Circus Figures

1965 - Quaker Oats Circus Figures Free in Packets

Set of what appears to be 6 different figures to collect.  A number of these appear  the same as the Kelloggs issue, which were manufactured and sold commercially by Crescent. However advert show a variation with the clown.  I have a few variations in my own collection (pictured) which may be this set

Ebay pic1



Picture of packet and details on the figures/clarity if these are cereal issue

1965 Quaker Oats Circus Figures
circus horses

Crescent horse on right is kelloggs issue

circus clowns

Clown variation has markings ‘Made in Hong Kong’

1965 Quaker Oats Circus figures1

Note the juggler doesnt appear the advert.  No markings on base to denote origins

circus jugglers

3 different jugglers - one on left is Crescent

circus seals

Seal on left is Crescent issue

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