Workshop Vehicles Series 6

1950/60’s - Weetabix Workshop Cut out on packets

Set of 6. Reference number is printed on vehicle registration

No 131 London Transport Tower Wagon

No 132 Bulldozer

No 133 Farm Wagon

No 134 Road Signs

No 135 RAC Patrol & Box

No 136 Tipping Truck

Ebay pic1



Pictures of packet vehicles

1955 Jan Weetabix Workshop Series 6
1955 Mch Weetabix Workshop Series 6
weetabix crunch
1955 Jan Weetabix workshop series 6 London Transport Tower Waggon
Weetabix workshop series 6 Bulldozer
1950s Weetabix Workshop Series 6 Farm Wagon
Weetabix workshop series 6 Road Signs (betr)

Road Signs - better quality scan required

Weetabix Workshop series 6 RAC Patrol & Box1
Weetabix workshop series 6 Tipping Truck
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