Workshop Vehicles Series 14

1950’s - Weetabix Workshop Cut out on packets

Set of 6. Reference number is printed on vehicle registration

No 180  Crawler Tractor???

No 181 Ford Squire Estate Car

No 182 Ready-Mix Concrete Agitator TRuck

No 183 Mobile Store

No 184 GPO 2 Ton Utility

No 185 BBC Roving Eye Television Van

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Pictures/information/adverts on the  packets in the set including year issued and missing registration numbers

Weetabix Workshop 14 Crawler Type Tractor

Same design as Series 4 Caterpillar Tractor - but renamed.  Unknown no - could this be no 180?

1 Weetabix workshop series 14 Ready Mixed Concrete Agitator Tru
Weetabix workshop series 14 Ford Squire Estate Car
Weetabix workshop series 14 BBC Roving Eye Television vehicle
Weetabix Workshop Series 14 GPO 2 Ton Utility
Weetabix Workshop Series 14 Mobile Store 4 (betr) 2
Weetabix Workshop Series 14 Figgerrolls Van

Packet says series 14, but No plate says 149 which is series 8.  Was it reissued?

weetabix crunch
Weetabix workshop series 14 Ready Mixed Concrete Agitator Truck done (1)
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