Dinosaurs & Other Prehistoric  Animals

1989 - Weetabix Dinosaurs & Other Prehistoric Animals Send Away Offer

Includes 7 model dinosaurs 1:45 scale which were given free for 10 tokens.  Alternatively the boxed set could be bought for 9.75.  Also included a booklet issued in association with the Natural History Museum.

Dinosaurs  are - Tyrannosaurus, Baryonyx, Certiosaurus, Triceratops, Scelidosaurus, Stegosaurus and Pteranodon

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Picture of the advert and box contents with all 7 models

1989 Weetabix Dinosaur Collection
1989 Weetabix Dinosaurs Collection (2)
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1989 Weetabix Dinosaurs Collection (betr)

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1989 Weetabix Dinosaurs & Other Prehistoric Animals book
1989 Weetabix Dinosaurs Collection (1)
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