Over the past 10 years Sugar Puffs have issued a number of one off type Sugar Puff variations.  With the exception of Choco Puffs, none of these had any offers - only packet back activities.  Here are items from my own and other peoples collections

Please let me know of anything that can be added.  I have detailed in the yellow box on each of the offers, the types of items I am still looking for.

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Sugar Puffs Variates

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1999 Choco Puffs Spoon Straws New front
Choco Puffs Spoon Straws
2004 HMs Crunchy New front
2007 Honey Waffles New front
Honey Waffles
2008 Choco Waffles New front
Choco Waffles
2008 Sugar Puffs Variety Club packet - by Supersuper (1)1
Variety Club Editions
2010 Banana Puffs New front
Banana Puffs
2010 Choco Puffs New front
Choco Puffs
2010 Spooky Puffs Limited Edition front
Spooky Puffs
2011 Honeycomb Puffs Limited Edition front
Honeycomb Puffs
2011 Snowy Puffs Limited Edition front
Snowy Puffs
2011 Strawberry Puffs Limited Edition front
Strawberry Puffs
2012 Sugar Puffs Limited Edition Party Puffs Diamond Jubillee front
Party Puffs
2013 Honey Monster Choc Wows - New (1)
Choco & Honey WOWs
2014 Honey Monster Footie Balls
Footie Balls
2015 Sugar Puffs Ltd Edition Banana & Minoons packet (2)1 small
Banana Crispies & Minons
2016 Honey Monster Multi Grain (1)1 small
Multigrain Honeycomb






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