Scary Stickers

1986 - Weetabix Scary Stickers Free in packets

Set of 6 luminous stickers featuring various monsters as pictured on the cardboard folder.  Stickers measure 78 mm x 45 mm and are inside a cardboard folder with tear off tab measuring 92 mm x 45 mm. On the inside of the folder is the name of the sticker and the reverse has a list of the cards in the set 

4 different packet backs to collect

Ebay pic1


1986 Weetabix Scary Stickers1
1986 Weetabix Scarey Stickers Skull
1986 Weetabix Scarey Stickers Vampire
1986 Weetabix Scary Sticker Spider box1

The 12 Packet story was shorter than the 24 version

weetabix crunch
1986 Weetabix Scary Stickers
1986 Weetabix Scary Stickers reverse
1986 Weetabix Scarey Stickers Werewolf
1986 Weetabix Scarey Stickers Spider
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