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Over the years Kelloggs have produced a number of new cereals, a lot of which are no longer around

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1969 Puffa Puffa Rice Living Zoo Models (2)1 small
Living Zoo Models
1970 Ricicles Instant Picture Book Dancing1 small1
Instant Picture Book
1970 Puffa Puffa Rice Neptune & Seabed Serenaders Neptune1 smal
Neptune and Sea-bed Serenaders
1971 Puffa Puffa Rice Model Ship kits (r to l) - Junk, Fellcca
Model Ships
1971 Coco Krispies Zoo Animals1 small
Zoo Animals
1971 Sugar Smacks 3D Wildlife Picture Cards 1 (2)1 small
3D Wildlife Picture Cards
1971 Puffa Puffa Rice Warriors of the World2 small
Warriors through the Ages
1971 Puffa Puffa Rice Model T Kit ad1 small
Model T Kit
1972 Coco Krispies Felt Tip Pens1 small
Fibre Tip Pens
1972 Puffa Puffa Rice Fighter Planes WW1 (3)1 small
Fighter Planes from WW1
1973 Puffa Puffa Rice Sotty & Sweep Jigsaw1 small
Sooty & Sweep Jigsaw Puzzle
1974 Coco Krispies R&L Model Pirates - red1 small
Model Pirates
1976  Sugar Smacks Playpeople set1 small2
1976 Ricicles Mr Men Stickers1 small
Mr Men Stickers
1978 Sugar Smacks Playpeople set1 small
1979 Puffa Puffa Rice Playpeople Stick on Badges (1)1 small
Playpeople Badges







1962 Coco Pops Yogi Bear & Friends badges1 small
Yogi Badge & Spoon
1965 Sugar Smacks Flying Wonder Wheel2 small
Flying Wonder Wheel
1969 Sugar Stars Sooty Badges1 small
Sooty Badges
1968 All Stars Super Garden Slide1 small
Super Garden Slide


Chocos front1 small
2000 Pokemon front New1 small
2002 Bart Simpsons No Problemos New front1 small
Bart Simpsons No Problemos
2003 Bart Simpsons Eat My Shorta New front1 small
Bart Simpsons Eat My Shorts
2003 X Men 2 front1 small
X-Men 2
2005 Bratz New front1 small
Bratz Rock Angelz
2016 Kelloggs Avengers New Cereal (3)1 small
Marvel Avengers
2015 Kelloggs Frozen (2)1 small
2016 Frozen Reindeer pack (1)1 small
Frozen Activity Packs
2016 Moana Cereal (2)1 small
2017 Kelloggs Unicorn Froot Loops (1)1 small
Unicorn Fruit Loops
2018 Kelloggs Paw Patrol (2)1 small
Paw Patrol
2018 Kelloggs Disney Incredibles 2 (3)1 small
Incredibles 2
2019 Frozen 2 -  Anna & Elsa (2)1 small
Frozen 2 Book Marks
2019 Disney Kitchen Toy Story 4 - Buzz (1)1 small
Toy Story 4








2002 Hunny Bs New cereal front1 small
New Cereal
2003 Hunny Bs Posters Summer1 small
Winnie the Pooh Poster
2003 Rice Krispies Piglet the Movie Bookmarks1 small
Piglet The Movie Bookmark
2003 Hunny Bs Spot the Difference No 5 small
Spot the Difference
2004 Hunny Bs 2 DVD discount1 small
Winnie the Pooh Video/DVD Offer
2004 Coco Pops Hot Choc back1 small


2015 Kelloggs Star Wars (2)1 small
Star Wars
2015 Star Wars Lightsabre Spoons (7)1 small
Star Wars Lightsaber Spoons
2016 Star Wars Chewbacca (1)1 small
Star Wars Activity Pack
2017 Kelloggs Star Wars Rogue One (3)1 small
Star Wars Rogue One
2018 Star Wars Pack 2 (2)1 small
Force Awakens


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