Workshop Vehicles Series 8

1950’s - Weetabix Workshop Cut out on packets

Set of 7. Reference number is printed on vehicle registration

No 143 Caterpillar Diesel Tractor

No 144 MG Sports Car

No 145 Whitworth Van

No 146 Refrigerated Van

No 147 Hillman Californian

No 148 Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire Car

No 149 Figgerolls Van

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Pictures/information/adverts on the  packets in the set including year issued

Caterpillar Diesel Tractor

Weetabix workshop series 8 MG Sports Car
Weetabix Workshop Series 8 Whitworth Van
Weetabix Workshop series 8 Refigerated Van
Weetabix workshop series 8 Hillman Californian
Weetabix workshop series 8 MG Sports Car made (1)
Weetabix workshop series 8 Armstrong Sidderly Saphire Car
1955 Weetabix Workshop Series 8 Refrigerated  Van
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