Weetos are still a relatively new cereal launched in 1987, so it has been much easier to publish the majority of the send away promotions, free gifts and cut out packet backs.  Here are items from my own collection

Please let me know of anything that can be added.  I have detailed in the yellow box on each of the offers, the types of items I am still looking for.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more information on each offer

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1987 - 1989

1987 Weetos Yoyo2
1987 Weetos Magic Badges 1 (1)1 small
Magic Mover Badges
1987 Weetos Dereks Flyer
Dereks Flyer
1988 Weetos Circus Games (1)
Circus Games
1988 Weetos Wheels Kits2
Wheel Kits
1988 Weetos Double Sided Jigsaw2
Double Sided Jigsaw
1989 Weetos Spinning Tops2
Spinning Tops
1989 Weetos Joke Slides
Joke Slides
1980s Weetos Yoyo front






1990 - 1995

1992 Weetos Monster in my Pocket2
Monsters in my Pocket
1990s Weetos Puzzle Cubes - made
Micro Happy Cubes
1989 Weetos Stacking Crayons2
Stacking Crayons
1992 Weetos Dinosaur Rubbers loose set (1)1
Prehistoric Model
1990s Weetos Magic Trick (1)1
Magic Tricks
1994 Weetos Wild Animal Moving Picture Card (1)1
Wild Animal Moving Picture
1991 Weetos Superball
1993 Weetos Trolls1
Troll Pencil Toppers
1994 Weetos Moon Landing loose1 small
Moon Landing Models
1994 Weetos Puppy in My Pocket1
Puppy in my Pocket
1995 Weetos Looney Tunes Character set all colours1
Looney Tune Characters
1995 Weetos Animaniacs - 3 characters (1)
1995 Weetos Kitty in my Pocket3
Kitty in my Pocket
1995 Weetos Crash n Reverse cars3
Crash n Reverse Cars
1991 Weetos Sky Flyers1 small
Sky Flyer
1990 Weetos Whirly Tops (2)1 small
Whirly Top
1993 Weetos Magic Tricks (1)1
Magic Tricks





1996 - 1999

1996 Weetos Trolls2
1996 Weetos Crayola Crazy Tip Pens
Crayola Crazy Tip Pens
1996 Weetos Crayola Mini Stampers
Crayola Mini Stampers
1997 Weetos Puppy & Friends1
Puppy & Friends
1997 Weetos Crayola Mini Stampers
Crayola Mini Stampers
1997 Weetos Speed Kings2 small
Speed Kings
1997 Weetos Trolls Musicians1
Pop Trolls
1997 Weetos Pound Puppies loose1 small
Pound Puppies
1998 Weetos Teddy in my Pocket Secret Message1
Teddy in my Pocket Secret Hearts
1998 Weetos Pound Purrries loose1 small
Pound Purries
1998 Weetos Crayola Mini Stampers
Crayola Mini Stampers
1998 Weetos Trolls on Hols2
Trolls on Hols
1999 Weetos Cryola Colouring Pens
Crayola Pens
1999 Weetos Pound Piggies
Pound Piggies
1999 Weetos Pocket Dragon2
Pocket Dragons
1999 Weetos Sports Trolls set1
Sporty Trolls
1999 Weetos Muppets in Space
Muppets in Space
1996 Weetos Puzzle Pack1
Prof’s Puzzle Pack




2000 - 2009

2000 Weetos Chicken Run4
Chicken Run
2000 Weetos Pound Jungle
Pound Jungle
2000 Weetos Watership Down2
Watership Down
2001 Weetos Butt Ugly Martians2
Butt Ugly Martians
2001 Weetos Chocolate Ready Brek packet
Chocolate Ready Brek
2001 Weetos Rugrats in Paris Pencil Grippers2
Rugrats Pencil Grippers
2002 Weetos Captain Scarlet2
Captain Scarlet
2002 Weetos Looney Tunes Free Riders2
Looney Tunes Free Riders
2002 Weetos Looney Tunes Free Riders Pencil Grippers2
Looney Tunes Pencil Grippers
2002 & 2004 Weetos Prof Weetos Puzzles - reissued 2004 Holiday
Spot Prof Weeto
2003 Weetos Wild Thornberrys Movie Picture Viewer (1)1
Wild Thornberrys
2003 Weetos Justice League Spinning Pencil Topper1
Justice League Pencil Toppers
2004 Weetos Nick Toon TC Heat Reveal reverse 1 top1 small
Nick Toons Heat Reveal
2004 Weetos Scooby Doo 2 Spooky Moving Picture1
Scooby Doo Moving Picture
2004 Weetos Free Weetos Bar
Free Weetos Cereal Bar
2004 Weetos All Grown Up Bubble Blowers (1)1
All Grown Up Bubble Blower
2005 Weetos Free Honey Weetos Bar
Free Weetos Honey Bar
2005 Weetos Valiant Mission 5
Valiant Mobile Missions
2005 Weetos Professor Weetos  Wacky Inventions - Spoon spinning top mint
Wacky Inventions
2005 Weetos Wallace & Grommit Golden Carrot competition Standee
Wallace & Gromit Competition
2006 Weetos England 2006 Football stickers2
Euro 96 Football Sticker
2006 Weetos Happy Feet Movin Movies Card (2)1
Happy Feet Movin Movie Card
2007 Weetos general back
General Nutrition
2007 Weetos Surfs Up Clamshell Picture Viewer (2)1
Surfs Ups Clamshell Viewer
2008 Weetos Kung Fu Panda (1)
Kung Fu Panda Memory Card
2009 Weetos 1m cash prize1
1m Competition



2010 to date

2010 Weetos Toy Story 3 Competition1
Toy Story 3 Competition
2011 Weetos I am Weeto (1)1
I am Weeto
2012 Oct Weetos Moustache Combat1
Moustache Combat
2013 Weetos Win a Night with Sharks1
Win a Night with Sharks
2012 Weetos no artificial additives1
2015 Weetos Pick Your Nose1 small
Pick Your Nose
2016 Weetos Football Scorecard1 small
Euro 16 Scorecard
2017 Weetos Win a Gold Weeto prize (8)
Solid Gold Weeto
2017 Weetos Nerf Nitro Stunt Pack made (1)1 small
Nerf Nitro Stunt Ramp
2018 Weetos Football Calendar1 small
Football Calendar





Other Weetos Cereals & Items

2005 Honey Weetos New front
Honey Weetos
2006 Weetos Multigrain Stars New front
Multigrain Stars
2008 Weetos Meteors New front
2011 Weetos vs Aliens New front
Weetos vs Alien Invaders
1987 Weetos Sample packet (1)
Sample Pack
Weetos badges
2014 Weetos & Waffles New (2)1 small
Weetos with Waffles
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