Touchdown Gamecards

1989 - Small Shredded Wheat Touchdown Gamecards Free in Packets

Set of 30 cards with 4 silver rub off spots to scratch off and spot the ball.  Send off 3 correct gamecards to win an NFL Team poster. Also issued in Team

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Picture of the packet and cards

Juggling the ball 

The Bengals QB throws a forward pass. 

The Bears attempt a field goal at Cincinnati

Threading the needle through the defense

A safety blitz pressures the quarterback

The Ball flies loose after blocked punt

A powerful kickoff

The raiders quarterback has the ball stripped away

Reaching high for the completion

A long pass from the broncos quarterback 

The Steelers defence fumble 

The ball pops loose

Atlanta’s quarterback finds his receiver

Cincinnati’s quarterback lets one fly

A punt from the endzone

A duel for the ball

Fighting for a fumble

An endzone ballet for a touchdown catch

A loose ball on the gridiron

Catching a pass behind the defence

Saints quarterback fires a bomb

A kick off starts the game

Catching a long bomb for a touchdown

Houstons quarterback throws over the top

The Giants quarterback unloads before the sack

1989 Shredded Wheat Touchdown Gamecards 1
1989 Shredded Wheat Touchdown Gamecards 2
1989 Shredded Wheat Touchdown Gamecards 3
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