Ready Brek have offered numerous send away items and cut out packet backs, plus the occasional free gifts.  Here are items from my own collection

Please let me know of anything that can be added.  I have detailed in the yellow box on each of the offers, the types of items I am still looking for.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more information on each offer

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1960s Ready Brek Melaway Items (5)1 small
Melaware Range
1960s Ready Brek Sandals & Melaware Offer (5)1 small
1960s Ready Brek Raincoat (betr)1 small
1950s Ready Brek Fast Tricks No 11 Maze1 small
Fast Tricks
1958 Ready Brek Sporting Thrills No 4 Javelin1 small
Sporting Thrills
1980s Ready Brek Phoenixware Pyrex Bowl (3)1 Small
Pyrex Bowl
1954 Ready Brek Stanley Matthews Football Tips (1)1 small
Stanley Matthew’s Soccer Tips


1970s Ready Brek Circus Tightrope Walker
1970s Ready Brek King Arthurs Knights (2)1 small
Knights of Round Table
1970s Ready Brek Animodels of the Mountains - Panda (betr)
1970s Ready Brek Arts & Crafts Pottery
Arts & Crafts
1970s Ready Brek Red Hot News Moon1
Hot News
1970s Ready Brek Play Safe
Play Safe Game
1970s Ready Brek Gatweazle Magic Cards 3
Catweazle Magic Cards
1970s Ready Brek Lenticular cards (2)1
Flikka Stickers
1970s Ready Brek Kalkitos transfers1
Star Force Transfers
1970s Ready Brek Famous Medals2 small
Famous Medals
1975 Ready Brek Treasure Island figures (betr) (2)
Treasure Island Play
1976 Ready Brek Butterfly1 small
Butterfly Collection
1977 Ready Brek Dionsaurs Brontosaurus
1977 Ready Brek Rescuers transfers strip3
Rescuers Transfers
1970s Ready Brek British Wildlife Wallcharts  (1)1 small
British Wildlife Wallchart
1979 Ready Brek Treasure Chest 50k competition1 small
50k Treasure Chest Competition
Herb Alpert Single
1970s Ready Brek Johnny Harris Single reverse (2)
Sacha Distel/Johnny Harris Single
1970s Ready Brek Jackson five 3D cards (betr)
Jackson 5 3D Cards
1970s Ready Brek Free Stamps (1)1 small
Free Stamps
1971 Ready Brek1 small
Paint a Pop Group
1971 Ready Brek Movie Spinner 3 small
Movie Spinner
1970s Ready Brek Great Explorers packet1 small
Great Explorers
1970s Ready Brek Fun Cards (2)1 small
Fun Cards
1970s Ready brek Kings & Queens Cut Outs (3)1 small
Kings & Queens
1973 Ready Brek Paint Historical Scene1 small
Paint Historical Scene Competition
1973 Ready Brek Famous Talker Tapes1 small
Talker Tapes
1970 Ready Brek Butlins Competition (3)1
Butlins Competition
1976 Ready Brek Doodle Stencils1 small
Doodle Stencil
1972 Ready Brek Gordon Banks Sports Date1 small
Gordon Banks Sportsdate
1972 Ready Brek Hot Wheels Sets1 small
Hot Wheels Competition






1980s Ready Brek Great Inventions Stevensons Rocket (2)1 small
Great Inventions
1983 Ready Brek Transfers 4 small
Glow In The Dark Transfers
1986 Ready Brek Ice Demon2
Ice Demon
1986 Ready Brek Glo' Slogans2
Glo Slogans
1987 Ready Brek Ready Eddie Transfers1
Ready Eddie Transfers
1980s Ready Brek BMX IT Badge
BMX Competition
1987 Ready Brek 50 Brilliant things to Do Before Breakfast Book
50 Brill Things to Do
1980s Ready Brek Ready Eddie bowl
Ready Eddie Breakfast Set
1980s Ready Brek Ready Eddie Backpack
Ready Eddie Backpack
1980s Ready Brek Ready Eddie Badge
Ready Eddie Badge
1980s Ready Brek Streatwise Socks (betr)
Streetwise Soxs
1980s Ready Brek Ready Eddie Hand Puppet
Ready Eddie Handpuppet
Ready Brek T Shirt (2)
T Shirt
1983 Ready Brek Breakfast with Worzel Gummidge & Wallchart1 sma
Worzel Gummidge Competition
1980s Ready Brek Ready Eddie Mug (3)1 small
Reddy Eddie Mug
1980s Ready Brek Famous Games Collection Dominoes1 small
Famous Games
1980s Ready Brek Ready Eddie Bendy Toy1 small
Bendy Eddie
1984 Ready Brek Glowing World Poster (1)1 small
Glowing World Poster
1980s Ready Brek Magic Tricks1 small
Magic Tricks
1980s REady Brek Tale of Ready Eddie1 small
Tales of Ready Eddie
1982 Ready Brek Corgi Rally Racers1 small
Corgi Rally Racers
1982 Ready Brek Gret Outdoors Painting Competition (5)1 small
Scout Painting Competition








1994 Ready Brek Lego offer
1990s Ready Brek Tea Time Treats - Fruit & Nut Streudel1
Tea Time Treats
1991 Ready Brek Dennis the Menace Gifts 1st Weetabix issue (bet
Dennis the Menace Gifts
1992 Ready Brek Ladybird Books (betr)
Ladybird Books
1994 Ready Brek Snow White Moving Cards booklet (1)1
Snow White Motion Cards
1994 Ready Brek Soft Toy Dragon1
Dragon soft Toy
1994 Weetabix Hot Wheels Turbo Cars  (5)1 small
Corgi Colour Changing Cars
1995 Weetos Looney Tunes Character set all colours2
Looney Tune Characters
1996 Ready Brek Crayola Colour Crazy Stamp Sets (betr)1
Crayola Stamp Set
1996 Ready Brek Magic Pen Sets1 small
Magic Pens
1997 Ready Brek Bits for Bikes1
Bits for Bikes
1997 Ready Brek Free Faxfinders1
Collins Faxfinder Books
1997 Ready Brek Fruit & Nut Thermos Flask1 small
Thermos Flask
1997 Ready Brek Helix writing set1
Helix Writing Set
1997 Ready Brek Mad Jack Books Offer1 small
Mad Jack Books
1997 Ready Brek Roald Dahl Books on Tape1 small
Roald Dahl Books
1998 Ready Brek Crayola Colouring  Fun Offer1 small
Crayola Pens & Pencils
1998 Ready Brek Ladybird Book Offer1
Ladybird Classic Books
1999 Ready Brek Art Attack Book Offer1
Art Attack Book
1999 Ready Brek Crayola Painting Offer1
Painting by Numbers
1999 Ready Brek Famous Five Book Offer1
Famous Five Books
1999 Ready Brek Kelix School Set offer (1)
Helix School Set
1990 Ready Brek Corgi Emergency Vehicle set
Corgi Emergency Vehicles
1994 Weetos Dinosaur Trolls1






2000 Ready Brek Activity Book Offer1
Activity Book
2000 Ready Brek Chicken Run1
Chicken Run Bean Toys
2001 Ready Brek Book & Jigsaw Offer
Book & Jigsaw
2002 Ready Brek Butt Ugly Martians T Shirts1
Butt-Ugly Martians T Shirt
2002 Ready Brek Ideez Cards
2003 Ready Brek Glow Backpack1
Glow Backpack
2003 Ready Brek Lunchbox
Lunchbox & Rip, Mix & Micro pack
2004 Ready Brek Activity Books Offer1
Activity Book
2012 Ready Brek Forfeit Cards 1-5
Forfeit Cards
2002 Ready Brek Kite Offer1 small
2004 Ready Brek Pudsey Bear Slipper Socks1 small
Pudsey Slipper Socks
2005 Ready Brek Ready Bear (2)1 small
Ready Bear
2017 Ready Brek Sing Keyboard Dance Mat 4 small
Sing Keyboard Competition
2017 Ready Brek Going on a Bear Hunt (2)1 small
Going on a Bear Hunt
2017 Ready Brek Smoothies Recipes (2)1 small
5 A Day Smoothies
2017 Ready Brek Despicable Me 3 Prizes (1)1 small
Despicable Me 3 Competition
Shaun The Sheep Books





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