Whilst Alpen is one of the ‘Healthier’ type cereals, it has still had some interesting promotions over the years. Here are items from my own collection, although fewer in number!!!

Please let me know of anything that can be added.  I have detailed in the yellow box on each of the offers, the types of items I am still looking for.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more information on each offer

1975 - 2005

Alpen Great dishes of Europe
Great Dishes of Europe
1994 Alpen Cosmopolitan Fitness videos
Fitness Videos
1995 Alpen Special Edition Breakfast Trays (betr)
Breakfast Trays
1998 Alpen Kitchen Knives offer1
Kitchen Knives
1999 Alpen Nutty Crunch Free Tree for Millennium
Millennium Tree
2000 Alpen 6 Breakfast Mugs1
Breakfast Mugs
2002 Alpen 2 for 1 Health & Leisure
Health & Leisure
1993 Alpen T Towel
Tea Towel & Apren
Alpen Tin
Alpen Tin
1986 Alpen Dr Barbados Weetabix Jubilee Appeal (2)1 small
Dr Barnado’s Fund Raising
1991 Alpen Karaoke Music Cassettes1 small
Karaoke Music Cassette
1992 Alpen Country Diary1 small
Country Diary
1993 Alpen Go Stateside Recipe Books & Bakeware offer1 small
Recipe Books & Bakeware
2001 Alpen Breakfast Bowls (3)1 small
Breakfast Bowls
1995 Alpen La Cafetiere1 small
La Cafetiere
1995 Alpen Storage Tins1 small
Alpen Tin
1996 Alpen Pique Polo Shirt1 small
Pique Polo Shirt
1996 Apen Magazine Discount Offer1 small
Magazine Discount
1997 Alpen Raleigh Bike Competition1 small
Raleigh Bike Competition
2014 Alpen Money Back Gtee1 small
Money Back Guarantee
1980 Alpen 1 Cash & Coupons (1)1 small
Cash & Coupons
1980s Alpen 6p voucher leaflet (1)1 small
6p Coupon
1981 Alpen Skys The Limit Card (2)1 small
Skys The Limit Competition






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