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Welcome to what I hope will become the most comprehensive website of UK cereal promotions over the years

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This website is intended as a reference source to all collectors and as such also needs your help and support please.  You will hopefully see I have kept the words to a minimum and maximised where possible the pictures.  To give you some idea there are over 2000 pictures of gifts, packets, adverts & promotional items specifically relating to Weetabix & Quaker. I plan to build on this by adding the other cereal brands


Cereal promotions cover a wide spectrum of topics and as such means there will be collectors out there who have more information to share about promotions specific to their field of collecting.


Therefore if having viewed this site you see gaps, errors or have information and more importantly pictures that can be shared please do get in touch.  I am interested in anything from copies of the packets, free gifts inside, send away items, shop signs and also promotional gifts that might have been given away


Also if you wish copies of any of the pictures please email me via the contacts page, as I have higher resolution ones than appear on this site. 


I intend to issue regular updates to this site as I include more of my own collection, plus contributions from other collectors.  Ebay is also a great source of material, so I have included a link on most pages that will take you to Ebay UK.  So please check in regularly and click on the picture below

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