Digimon Cards

2001 - Shreddies Digimon Cards Free in Packets & DigiSpin Game

Set of 44 different cards to collect issued in packs of 3.  Set comprises 2 rare Hologram cards, plus 7 Power cards available in the cereal.  Remaining cards are from Series 1 & 2 of commercially available cards.  An alternative packet back exists with cut our Digispin game, but no free premium. Also issued in Golden Nuggets

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2001 Shreddies Digimon Cards
2001 Shreddies Digimon Hologram Cards
2001 Shreddies Digimon DigiSpin Game
Shreddies Hunger
2001 Shreddies Digimon Cards1
2001 Shreddies Digimon Power Cards
2001 Golden Nuggets Digimon Cards back

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