Weetabix Club

1983 - 86 Weetabix Weetagang Club Send Away Offer

From 1983 the Weetabix club was formed, continuing the marketing drive using the Weetagang figures.  The links below show a number of packs that were issued plus other items available featuring the 5 characters

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1983 Weetabix Club Magazine (1)
Weetabix Club Members Pack
1984 Weetabix Weetagang Poster (2)
1984 Pack
1985 Weetabix Club Xmas Edition1
1985 Pack
1986 Weetabix Club Quiz Book (1)1
1986 Pack
1985 Weetabix Weeta-Offers (5)1
Send Away Weetagang Offers
1984 Weetabix Shrinkee Brains
Weetagang Promotional Items
1983 Weetabix Weetagang Club (1)1 1983 Weetabix Weetagang Club (2)
weetabix crunch
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