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I am keen to hear from anyone who may have questions, information or images to share relating to cereal items.  Please email me at


Also if anyone wishes copies of the original scans I will happily provide this, on the basis it is not being used for any commercial purposes

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21 April 2017

It still amazes me that new finds keep turning up from a relatively short time ago.  Kevin Smith has kindly sent me some pictures from a Weetagang lorry he has just listed on ebay - click here  Its a lovely item given that its 30+ years old now


19 April 2017

A fantastic listing on ebay - first time I have ever seen these.  The 1961 Shreddies Adventure comics in excellent condition - click here.  I have also been really lucky enough to be sent photos of these comics by Darren Reader, so you can see them for yourself in all their glory - see the actual page on my site - click here


18 April 2017

Well today has seen a lot of news on cereal items in the paper.  It started off with news that Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) is a cereal collector and has been driving his wife crazy collecting cereal packets.  That was followed by news that Weetabix has been sold by the Chinese owners to US Cereals Post Holdings for 1.4bn


15 April 2017

A few nice adverts just uploaded to Youtube, particularly the Noddy one.  Other updates include some really good items from Chris, plus a couple of send away items I saw listed on ebay.  Have a great Easter tomorrow - chance to make some Rice Krispies Cakes perhaps!


9 April 2017

So the new Sugar Puffs Honey Monster is now available in shops, picked up my packet today - see here.  Still waiting to hear if they are planning any free gifts in future though.  Honey Monster is now 25% thinner, to represent the lower sugar content - looks a bit off being naked too in the advert


3 April 2017

Wow - what an amazing find on ebay.  Paul Hart is listing a load of packets from the 60s and 70s on ebay at the moment and they are FANTASTIC.  Check out his listings on ebay - click here There are some lovely items.  A few of these were new to me and Paul has kindly provided some photos if you check out on the Whats New section.  I have also included the link on his name to that particular item on ebay too.  Some brilliant additions which I know a number of collectors will find of interest


1 April 2017

So the news we have all been waiting for....Honey Monster is back.  About to launch a new look box next week, where there has been a load of publicity over the last week around his weight loss.  Check out the video - click here.  I hadn't realised the company was sold in 2016, as the marketing department has been in contact with me for information on HM over the years.  So I have provided them with lots of images and am hoping to get a few items to feature on the site. 

Appreciate the cereal updates have been slow recently.  That is due to me working on the YouTube videos - click here, where I have come across loads.  I now have over 400 loaded.  If you view any please remember to select ‘LIKE’ and also Subscribe as that will ensure they get greater visibility.


17 March 2017

So I have finally finished uploading the Coco Pops advert - over 50 in all.  Click on the Playlist to check them out, along with loads of others now.  Also the new Weetabix Giant advert is quite fun


7 March 2017

I hope some of you have checked out the YouTube cereal adverts.  I am adding quite a number to this and realised that actually it can be quite hard to navigate. Luckily I discovered you can set up Playlists that allow you to group certain videos together and watch them continuously.  Click here and then chose one of the Selected Playlists.  Let me know what you think.


1 March 2017

Another month gone and a bumper update.  Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed, where there are a wide variety of new and interesting items.  So many in fact that I still haven't managed to progress my update on Rice Krispies which is stuck on the 70’s.  YouTube adverts also continue to turn up and I hope there are some that you find interesting - I especially like the Quaker Oats Windy Miller ones which are great fun.


25 February 2017

Ebay is such a great resource, both in terms of information and also acquiring some really scarce items.  I have quite a number of updates coming next month where the information was sourced from ebay sellers, but also I was really lucky enough to complete my set of Sugar Puff Pirate coins.  They were listed incorrectly as Esso coins, due to them being made from aluminum, which was fortunate as I then was the only bidder.  I only saw my 1st one 12 months ago after 20 years of collecting, so what a result to finish the set.


17 February 2017

Wow, competition prize arrived today from Kelloggs.  A special edition sleeve celebrating the Year of the Rooster.  Uploaded onto the site - click here. Really like this and the fact you can make something.  Wouldn't surprise me if this isn't made available sometime this year in the shops


14 February 2017

Switched onto BBC2 this evening as they were featuring some of the items from my collection on the TV show Further Back in Time for Dinner 1930s.  Well it was certainly brief, having waited 50 odd minutes it finally came up.  Also a number of facvtual errors, such as the date of teh Rice Krispies packet which was 1924 not 1938 and also the free gift in teh Cornflakes pack. Anyway, nice to see it on TV.  click here to see the clip


12 February 2017

Another bumper update of adverts on YouTube where I have loaded 119 from Weetabix/Weetos and Chex.  The nice thing about some of these is the ones that feature the original offers which I have linked to the respective pages on my site.  If you are interested in these I suggest you Subscribe to my Channel which is Cereal Mad (space in between) - that way you will be notified of others.  I plan to work on Quaker next, once I have finished Weetabix


4 February 2017

Now I have ventured into YouTube in an attempt to pull together as many of those all time classic adverts - click on the image to the right to view those loaded co far on my channel


2 February 2017

Well as promised a bumper update this month.  Some really nice items - I especially like the Nursery Rhyme booklet Adrian discovered. Also the little Sugar Puffs train Paul Evans found, which is quite surprising not to have appeared before


30th January 2017

Read in the paper today that Weetabix is the top-selling cereal brand with 16.4% market share.  They are investing in UK to boost manufacturing, so will be interesting to see if any new lines appear.  Also seems like Chinese owners are considering selling and there is speculation it will go to Nestl’s owners....that will cut down the competition somewhat.


28th January 2017

Been slow on the update front as suffering man flu for last week and not up to much.  However worth checking Out Back in Time for Dinner on BBC2 in a couple of weeks when they feature the 1930s.  Apparently they may feature some of my collection on here - although it may have been cut in the editing.  Their researcher was after some 1930s items so I sent a load of bits over.  Fingers crossed.

Planning on a bumper update in February.


20th January 2017

I must be on a role - bumper update today with some great items from regular contributers Adrian Allen and Phil Shrimpton

I also received an email out of the blue from Mike Szot telling me about a fantastic bargain he had purchased of 6 Star Trek Masks.  The best thing for the site is that he has provided some excellent scans which I have uploaded, completing this set off.


16th January 2017

As mentioned before I was lucky enough to be given a fantastic collection of Weetabix packets.  I am still going through these, but have taken the opportunity to update those from the 1970s/early 80s, which in my opinion are some of the best packet designs and issues.  Check out the What’s New pages.

I was particularly thrilled about the Hanna Barbera TV Cartoon face masks, where 3 new ones to me were discovered. In addition lots of  packets to complete a few gaps for previously recorded items


13th January 2017

At last!!!  I appear to have sorted all the problems with updating the site and believe it is working now.  Please drop me a mail if you find any links or problems as with so many pages it is hard to check everything.

So no excuse now, over the next few weeks I plan to update with all the fantastic contributions I have been sent.  Enjoy


7th January 2017

Sorting my website has proved more problematic than I 1st thought, so please do let me know if you come across any pages that dont load properly

In the meantime I have uploaded a group of comic adverts that Phil Shrimpton (Phils Comics) that have replaced previous poor quality photos or provided new information.  The most interesting of these was the BMC Cars, which for years were thought to be Kelloggs but turn out that they were Sugar Puffs.  This really shows the value of comics as a reference source and for verification.  Thanks as always Phil



1st January 2017

New Years resolution and I have decided to start a Blog.  The last 3 months have been manic with work, family and a house extension which has had an impact on my updating of the site.  However, the biggest problem was changing the package with my web provider which wasn't compatible with the web design software.  So I have used the xmas break to resolve and am pleased to say I am now back on-line for the sites 3rd anniversary.

So the big news is I had a wonderful visit from Rod Moore in November who has given me a fantastic collection of Weetabix packets from the 70’s & 80’s.  I plan to include some of the pictures over the coming months whcih includes a number of totally new ones to me.  What I was particularly delighted with was three new Hanna Barbera TV face masks

In the meantime I am still very grateful to all those regular contributers who have sent over pictures, it really is appreciated and will make some excellent additions to the site

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year for 2017


Check out your favourite cereal adverts - click on image

Why Cereal Collecting?

I have been a collector of things for years, which I put down to my Grandparents encouraging me to collect stamps and fossil shells.  This went onto Brooke Bond cards, WW2 items, comics, Action Man and the like.

Most of this I have now parted with, having started on Breakfast cereal items in the mid 90s, when I came across a stall in Reading being run by Martyn Lawrence, which had cereal gifts from the 1970s for sale.

Memories of my childhood opening the cereal boxes only to find it was the same figure or model I had already came flooding back.  And it is that nostalgia that really got me hooked and started me off to want to produce a permanent record for others to enjoy

Over the time I have appeared in several magazines and papers, radio and ITVs This Morning. 

Click below if you are interested in seeing some of these



This website would not have been possible without the help and support of fellow collectors who I have had the pleasure of making contact with over the years.  I would therefore like to acknowledge their support on these pages

John Cahill

Martyn Lawrence

Mark Davies

Mike Dawe

Adrian Allen

Wayne Ratcliffe

Neil Lewin

Tim Blacklock

Gerald Edwards

Scot Gray

David Kerr

Tom Doyle

Phil’s Comics

Rod Moore


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