Since Coco Pops launch in 1960, there have been a number of send away promotions, free gifts and activities printed on packet backs. There have also been a couple of name changes, to Choco Krispies in 1966 and 2nd unsuccessful attempt in 1997 where it reverted back in 1999.  In addition there have been variation in Coco Pops cereals issued over a number of years

Please let me know of anything that can be added.  I have detailed in the yellow box on each of the offers they types of items/information I am still looking for.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more details and pictures on each offer

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1961 Sugar Smacks Model Sports Cars small
Model Sports Cars
1962 Sugar Smacks Catamaran (1)1 small
Jet Propelled Catamaran
1962 Coco Pops Yogi Bear & Friends badges1 small1
Yogi & Friends Badges
1963 Sugar Smacks Friends of Yogi badge1 small
Friends of Yogi Bear Badge
1963 Coco Pops Magic Moving pictures Yogi & friends 2 small
Magic Moving Pictures
1963 Coco Pops Yogi Bear Pin up Pictures (1)1 small
Yogi’s Pin Up Parade
1963 Sugar Smacks Atomic Sub (2)1 small 1
Atomic Sub
1964 Sugar Smacks Racing Tortoises
Racing Tortoises
1964 Sugar Smacks Yogi Masks small
Yogi Bear’s Maskerade
1965 Sugar Smacks Commando Tommy-Gun & Spoon Offer1 small
Tommy Gun
1965 Sugar Smacks Flying Wonder Wheel2 small
Flying Wonder Wheel
1960s Coco Pops Draw n Colour Cartoon Huckleberry Hound, Mr Jin
Draw n Colour Cartoon
1966 Coco Krispies American Train Models (3)1 small
American Train Models
1966 Coco Krispies R&L Century of Transport (2)1 small
A Century of Transport
1967 Coco Krispies R&L Holiday Motoring Models (3)1 small
Holiday Motoring Models
1968 Coco krispies R&L Famous Aircraft Models (2)1 small
Famous Aircraft Models
1968 Coco Krispies Model Ships1 small
Floating Model Ships
1968 Coco Krispies Dinky Toy Discount - Spitfire
Dinky Toys Discount
1966 Coco Pops 1924 Bull Nose Morris Cowley Kit1 small
Bull-Nose Morris Model Kit
1965 Coco Pops Yogi Bear Spoon (2)
Yogi Bear & Huckleberry Spoons
1961 Frosties Fun Masks - Hanna Barbera1 small
Fun Masks
1962 Coco Pops Yogi Bear Weekly Promotional Comic (2)1 small
Yogi Bear Weekly







1970 Coco Krispies Sooty Magic Spinning Top - Butch (1)1 small
Sooty & Sweep Spinning Tops
1970 Ricicles Instant Picture Book Pond Life1 small 2
Instant Picture Book
1971 Coco Krispies Sooty by the Sea Transfer1 small
Sooty by the Sea Transfers
1971 Sugar Smacks 3D Wildlife Picture Cards 1 (2)1 small 3
3D Wildlife Picture Cards
1971 Coco Krispies Zoo Animals1 small2
Zoo Animals
1972 Coco Krispies R&L Crazy Canines - brown1 small 2
Crazy Canines
1972 Coco Krispies Felt Tip Pens1 small
3 Fibre Tip Pens
1972 Puffa Puffa Rice Fighter Planes WW1 (4)1 small
Fighter Planes WW1
1973 Coco Krispies Rice Sooty & Friends Models - Orange1 small
Sooty & Friends Models
1974 Coco Krispies R&L Model Pirates - red1 small
Model Pirates
1975 Coco Krispies Magic Painting Book
Magic Painting Book
1976  Sugar Smacks Playpeople set1 small
1976 Ricicles Mr Men Stickers1  small
Mr Men Stickers
1978 Sugar Smacks Playpeople set1 small
1973 Coco Krispies Sooty & Sweep Jigsaw1 small
Sooty & Sweep Jigsaw









1984 Coco Pops Flikka Ruler1 small
Moving Picture Ruler
1980s Coco Pops Wobble Eye stickers1 small
Google Eyes Stickers
1986 Coco Pops Monkey Hologram
3D Laser Stickers
1987 Coco Pops Transfers1 small
Coco & Friends Transfers
1987 jelly mould send away (betr)1 small
Party Moulds
1987 Coco Pops Stencil Fun - blue1 small
Stencil Fun
1988 Coco Pops Coco & Friends Models (2)
Coco Models & Musical Mug
1988 Coco Pops Wall clock1 small
Coco Wall Clock
1989 Coco Pops Triplepics back1 small
Triplepics Stickers
1989 Coco Pops Flikka Cards (4)1 small
3D Moving Picture Cards
1985 Coco Pops Sliding Puzzles (1)1 small
Sliding Puzzles
1987 Coco Pops Clip Together Character (2)1 small
1987 Clip Together Figures
1982 Coco Pops Badge Kit (1)1 small
Badge Kit
1980s Coco Pops Monkey 3D Model1 small
Coco 3D Model Head
1985 Coco Pops Kelloggs Camel1 small
Model Animals
1984 Coco Pops Jungle Chums (3)2 small
Jungle Chums






1990 - 1995

1990 Coco Pops Chocolate Mould - Alan
Chocolate Moulds
1990 Coco Pops Monkey & Friends - green1 small
Coco & Friends Models
1990 Coco Pops Holograms (1)
Coco Holograms
1990 Coco Pops Musical Chime Badges (1)1 small
Musical Badge & Jack Pak
1990 Coco Pops Caps (2)1 small
Peak Caps
1991 Coco Pops Peel n Play stickers - opened 4 small
Peel n Play Stickers
1991 Coco Pops Water Puzzles (2)1 small
Water Games
1991 Coco Popos Soft Toy2 small
Coco Monkey Soft Toy
1992 Coco Pops Finger Puppet1 small
Coco Monkey Games Packets
1992 Coco Pops Magic Triple Fun Slide1 small
Magic Triple Fun Slide
1992 Coco Pops Flicker Sticker1 small
Flicker Sticker
1993 Coco Pops Invisible Jigsaws1 small
Invisible Jigsaw
1993 Coco Pops Magic Straws - extended1 small
Magic Straw
1993 Coco Pops Monster in my Pocket Dinosaurs Set 4 small
Dinosaur Monsters in my Pocket
1994 Coco Pops Football Action Stickers1 small
Bendy Figure & Glitter Sticker
1994 Coco Pops Polly Pocket Compacts1 small
Might Max & Polly Pocket Compact
1994 Coco Pops Sooty Finger Puppet1 small
Sooty & Coco Finger Puppet
1994 Koosh Ball1 small12
Coco Koosh Ball
1995 Coco Pops Bike Reflectors2 small
Bike Reflectors
1994 & 95 Coco Pops Mighty Max Compacts (2) small
Might Max & Polly Pocket Compact
1995 Coco Pops Monster Klipz set1 small
Monster Klipz

1996 - 1999

1996 Coco Pops Teddy in my Pocket2 small
Teddy in my Pocket
1996 Coco Pops Euro 96 Virtual Videos front (2)1 small
Euro 96 Virtual Video
1996 Rice Krispies Mask Pencil Tops13 small
Mask Pencil Top
1997 Coco Pops Breakfast Set2 small
Coco Breakfast Set
1997 Coco Pops Animal Hospital in my Pocket loose12 small
Animal Hospital in my Pocket
1997 Coco Pops Space Jam Trophies - Tune Squad (2)12 small
Space Jam Trophies
1997 Coco Pops Safari Animals (2)1 small
Safari in my Pocket
1997 Coco Pops Spoon Topper (1)1 small
Spoon Topper
1997 Coco Pops Halloween Mask 3 small
Halloween Mask
1997 Coco Pops Nickelodeon Flick Books1 small
Nicktoons Flick Book
1998 Choco Krispies Cocos Jungle Village1 small
Coco’s Jungle Village
1998 Choco Krispies Tom & Jerry stickers Mouse holes (2)12 smal
Tom & Jerry Sticker Set
1998 Choco Krispies Anastasia Hologram Secrets (2)12 small
Anastasia Hologram Secrets
1998 Choco Krispies Ice Cube Makers (1)1 small
Ice Cube Makers
1999 Choco Krispies Pan Pipes variation mint1 small
Pan Pipes
1999 Choco Krispies Coco Monkey Collection - cereal bowl1 small
Coco Monkey Collection
1999 Coco Pops Star Wars Phantom Menace Statuettes22 small
Star Wars Episode 1 Statuettes
1999 Coco Pops Star Wars Games pack1 small
Star Wars Episode 1 Pod Racer
1999 Coco Pops Walking with Dinosaurs Tim of the Titans1 small
Walking with Dinosaurs
1996  Honey Nut Loops Rugrats Action Cards (2)12 small
Rugrats Action Cards
1996 Coco Pops Limited Edition White Coco Pops (4)1 small
Limited Edition White Chocolate

2000 - 2004

2000 Coco Pops EA Games competition1 small
EA Games Competition
2000 Frosties Create a CD2 small
Create Your Own CD
2000 Coco Pops Olympic Personal Best1 small
Olympic Personal Best
2000 Coco Pops Phone in to decide TV advert1 small
Help Rescue Coco TV Ad
1999 Choco Krispies Coco Monkey Collection - backpack1 small
Coco Monkey Collection
2002 Rice Krispies Walking With Beasts 33 small1
Walking with Beasts 3D Cards
2001 Coco pops Fridge Magnets1 small
Coco Monkey Fridge Magnet
2001 Frosties Mini CD Rom Games1 small
CD Rom Mini Games
2001 Coco Pops Stickers 3 small
Coco Pops Stickers
2002 Honey Loops Cartoon Network Tags12 small
Cartoon Network Toon Tag
2002 Coco Pops Beyblades - base variations12 small
Beyblade Attack Spinners
2002 Coco Pops Coco Monkey Squirt Ring2 small
Squirt Ring
2002 Coco Pops Crocko Pops Jelly surprise mint1 small
Croco Pops Free Surprise
2002 Coco Pops Kelloggs World1 small
Kelloggs World
2002 Honey Nut Loops Jimmy Neutron Gadget Spoons (2)13 small
Jimmy Neutron Gadget Spoon
2003 Coco Pops Simpsons Magnets12 small
The Simpsons Magnet
2003 Coco Pops Cartoon Network Wobble Heads2 small
Cartoon Network Wobble Head
2003 Frosties Creature Comforts1 small
Creature Comforts
2003 Coco Pops Jungle Book 2 Finger Puppets2 small
Jungle Book 2 Finger Puppets
2003 Coco Pops Strawblasters1 small
2004 Coco Pops Shark Tale Water Mazes (2)1 2 small
Shark Tale Water Maze
2004 Rice Krispies Spiderman 2 Water Squirters (2)12 small
Spiderman 2 Water Squirter
2004 Coco Pops Decoder Gadget (2)
Decoder Gadget
2004 Coco Pops Slurpy1 small
2004 Coco Pops Looney Tunes Back in Action Toon Popper2 small
Looney Tunes Toon Popper
2004 Coco Pops Spongebob Squarepants Bobbler2 small
Spongebob  Bobbler



2005 - 2009

2005 Honey Loops Star Wars Light Sabres2 small
Star Wars 3 Lightsabre Maze
2005 Honey Loops Star Wars Competition1 small
Lightsabre Competition
2005 Coco Pops Character Torches mint (1)1 small
Character Torches
2005 Coco Pops Horrible History Audio Books back1 small
Horrible History Audio Books
2005 Coco Pops internet game & screensaver1 small
Computer Game & Screensaver
2005 Coco Pops Scooby Doo DVD1 small
Scooby Doo DVD
2005 Frosties Robots Crosstown Spinners (2)1 small
Robots Spinner & Robocopter
2006 Coco Pops Art Attack Competition1 small
Art Attack
2006 Coco Pops Free Coco Rocks Bar1 small
Coco Rocks Bar
2006 Coco Pops Head Starters1 small
Head Starters
2006 Coco Pops Flushed Away competition1 small
Flushed Away Competition
2006 Coco Pops Ice Age 2 Ice Lolly Maker1 small
Ice Age 2 Ice Lolly Maker
2006 Coco pops Skill Shotz insert card (1)1 small
Skill Shotz
2006 Coco Pops Horrible Science CD Rom (1)1 small
Horrible Science Book
2007 Coco Pops Free Cyclometer (2)1 small
2007 Coco Munchers Shrek 3rd Cinema ticket offer (2)1 small
Shrek 3rd Cinema Tickets
2007 Coco Pops Tutankhamun (2)1 small
Tutankhamen Holiday Competition
2007 Coco Pops Wake up to Breakfast1 small
Get Swim Active
2008 Coco Rocks Perform Better1 small
Perform Better
2008 Coco Pops Zookeeper for a Day competition1 small
Win a Day as a Zookeeper
2008 Coco Pops Big Bake (1)1 small
Star in our TV Ad
2008 Coco Pops Free Swim1 small
Free Swim
2008 Coco Pops Did you Know1 small
Moons & Stars
2009 Coco Pops Adopt a Monkey1 small
Adopt a Monkey
2009 Coco Pops Eat Well Move More1 small
Eat Well Move More
2009 Coco Pops Free Box of cereal1 small
Free Box of Cereal



2010 - 2014

2010 Coco Pops Free Box cereal1 small
Free Box of Cereal
2010 Coco Pops new Choc n Roll1 small
Choc ‘n’ Roll
2010 Coco Pops Activity planner1 small
Activity Planner
2013 Coco Pops Try Coco Rocks1 small
2wice the Fun Puzzles
2011 Coco Pops Free Kids cereal bowl (1)1 small
Free Kids Bowls
2011 Coco Pops Promise1 small
Coco Pops Promise
2011 Coco Pops Merlin Pass Competition1 small
Win a Year of Family Fun
2012 Coco Pops Cereal Bag clip1 small
Croc Cereal Bag Clip
2012 Coco Pops Diamond Jubilee  small
Diamond Jubilee
2012 Ricicles Free Swim1 small
Free Kids Swim
2012 Coco Pops Help Coco1 small
Help Coco Monkey
2012 Coco Pops Tip & Sip Bowl2 small
Tip & Sip Bowl
2013 Coco Pops Magic Spookstraw (1)1 small
Magic Spoon Straws
2013 Coco Pops Grown Ups Go Free1 small
Grown-Ups Go Free
2014 Coco Pops Give a Child a Breakfast1 small
Give a Child a Breakfast
2014 Coco Pops Rio Balls brazil1 small
Rio Balls
2014 Coco Pops Buy a Box Give a Bowl1 small
Give a Bowl
2014 Coco Pops Grown Ups Go Free1 small
Grown-Ups Go Free
2014 Coco Pops Sip n Slurp Bowl (2)1 small
Tip n Sip Bowl
2014 Coco Pops Seasons Greetings (1)1 small
Seasons Greetings


2015 - 2019

2015 Coco Pops Personalised Spoon (3)1 small
Personalised Spoon
2015 Coco Pops Grow em kit Coco  Monkey (2)
Growing Kit
2015 Coco Pops Tip n Sip Bowl (2)1 small
Tip n Sip Bowl
2015 Coco Pops Choc Milk Maze1 small
Activity Packs
2015 Coco Pops Season Greetings (2)1 small
Seasons Greetings
2015 Coco Pops Crocs Personalised Spoons Reissue  (1)1 small
Personalised Spoon Reissue
2016 Coco Pops Grown Ups Go Free (3)1 small1
Grown-ups Go Free
2016 Coco Pops Playball1 small
2016 Frosties Win an Olympic Hero
Win a Day Olympic Hero
2016 Coco Pops Magic Spoon - (2)1 small
Magic Spoons
2017 Coco Pops Stretch & Sip Spoons1 small
Stretch & Sip Spoon
2017 Coco Pops Grown Ups Go Free (1)1 small
Grown Ups Go Free
2017 Coco Pops EMoji Movie  (1)
EMoji Movie Prize Draw
2017 Coco Posp Granola Packet1 small
New Granola Cereal
2017 Coco Pops Mega Pack (1)1 small
Mega & Sideways Pack
2018 Coco Pops Grown Ups Go Free1 small
Grown Ups Go Free
2018 Coco Pops Panini Football Stickers1 small
Panini Football Stickers
2018 Coco Pops Reduced Sugar1 small
Reduced Sugar
2018 Coco Pops Elf on the Shelf1 small
Elf on the Shelf Competition
2019 Coco Pops Grown Ups Go Free1 small
Grown Ups Go Free
2019 Coco Pops Nerf Discs (2)1 small
Nerf Discs
2019 Coco Pops Toy Story 4 Stickers1 small
Toy Story 4 Stickers
2019 Coco Pops Elf on the Shelf (2)1 small
Elf on the Shelf Competition






Coco Pops Variations

Caramel   2001

2001 Coco Pops Caramel flavour front1 small

Coco Straws   2005-07

2005 Coco Pops Straws front1 small
Coco Pops Straws

Mega Muchers   2006-10

2006 Coco Mega Munchers New front1 small
Mega Munchers

Moon & Stars   2008-12

2008 Coco Pops Moons & Stars New front1 small
Moon & Stars

Croc Prints   2013

2013 Coco Pops Croc Prints front New1 small
Croc Prints

Chocos & Jumbos   2014

2014 Coco Pops Chocos loose bag (1)1 small
Chocos & Jumbos

Mini Crocs   2015

2015 Coco Pops Mini Crocs New Personalised Spoon (2)1 small
Mini Crocs
2015 Coco Pops Mini Crocs Match Mini Crocs (2)1 small
Match the Mini Crocs

Choco Bars   2016

2016 Choco Bakes (3)1 small
Choco Bars

Strike   2018

2018 Coco Pops Strike Panini Football Stickers (2)1 small
Panini Stickers

Coco Crunchers   2002-06

2002 Coco Pops Crunchers New front
New Cereal
2003 Coco Crunchers Wobble Bod2 small
Wobble Heads

Coco Rocks   2005 to date

2005 Coco Rocks New front1 small
Coco Rocks
2006 Coco Rocks Save our Rocks front1 small
Save Our Rocks

Creations   2006

2006 Coco Pops Creation Pack (2)1 small

Choc n Roll   2010-12

2010 Coco Pops Choc n Roll New front
Choc n Roll

Croco Copters   2014

2014 Coco Pops Copters New Cereal (2)1 small
Croco Copters

Porridge   2004 & 2015

2004 Coco Pops Hot Choc1 small
Hot Choc
2015 Coco Pops Porridge (1)1 small
Super Smooth Porridge

Mini Grain Biscuits   2015

2015 Coco Pops mini Multi Grain Biscuits (4)1 small
Mini Grain

Crispy Granola   2017

2017 Coco Pops Granola Cereal New (2)1 small

White Choc   2019

2019 Coco Pops White Chocolate (2)1 small
White Choc
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