Workshop Forces Vehicles Series 9

1950’s - Weetabix Workshop Forces Vehicles Cut out on packets

Set of 6. Reference number is printed on vehicle registration

No 150 Naval Mobile Clothing Shop

No 151 Naval DUKW

No 152 Army 10T Load Carrier

No 153 Army Armoured Scout Car

No 154 RAF Queen Mary

No 155 RAF Runway Control Van

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Pictures/information/adverts on the  packets in the set including year issued

Weetabix workshop series 9 Naval Mobile Cloathing Shop Weetabix workshop series 9 Naval Dukw
Weetabix workshop series 9 Armoured Scout Car
Weetabix workshop series 9 Army 10ton Load Carrier (betr)
Weetabix workshop Series 9 RAF Queen Mary Weetabix workshop series 9 RAF Runway Control Van
Weetabix Workshop Series 9 Army Armoured Scout Car made
Series 9 No. 155 RAF Control Van
Series 9 No. 154  RAF Queen Mary
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