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The purpose of this page is to seek further information on any item that is believed might be Breakfast cereal, but not known for certain


If you have any items you wish listed or information to share please contact me at


1960s Magic Cone (2)
1960s Magic Cone (1)

Card based magic trick possibly cracker premium

1970s Kelloggs Farmyard Stencils - mint (1)

Farmyard Animal stencil - 10 in set.  Likely Kelloggs made my R&L

1960s Whistle

Large plastic whistle - possibly cracker premium

unknown motor car

Model racing car - unknown details

1960s Unknown Siren (1) 1960s Unknown Siren (3)

Siren alarm - blow through the tube

unknown Hurrican
1960s Kelloggs Walkers mint (1)

R&L Walkers - marked made in Australia, but possibly UK issue in Kelloggs

Hurricane model plane 1970s - similar to one issued in Warlord Comic

2014 Kelloggs R&L Crazy Cars (3)

R&L Crazy Cars marked made in Gt Britain.  Belivered issued in Kelloggs

1970s Shreddies Painting set

Miniature Painting Set.  Consists of card with water colours and mini paintbrush.  Possibly issued by Nabisco in 1970s

1970s Kelloggs Pick up Truck

R&L Pick Up Truck marked made in Gt Britain. Believed to have been issued in Kelloggs

Kelloggs Paint pots

Watercolour paints issued with Kelloggs

1970s Nabisco Robin Hood possibly foreign

Disney Robin Hood characters issued by Nabisco 1970s.  Possibly foreign promotion.  Any more in set as 11 is unusual number?

1970s Nabisco Flintstones probably foreign
Sailing boats (1)

Plastic sailing boats with detachable mast.  Possibly Nabisco

1960s Farmyard animals - possibly Shredded Wheat

Flintstone figures 1970s.  Issued by Nabisco, possibly foreign promotion

2 (97)

Farmyard figures likely 1960s made from hard plastic.  Possibly Nabisco/Welgar

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Space Balloon 1960s.  Light corner to watch it fly.  Possibly Cracker insert

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