stencil
Alphabet Stencils
1959 Sugar Puffs Stamp Collecting
Stamp Collecting Kit
1959 Sugar Puffs Moon Rocket (1)1 small
Moon Rocket
1950s Sugar Puffs The Adventures of book1 small
Adventures of Sugar Puff Book
1959 Quaker Oats Space Ace phone (3)2
Christmas Bargains
BMC Cars
1957 Quaker Oats Spoons 4 small
Old English Spoons




1960 - 1969

1960 Sugar Puffs Catapult Siege Gun (1)
Catapult Seige Gun
1960 Sugar Puffs Dive Bomb
Dive Bomb
1960 Sugar Puffs Midget Yoyo2 small
Midget Yoyo
1960s Sugar Puffs Circus Spinning Rope
Circus Spinning Rope
1961 Sugar Puffs Jeremy Bear Story Books Nth America (1)1
Jeremy Bear Story Books
1961 Sugar Puffs Supersonic Space Ship
Supersonic Space Ship
1962 Sugar Puffs Magic Tricks 3
Magic Tricks
1962 Sugar Puffs Model Soldiers (2)1 small
Model Soldiers
1962 Sugar Puffs Zilly Zoo animals (3)1 small
Zilly Zoo Animals
1963 Sugar Puffs Blow Football1
Blow Football
1963 Sugar Puffs Cricket Test Match counters 1 (1) small
Cricket Test Match Game
1963 Sugar Puffs Peep Hole Theatre Jeremy on Treasure Island No
Peephole Theatre
1963 Sugar Puffs Wild West Models Indians (1)1 small
Wild West Models
1964 Sugar Puffs Al  Koran's Tricks of teh Mind (1)
Al Koran’s Magic Tricks
1964 Sugar Puffs Luminous Deep Sea Fish 2 (3)
Luminous Deep Sea Fish
1964 Sugar Puffs Roman Gladiators (1)1
Roman Gladiator Models
1965 Sugar Puffs Luminous Spooks2
Luminous Spooks
1965 Sugar Puffs Tiddlywinks Set (3)1 small
1965 Sugar Puffs TWA planes3 small
TWA Planes
1965 Sugar Puffs Model Sports Cars3
Model Sports Cars
1966 Sugar Puffs Win a Dalek - Dalek (1)1 small
Dalek Competition
1967 Sugar Puffs Pirate Medallion1 small
Pirate Medallion
1968 Sugar Puffs Moonshot slides1
Moonshot Slides
1969 Sugar Puffs Quaker Mini Books1
Mini Books
1960s Sugar Puffs Record Teddy Bears picnic (1)
Sugar Puffs Single
1960s Sugar Puffs Jeremy Bear - 15 inches high (betr)
Jeremy Bear Soft Toy
1960s Sugar Puffs Paint set (betr) (2)
Watercolour Paint Set
1961 Sugar Puffs name the Bear Competition card
Name the Bear Competition
1960s Sugar Puffs Jeremy's Cut out TV Theatre (3)1 small
TV Cut out Theatre
1966 Sugar Puffs Farm horse (1)1 small
Farm Animals
1964 Sugar Puffs Jet Crew Competition
Jet Jet Crew Competition
1963 Sugar Puffs Spot Jeremy Bear Competition
Spot Sugar Puffs Bear
1962 Sugar Puffs Treasure Hunt Competition3 small
Treasure Hunt Competition
1966 Sugar Puffs Punch & Judy Theatre1 small
Punch & Judy Show
1969 Sugar Puffs This Modern World 3D Cut Out Ski Diving done1
This Modern World 3D Cut Out
1965 Sugar Puffs Jeremy Bear small
Cuddly Teddy Bear
1960 Sugar Puffs Triple Jet Dart Gun1 small
Triple Jet Dart Gun
1964 Sugar Puffs Jeremy Bear Petlovers Club badge
Petlovers Contest
1967 Sugar Puffs Printing Set  (7)1 small
Jeremy’s Printing Set
1966 Sugar Puffs Wonderball Offer1 small
Wonder Ball
1966 Sugar Puffs Julie Doll (3)1 small
Julie Doll
1962s Sugar Puffs Squeeky Toy Train (3)1 small
Squeaky Toy Train
1967 Sugar Puffs Crazy Badges (2)1 small
Crazy Badges
1960s Sugar Pufs Snap Game1 small
Jeremy Bear Snap Game
1960s Sugar Puffs Bear1 small
Brown Bear Soft Toy
1962 Sugar Puffs Pop Up Jeremy Bear (1a)1 small
Pop Up Jeremy Bear
1960s Sugar Puffs Noahs Ark Animals (2)1 small
Noah’s Ark Animals



1970 - 1979

1970 Sugar Puffs Bedazzling Badges & Jeremy Bear Inflatable1
Bedazzling Badges & Inflatable
1970 Sugar Puffs  International Bear Year
1970 Sugar Puffs Jeremy's Animal kingdom 3
Jeremy’s Animal Kingdom
1970s Sugar Puffs Spitfire  model1
FROG Spitfire
1970s Treasure Island
Sugar Puffs Library Books
1971 Sugar Puffs Jeremy 3D book (betr) (1)
Jeremy Bear 3D Book
1972 Sugar Puffs Jeremy Bears Day at the Fair book
Jeremy Bear Adventure Books
1973 Sugar Puffs Heroes of the Sea Statues1
Heroes of the Sea
1973 Sugar Puffs Military Leaders Statues1
Heroes of the Land
1973 Sugar Puffs Famous Puffers1
Famous Puffers
1973 Sugar Puffs National Motor Museum1
National Motor Museum
1973 Sugar Puffs Royal Air Force Museum1
Royal Air Force Museum
1974 Sugar Puffs National Maritine Museum Cards1
National Maritime Museum
1974 Sugar Puffs Science & Invention1
Science & Invention
1974 Sugar Puffs Exploration & Adventures1
Exploration & Adventure
1974 Sugar Puffs Corgi Bus offer1
Corgi London Bus
1975 Sugar Puffs Playball (betr)
1976 Sugar Puffs Nature Trek1
Nature Trek
1977 Sugar Puffs Honey Monster Set - Poster
Honey Monster Kit
1977 Sugar Puffs Honey Monster Record - Sugar Sugar, Disco Doreen & Story of Honey Monster
Honey Monster Single
1977 Honey Monster soft toy
Honey Monster Soft Toy
1970s Sugar PUffs Analogue watch (2)
Honey Monster Watch
1978 Sugar Puffs Glove Puppet (betr) (1)1 small
Honey Monster Playmates
1970s Sugar Puffs soft Toy
Soft Toys
1974 Sugar Puffs Taste & Energy (1)1 small
Taste the Energy
1977 Sugar Puffs Honey Monster Kite (1)1 small
Honey Monster Kite
1970s Quaker Oats Road Signs packet cutouts1 small
Road Signs
1978 Sugar Puffs Honey Monster (2)1 small
Honey Monster Pack
1977 Sugar Puffs Honey Monster Bag 3 small
Honey Monster Bag







1980 - 1984

1980 Sugar Puffs Magic Pens (betr)
Magic Pens
1980 Sugar Puffs Spot The Bowl Competition (2)1 small
Spot The Bowl
1980 Sugar Puffs Honey Monster Adventures (3)1 small
Adventures of Honey Monster
1980 Sugar Puffs Mug - Honey Monster (1)
Honey Monster & Uggi Mug
1980 Sugar Puffs Honey Monster foam badge
Honey Stick On Monster Badges
1981 Sugar Puffs Honey Monster Soft Toy (1)1 small
Honey Monster Soft Toy
1981 Sugar Puffs Monster Poster (3)1 small
Monster Poster
1981 Sugar Puffs 3 Layer Jigsaw (4)1 small
Honey Monster 3 Layer Jigsaw
1981 Sugar Puffs Honey Monster Crazy Cut made1 small
Honey Monster Crazy Cut Outs
1980 Sugar Puffs Shooting Gallery1
Fairground Stalls
1980s Sugar Puffs inflatable flying saucer
Flying Saucer
1982 Sugar Puffs Beach Ball (2)1 small
Beach Ball
1982 Sugar Puffs Honey Monster Crazy Games 3
Crazy Games Cards
1984 Sugar Puffs Circus Friends1
Circus Friends Stickers
1982 Sugar Puffs Pencil Case (1)1 small
Honey Monster Pencil Case
1983 Sugar Puffs Yoyo - front & back1
Honey Monster Yoyo
1984 Sugar Puffs Honey Monster Adventures1
Honey Monster Adventure Books
1984 Sugar Puffs Action Riders Kit board game (betr) (4)1 small
Bike Riders Action Fun Kit
1984 Sugar Puffs Honey Monster Tells (2)1 small
Honey Monster Tells You About
1980 Sugar Puffs cloth patch1 small
Honey Monster Item
1982 Sugar Puffs Honey Monster Calendar (2)1 small
Honey Monster Calendar 1982

1985 - 1989

1985 Sugar Puffs Googly Eyes sticker badges1
Googly Eyes Badges
1985 Sugar Puffs Sticker Kit1
Honey Monster Sticker Kit
1985 Sugar Puffs Return to Oz stickers 3
Return to Oz Stickers
1986 Sugar Puffs Book of Famous Baddies 3
Book of Famous Baddies
1986 Sugar Puffs HM Sticker Kit 3
Honey Monster Sticker Kit 2
1986 Sugar Puffs Scary Fun Book 3
Scary Fun Book
1987 Sugar Puffs Look In TV Favourites 3
Lookin TV Favourites
1987 Sugar Puffs Sticker Kit no4
Honey Monster Sticker Kit 3
1986 Sugar Puffs Stationary stickers
Letter Writing Kits
1987 Sugar Puffs Magic Neon Screens1
Neon Screens
1988 Sugar Puffs Snappy Badges2
Snappy Badges
1988 Sugar Puffs STreetwise sticker kit1
Streetwise Stickers
1989 Sugar Puffs Pop Star Badges1
Pop Star Badges
1989 Sugar Puffs Crazy Store Pencil Case  (1)
Honey Monster Crazy Store
1989 Sugar Puffs Send Away soft toy
Jumping Bookmark & Soft Toy
1989 Sugar Puffs Oliver & Co front (1)1
Oliver & Company Stickers
1989 Sugar Puffs Star Frames
Star Frames
1985 Sugar Puffs Photo Jigsaw 4 small
Photo Jigsaw




1990 - 1995

1990 Sugar Puffs Glow in Dark Puzzles2
Glow in the Dark Puzzles
1991 Sugar Puffs Monster Magic 3
Magic Tricks & Mug
1991 Sugar Puffs Bubble Clock
Scratchees Gamecard & Clock
1992 Sugar Puffs Dinosaur Footprints1
Dinosaur Footprints
1992 Sugar Puffs Crystal Maze1
Crystal Maze Puzzle & Keyring
1992 Sugar Puffs Stencils back1
Magic Paper & Stencils
1992 Sugar Puffs Trainer Fobs1
Trainer Tag & T-Shirt
1993 Sugar Puffs Crystal Maze set 3
Crystal Maze Puzzle 2
1990s Sugar Puffs Window Flingons1
Sticky Flickers
1993 Sugar Puffs Scary Post it Notes1
Scary Post it Notes & Bowl
1993 Sugar Puffs Sega Challenge 3
Sega Master Challenge
1993 Sugar Puffs Sun Changing Stickers1
Sun Changing Sticker & T-Shirt
1994 Sugar Puffs Alton Towers Pocket Game1
Alton Towers Games
1994 Sugar Puffs Flinstone Movie packet stickers1
Flintstone Movie Sticker & T-Shirt
1994 Sugar Puffs Jungle Pencil Toppers cards front1
Jungle Pencil Topper & T-Shirt
1994 Sugar Puffs Gamesmaster Maze Game - front1
Games Master Maze
1995 Sugar Puffs Legend of Batman cards 4
Legends of Batman Cards
1995 Sugar Puffs Batman Book
Batman Forever Merlin Sticker
1995 Sugar Puffs Space Precinct Stickers1
Space Precinct Stickers & Figures
1995 Sugar Puffs Judge Dredd Poster packs1
Judge Dredd Poster & Stickers
1995 Sugar Puffs Xmen stickers1
Xmen Stickers & Figures
1990 Sugar Puffs Secret Slogan Badges1
Secret Slogan Badges







1996 - 1999

1996 Sugar Puffs Spiderman Figures1
Spiderman Models
1996 Sugar Puffs Supreme Team Footballers2
Supreme Team Footballers
1996 Sugar Puffs 25p coupon1
Honey Monster Comic Strip
1996 Sugar Puffs Monster Pencil Tops1
Monster Toppers & Watch
1996 Sugar Puffs Penguins cards front1
Penguin Figures & Lunch Box
1997 Sugar Puffs Goosebumps Haunted Bookmarks1
Goosebump Haunted Bookmarks
1997 Sugar Puffs Mini Board Games (1)1
Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit & Scattergories
1997 Sugar Puffs Prehistoric Pets2
Prehistoric Pets
1997 Sugar Puffs Monster Moments
Monster Moments
1997 Sugar Puffs Soccer Popup cards 3
Soccer Pop Up
1998 Sugar Puffs Glo Ghosts Mug1
Glo Ghosts & Mug
1998 Sugar Puffs Monster Hits CDs2
Monster Hits CD
1998 Sugar Puffs Soccer Toppers - 1st series3
Soccer Toppers
1998 Sugar Puffs Soccer Topper Home Shirts2
Soccer Toppers Home Shirts
1998 Sugar Puffs Soccer Toppers Away Shirts2
Soccer Toppers Away Shirts
1998 Sugar Puffs Ultimate Rescue Games - front1
Ultimate Rescue Game & Watch
1999 Sugar Puffs Rugrats Movie Stickers 5
Rugrats Movie Stickers & Yoyo
1999 Sugar Puffs Aliens small
1999 Sugar Puffs Trick Stickers (2)1
Trick Stickers
1999 Sugar Puffs X-treme Dudes2
Hot Foot X-Treme Dudes


2000 - 2009

2000 Sugar Puffs Bug Squirters1 small
Bug Squirters
2000 Sugar Puffs European Soccer Toppers3
European Soccer Toppers
2000 Sugar Puffs Trick Stickers Set 2 (2)1
Trick Stickers 2
2001 Sugar Puffs Buffy Morphers 3
Buffy Morphers
2001 Sugar Puffs Footie Hero Revealers - lit2
Footie Hero Revealers
2001 Sugar Puffs Simpsons Magni-Finders single sheet1
Simpsons Magni-Finders
2001 Sugar Puffs Funky Stickers 4
Funky Stickers
2002 Sugar Puffs Aqua Squirters (1)1 small
Sea Squirters
2002 Sugar Puffs Dino Toppers2
Dino Toppers
2002 Sugar Puffs Free Cinema Ticket
Cinema Tickets
2002 Sugar Puffs Scooby Doo Glow Tags - lit1
Scooby Doo Glow Tags
2002 Sugar Puffs Scooby Doo stickers 4
Scooby Doo Stickers
2002 Sugar Puffs Sporting Stickers 1
Sporty Stickers
2003 Sugar Puffs Footie Boots  (3)1 small
Puma Footie Boots
2003 Sugar Puffs Honey Monster Mousemats (1)1
Honey Monster Mousemats
2003 Sugar Puffs Marvel Stickers 1 reverse1
Marvel Superhero Stickers
2003 Sugar Puffs Trick Stickers set 3 (1)1
Trick Stickers 3
2004 Sugar Puffs Deep Zone Sticker Cards front1
Deep Zone Sticker Cards
2004 Sugar Puffs Premier Football Stickers1
Merlin FA Premier Stickers 04
2004 Sugar Puffs Thunderbirds Pencil Toppers2
Thunderbird Pencil Toppers
2005 Sugar Puffs CD Keeperz (3)
CD Keeperz
2005 Sugar Puffs Sporting Honey Monster
Sporting Homey Monster
2005 Sugar Puffs New Lower Sugar front
New Low Sugar
2007 Sugar Puffs Bee Happy Plant Kit - sticker kit1
Bee Happy Plant Kit
2007 Sugar Puffs Bee Movie Lucky draw1
Bee Movie Video Game
2007 Sugar Puffs Hive Action pack1
Hive Action
2007 Sugar Puffs Honeycomb Wordsearch
Honeycomb Wordsearch
2008 Sugar Puffs Alton Towers tickets
Alton Tower Competition
2009 Sugar Puffs Honey Monster Comic Strip No 1 (1)
Honey Monster Comic
2009 Sugar Puffs Honey Monster Cuddly Toy1
Cuddly Honey Monster Toy






2010 to date

2010 Sugar Puffs Feed the Fun1 small
Feed the Fun
2010 Sugar Puffs Free Monster Puffs Cereal Bar
Monster Puffs Bar & Competition
2010 Sugar Puffs Special Edition Honey Monster T Shirt1 small
Honey Monster T-Shirt
2011 Sugar Puffs Help us Find Honey Monster Competition1 small
Find Honey Monster
2011 Sugar Puffs Skylanders Competition1 small
Skylanders Competition
2012 Sugar Puffs Mons-Terra Day Outs1
Alton Towers Competition
2013 Sugar Puffs Honey Monster Toy1 small
Honey Monster Toy
2013 Sugar Puffs Monster Fit1 small
Get Monster Fit
2014 Sugar Puffs Free Football Training Voucher1 small
Football Training Voucher
2014 Honey Monster Puffs (1)1 small
Honey Monster Puffs
2015 Sugar Puffs Monsterfied Giverway1 small
Monsterfied Giveaway
2015 Sugar Puffs Monsterfied Prizes1 small
Monsterfied Prizes
2017 Monster Puffs New Design Box 3 small
Honey Puffs New Recipe
2017 Honey Monster Oat Puffs (2)1 small
Oat Puffs
2018 Honey Puffs How We Make Them1 small
Nothing Scary







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