Weeta Moulds

1983 - Weetabix Weeta Moulds Send Away Offer

Consists of 2 rubberised moulds of Dunk & Bixie, plaster, paints and instructions.  Picture below shows a model of Brains made from plaster - not sure where this came from, as I can find no reference to him being available

Ebay pic1


1983 Weetabix Plaster Moulds2 1983 Weetabix Plaster Moulds (2)
1983 Weetabix Plaster Mould Refill Leaflet
1983 Weetabix Weetagang Moulds Advert

Shop Poster

weetabix crunch
1983 Weetabix Plaster figures (betr)

Bixie & Brains Mould

1983 Weetabix Plaster Moulds1
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