Since Cornflakes were 1st produced in the UK in 1938, there have been a number of send away promotions, free gifts and activities printed on packet backs.

Please let me know of anything that can be added.  I have detailed in the yellow box on each of the offers they types of items/information I am still looking for.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more details and pictures on each offer

Ebay pic

1930’s - 40’s


1950s Cornflakes packet back1 small
General Packet
1950s Cornflakes Jiggle Movies No 8a before1 small
Jiggle Movies
1950s Cornflakes Komic Kapers No 1 Elmer Snodgrass1 small
Komic Kapers
Cornflakes Finger Puppets No 16 Zeke & Daisy1 small
Finger Puppets
Cornflakes Funny Faces No 14 small
Funny Face Cut Outs
1931 Kelloggs Wheel of Knowledge British Empire (1)1 small
Wheel of Knowledge
1930s Cornflakes Floating Model Ship -queen Mary & Normandie (b
Floating Passenger Liner
1932 Cornflakes Funny Jungleland1 small
Funny Jungleland
1938 Cornflakes Model Planes book (1)1 small
Model Planes
1938 Cornflakes Model Planes shop display1 small
Aeroplane Glider






1953 Cornflakes False Faces Blackie1 small
False Face Masks
1954 Cornflakes Car Cards No 24 Jowett Jupiter 1.5 ltr1 small
Car Cards
1954 Cornflakes Locomotives No 12 Class B2 460 Fallodon1 small
British Locomotives
1955 Cornflakes British Army Unifoms No 2 Musketeer 1644 small
British Army Uniforms
Cornflakes British Naval Uniforms No 10 Seaman1 small
British Naval Uniforms
1955 Cornflakes Masks of Famous Clowns Fiery Jack1 small
Masks of Famous Clowns
1955 Cornflakes Pantomime Masks Aladdin1 small
Pantomime Masks
1950s Cornflakes Exciting Masks Abdul the Shiek1 small
Exciting Masks
1950s Cornflakes Masks Howdy-Doody1 small
1954 Cornflakes Noddy at the Fair No 2 Coconut Shy1 small
Noddy at the Fair
1956 Cornflakes Noddy Theatre (betr)1 small
Noddy Theatre
1956 Cornflakes Dood-L-Loon Clown1 small
1957 Cornflakes Atomic Sub (1)1 small
Atomic Sub Model
1957 Cornflakes Blowzooka2 small
1958 Cornflakes Model Guards Bandsmen (2)1 small
Model Guards Bandsmen
1958 Cornflakes Spinning Top Soccer (2)1 small
Football Spinning Top
1958 Cornflakes Silverware spoon - my mums2 small
Cornflakes BOAC Argonaut Flying Model1 small
BOAC Model Flying Planes
1959 Cornflakes Pan Am Jet Clipper (2)
Pan Am Jet Clipper
1959 Cornflakes Spinzips Ricicles1 small
1959 Cornflakes Jigtoys set (1)
1952 Cornflakes Cowboys & Indians no 10 Indian village1 small
Cowboy & Indians
1950 Cornflakes Motor Cars colour (1)1 small
Colour Motor Car Cards
1950 Cornflakes Motor Cars black & white (1)1 small
Motor Car Cards






1960s Cornflakes Hercules Bike Competition1 small
Hercules Bike Competition
1960 Cornflakes Make us an Ad (3)1 small
Make Us An Ad
1960 Cornflakes Silverware offer (1)1 small
1961 Cornflakes Pick a Title Competition (betr)1 small
Pick a Title Competition
1963 Cornflakes Wild Animals No 2 Leopard made (2)
Animal Head
1964 Cornflakes Dogs Heads - Collie1 small
Top Dogs
1964 Cornflakes Recepies
Crumbs Recipe Book
1966 Cornflakes Heads of Fame No 5 William Shakespeare made (2)
Heads of Fame
1966 Corn Flakes Make us an Ad Competition - reissued (1)1 smal
Make Us An Ad
1966 Cornflakes Model Cargo Boat1 small
Model Cargo Boat
1967 Cornflakes Lego Town Competition prizes (2)1 small
Lego Town Competition
1967 Cornflakes Soldiers of Britain No 6 Royal Horse Artillery1
Soldiers of Britain
1968 Cornflakes Costumes of Europe France1 small
Costumes of Europe
1969 Cornflakes Armour through the Ages No 1 Roman Centurian1 s
Armour Through The Ages
1960s Kelloggs Robin Hood1 small
Robin Hood Figures
1968 Cornflakes Garden Furniture (2)1 small
Garden Furniture
1969 Cornflakes Dulux Dream Home (1)1 small
Win a Dream Home
1960s Cornflakes Golden Flake Crumb (2)1 small 2
Golden Cornflakes Crumbs
DSC00934 small
Milk Cooler
1967 Cornflakes Mini Football Game & Cargo Freighter (2)1 small
Mini-Football Game
1967 Cornflakes Vauxhall Viva Competition1 small
Vauxhall Viva Competition
1956 Cornflakes Kelly Doll (5)
Kelly Doll
1962 Cornflakes Motoring Competition (2)1 small
Mini Motoring Competition
1969 Cornflakes Bush TV Competition1 small
Bush Colour TV Competition
1965 Cornflakes Mini Competition 2
BMC Mini Competition




1970 - 1975

1970 Cornflakes British Cavalry No 8 3rd Dragoons Guards1 small
British Cavalry
1970 Cornflakes Legoland Competition prizes1 small
Legoland Competition
1974 Cornflakes Indian Chief Heads2 small
Famous Indian Chief’s Heads
1970 Cornflakes Kelly Doll (5)2 small
Kelly Doll
1971 Cornflakes Star Trek Masks Sulu1 small
Star Trek Masks
1971 Cornflakes Vauxhall Viva competition1 small
Vauxhall Viva Competition
1972 Cornflakes Adventure series No 3 Driving a Chieftain tank1
Adventure Series
1973 Cornflakes Breakfast round the world (1)1 small
Breakfast Facts
1970s Cornflakes Colour and Cut Costumes from Europe - Czech &
Costumes from Europe
1970s Cornflakes The English Language Part 3 small
The English Language
1973 cornflakes discount1 small
Cash Refund Offer
1973 Cornflakes K Tel records savings1 small
Savings on K-Tell Records
1972 Cornflakes Caravan Competition (1)1 small
Caravan Competition
1970s Cornflakes Ford Escort Competition1 small
Ford Escort Competition
1974 Cornflakes Garden Furniture offer (betr)1 small
Sun Lounger & Chair Offer
1974 Cornflakes Stainless Steel Offer (1)1 small
Stainless Steel
1975 Cornflakes shopping in Metric1 small
1975 Cornflakes Video Master Home TV game1 small
Video Master TV Game
1970s Cornflakes QE2 Cunard (1)1 small
QE2 Cunard Ship
1973 Cornflakes Train Set (1)
Train Set
1970s Cornflakes Barbie (betr)1 small
Malibu Barbie
1970s Cornflakes Mystery Beach Sand Buggy (4)1 small1
Beach Buggy
1970s Cornflakes Pond Yacht 2 small
Endeavour Yacht
1975 Cornflakes Sindy Competition1 small
Sindy Competition





1976 - 1979

1975 Cornflakes Free Child Rail Ticket (1)1 small
Free Childrens Rail Tickets
1976 Cornflakes National Childrens Art (2)1 small
National Exhibition of Childrens Art
1976 Cornflakes Novus 850 Calculator1 small
Pocket Calculator
1977 Cornflakes Free Child Rail Ticket (2)1 small
Free Childrens Rail Tickets
1977 Cornflakes Great Gardening Offer1 small
Great Gardening Offers
1977 Cornflakes Sony Betamax Video Competition1 small
Sony Home Video Competition
1978 Cornflakes Solar Panels Competition1 small
Solar Panel Competition
1970s Cornflakes Paintbox Offer1 small
Paintbox Offer
1977 Cornflakes Eastham Kitchen Competition (2)1 small
Kitchen Competition
1975 Cornflakes Electrolux competition
Electrolux Competition
1970s Cornflakes Adventure Poster1 small
Kelloggs Adventure Competition
1970s Cornflakes Teddy Bear Offer1 small
Teddy Bear
1970s Cornflakes 25p Breakfast offer1 small
25p Cashback
1970s Cornflakes Cool Box Offer1 small
Cool Box
1970s Cornflakes Polarised Sunglasses offer1 small
Polarised Sunglasses
1970s Cornflakes Top Savers1 small
Top Saver Discounts






1980 - 1985

1980 Cornflakes Mug1 small
Cornflakes Mug
1980 Cornflakes Go Canada competition1 small
Go Canada
1980 Cornflakes Queen Mum FDC1 small
Queen Mother 80th Stamps
1980 Cornflakes Liverpool & Manchester Souvenir cover1 small
Railway Stamps
1980 Cornflakes Xmas stamps (betr)
Christmas 1980 Stamps
1981 Cornflakes Who's Who of British Footballers1 small
Whos Who of British Football
1982 Cornflakes Free Childs Train ticket (betr)1 small
Free Rail Tickets
1982 Cornflakes Christmas set Stamp Bug Club Album
Great Stamp Offer
1983 Cornflakes Sunshine book1 small
Sunshine Fund Appeal
1983 Cornflakes Britains rare & vanishing species book1 small
Britains Rare & Vanishing Species
1984 Cornflakes Diamon Jubilee van offer1 small
Diamond Jubilee Model Van
1984 Cornflakes Sweet & Savoury booklet1 small
Sweet & Savoury Recipes
1984 Cornflakes cereal bowl1 small
Rumbletums Cereal Bowl
1985 Cornflakes Rumbletums mug1 small
Rumbletums Mug
1980s Cornflakes Rumbletums1 small
Rumbletums Soft Toy
1985 Cornflakes Airliner Model Kits 1 (1)1 small
Airliner Model Kit
1985 Cornflakes Black Cauldron - red1 small
Black Cauldron Models
1985 Cornflakes Prehistoric to Present Flikka pics (1)1 small
Prehistoric to Present 3D Cards
1985 Cornflakes Wild Animal Heads No 6 Panda made (2)
Wild Animal Heads
1985 Cornflakes Cookbook1 small
Kelloggs Cookbook
1985 Kelloggs letter writing kit (1)1 small
Letter Writing Set
1980s Cornflakes Free EMI Tape1 small
EMI Super C60 Cassettes
1981 Cornflakes Christmas Stamps1 small
Christmas 1981 First Day Cover
1980 Cornflakes Olympics Game1 small
The Olympics
1981 Cornflakes Get Fit (1)1 small
Get Fit Campaign
1981 Cornflakes Spot The Ball Competition1 small
Free Milk & Cosmos Competition



1986 - 1989

1986 Cornflakes Soda Sub, Boat & Diver - closed1 small
Soda Sub, Boat & Diver
1986 Cornflakes Design a Poster1 small
Design a Poster Competition
1985 Cornflakes Tente Space Vehicles1 small
Tente Space Models
1987 Kelloggs Shell promotional bowls - Special K1 small
Klippits & Cereal Bowl
1987 Cornflakes Tente Space Trekkers1 small
Tente Space Trekkers
1987 Cornflakes Stumper cards with writing type2 small
1987 Cornflakes Gardens to visit 3 small
Gardens to Visit
1988 Cornflakes Puzzle games (1)1 small
Ball Puzzles
1988 Cornflakes Willow 2 small
Willow Figure Scene
1988 Cornflakes Armada Souvenir cover1 small
Armada Anniversary Issue
1989 Cornflakes Bike Reflector small
Cycle Reflector
1989 Cornflakes Village Van collection Corgi vehicles1 small
Corgi Miniatures



1990 - 1994

1990 Cornflakes Magic Window EN types - open (1)1 small
Magic Windows on the Seashore
1990 Cornflakes Laser Spinner (1)1 small
Laser Spinner
1990 Cornflakes Free Train Tickets
Train Tickets for Children
1991 Cornflakes Cereal Bowls3 small
Cereal Bowl
1991 Cornflakes Free Pepsi Tango 7 Up1 small
Free Drink
1991 Cornflakes Motoring Marvels of the 60s - cars2 small
Motoring Marvels of the 60s
1992 Cornflakes Olympic Champion Fact cards loose (1)1 small
Olympic Champion Cards
1992 Cornflakes Phonecard1 small
2 Phonecard
1992 Cornflakes Animal Heads Tiger made (1)
Animal Heads
1993 Cornflakes Battle of Britain collection - planes (1)
Battle of Britain Collection
1993 Cornflakes Brookland Classic Racers Track  (6)1 small
Brooklands Classic Racers
1993 Cornflakes Dinosaur Heads No 2 Pteranodon made1 small
Dinosaur Heads
1993 Cornflakes Guinness Book of Records 3 small
Guinness Book of Records
1993 Cornflakes Land Speed Record Holders Vehicles (4)1 small
Land Speed Legends
1994 Cornflakes 70th Anniversary Mug & Bowl2 small
70th Anniversary Mug & Bowl
1994 Cornflakes Chocolate Crunchies1 small
Chocolate Crunchies
1994 Cornflakes Power Trax Trucks2 small
Super Power Trax Trucks
Puppy in my Pocket




1995 - 1999

1995 Cornflakes Casper hologram1 small
Casper Glow in Dark Stickers
1995 Cornflakes Casper Glow in Dark Stickers & recipe
Bon Appetit Recipes
1995 Cornflakes Anytime Cereal1 small
Anytime Cereal
1995 Cornflakes Premier League stickers1 small
Premier League 95 Stickers
1996 Cornflake Crunchies1 small
Cornflake Crunchies
1996 Cornflakes Bakeware set1 small
Bakeware Set
1996 Coco Pops Euro 96 Virtual Videos front (1)1 small
Euro 96 Virtual Video
1996 Cornflakes Win a Family Holiday1 small
Family Holiday Competition
1997 Cornflakes Halford Mountain Bike competition1 small
Mountain Bike Competition
1997 Cornflakes Lost World Dinosaur Tags (1)1 small
The Lost World Zooming Tags
1997 Cornflakes Lost World Dinosaur watch1 small
The Lost World Watch Competition
1997 Cornflakes 40 Family Holidays to be won1 small
Family Holiday Competition
1997 Cornflakes Recipes1 small
1997 Rice Krispies Wallace & Grommit figures1 small
Wallace & Gromit Characters
1998 Cornflakes Alton Towers competition1 small
Free Alton Towers Tickets
1998 Cornflakes 100th Birthday Bonanza (1)1 small
100th Birthday Bonanza
1998 Cornflakes Lego sets1 small
Lego Sets
1998 Cornflakes Wallace & Grommit Pencil Toppers (2)1 small
Wallace & Gromit Pencil Toppers
1999 Cornflakes The Breakfast Book Offer1 small
The Breakfast Book
1999 Coco Pops Star Wars Phantom Menace Statuettes1 small
Star Wars Episode 1 Statuettes
1999 Cornflakes Star Wars Jedi Journey pack inside1 small
Star Wars Jedi Journey
1999 Cornflakes Wake up Collection radio1 small
Wake-Up Collection
1999 Cornflakes Walking with Dinosaurs front
Walking with Dinosaurs
1999 Cornflakes Win a Dream Home1 small
Instant Win Home Competition
1999 Kelloggs Cornflakes To Go Breakfast box (1)1 small
Cornflakes to Go




2000 - 2004

2000 Cornflakes Sydney Olympics & postcard1 small
Sydney Olympic Games Competition
2000 Cornflakes Wake Up Collection 2 - cup & saucer (1)1 small
Wake-Up Again Collection
2001 Cornflakes Childline1 small
Childline Help Max
2001 Cornflakes Free Nutri Grain bar1 small
Free Nutri Grain Bar
2001 Cornflakes Wake up Collection 3 mug (1)1 s small
Wake-Up Your Mornings
2002 Cornflakes BBC Talent1 small
BBC Talent Competition
2002 Cornflakes Childline Cartoon Competition (2)1 small
Childline Cartoon Competition
2002 Cornflakes Encarta CD Rom History screenshot (1)1 small
Encarta Challenge CD
2002 Cornflakes Free Childs Cinema Tickets1 small
Free Cinema Tickets
2002 Cornflakes Puzzles (3)1 small
Puzzle Packs
2002 Cornflakes Theme Park tickets1 small
Free Alton Towers Tickets
2002 Cornflakes Woken up to Cornflakes1 small
Have You Woken Up
2003 Coco Pops Cartoon Network Wobble Heads1 small
Cartoon Network Wobble Heads
2003 Cornflakes Childline Cartoon Competition winner1 small
Childline Cartoon Winner
2003 Frosties Creature Comforts1 small
Creature Comforts
2003 Cornflakes Foil wrap pack1 small
New Foil Wrapped
2003 Cornflakes Lion King Mask - Timon1 small
Lion King Masks
2004 Cornflakes BBC DVDs Life on Earth1 small
2004 Cornflakes K-Lock pack 2 (2)1 small
K-Lock Pack
2004 Rice Krispies Cat in hat Finger Puppets1 small
Cat in the Hat Pencil Pals
2004 Cornflakes Disneyland Competition1 small
Disney Holiday Competition
2004 Cornflakes Crunchy Nut Bar1 small
Crunchy Nut Bar
2004 Cornflakes Simpsons Spokey Dokeys2 small
The Simpsons Spokey Dokeys
2004 Cornflakes Try Banana Crunch1 small
New Banana Crunch





2005 - 2009

2005 Honey Loops Star Wars Light Sabres2 small
Star Wars Lightsabre Maze
2005 Honey Loops Star Wars Competition1 small
Star Wars Competition
2005 Cornflakes Great Walk  (2)
Great Walk 2005
2005 Kelloggs Promotional Horrible History Audio Books (1)1 sma
Horrible History Audio Books
2005 Cornflakes Childline1 small
2005 Cornflakes Chewy Bars1 small
New Nutri-Grain Chewy Bar
2005 Frosties King Kong Battle Rollers1 small
King Kong Battle Rollers
2005 Cornflakes Magic Roundabout Pencil Toppers2 small
Magic Roundabout Pencil Toppers
2005 Cornflakes Spot the Difference1 small
Spot the Difference
2006 Coco Pops Art Attack Competition1 small
Art Attack Activity CD Rom
2006 Cornflakes 100th Anniversary of Breakfast - Van offer1 sma
100 Years Vintage Van
2006 Coco Pops Flushed Away competition1 small
Flushed Away Competition
2006 Coco Pops Ice Age 2 Ice Lolly Maker - stick extended & clo
Ice Age 2 Ice Lolly Maker
2006 Cornflakes Pirates of the Caibbean competition1 small
Pirates of the Caribbean
2006 Cornflakes Tiger Power1 small
New Tiger Power
2006 Coco Pops Horrible Science CD Rom (1)1 small
Horrible Science DVD & Books
2007 Coco Pops Free Cyclometer (2)1 small
2007 Coco Munchers Shrek 3rd Cinema ticket offer (2)1 small
Shred the Third Cinema Tickets
2007 Coco Pops Tutankhamun (2)1 small
Tutankhamen Family Holiday
2008 Coco Pops Free Swim1 small
Get Swim Active
2008 Coco Rocks Perform Better1 small
Perform Better
2008 Coco Pops Zookeeper for a Day competition1 small
Day as a Zookeeper Competition
2008  Honey Nut Loops Big Bake1 small
Star in Our TV Ad
2007 Coco Pops Wake up to Breakfast1 small
Free Swim
2009 Coco Pops Adopt a Monkey1 small
Adopt a Monkey
2009 Coco Pops Eat Well Move More1 small
Eat Well Move More
2009 Cornflakes Free Box of Cereal1 small
Free Box of Cereal



2010 Cornflakes Free Cornflakes & Milk1 small
Free Cornflakes & Milk
2010 Cornflakes Source of Vitimin D1 small
Source of Vitamin
2011 Corn Flakes Free Kids cereal bowl (4)1 small
Free Kids Bowls
2011 Cornflakes Merlin Pass Competition (1)1 small
Win a Year of Fun
2012 Cornflakes UK pack front & back (betr)1 small
Diamond Jubilee Pack
2012 Corn Flakes Tip & Sip Bowl (1)1 small
Tip n Sip Bowls
2014 Cornflakes Buy a Box Give a Bowl1 small
Give a Bowl
2014 Cornflakes Handbags at Dawn Flakes Anita Hindmarch pack -
Handbags at Dawn Flakes
Tip & Sip1 small
Tip n Sip Bowls
2014 Cornflakes Special Edition Packet1 small
Christmas Retro Packet
2015 Cornflakes Personalised Spoon (1)1 small
Personalised Spoon
2015 Coco Pops Grow with Kelloggs Kit (8)1 small
Growing Kit
2015 Kelloggs Cornflakes to Go pot (2)1 small
Cereal to Go
2015 Kelloggs Bowls Internet page 2 adult1 small
Free Bowl
2015 Cornflakes Breakfast for Better Days1 small
Breakfast for Better Days
2016 Cornflakes Win Rio Olympic Tickets - Louis Smith (1)1 smal
Rio Olympic Competition
2017 Cornflakes Year of Rooster sleeve competition (2)1 small
Year of the Rooster
2017 Cornflakes Grown Ups Go Free  (2)1 small
Grown Ups Go Free
2017 Cornflakes Facebook Perfect Bowl Prize Packet (6)1 small
Perfect Bowl Competition
2018 Cornflakes Love Island 3 small
Celebrity Love Island Fridge Magnet
2018 Rice Krispies Elf on the Shelf
Elf on the Shelf Competition
2019 Cornflakes Nerf Competition (2)
Nerf Competition








2006 Cornflakes with Hint Honey front new1 small
Honey Cornflakes
2007 Cornflakes Multigrain New front1 small
Multigrain Cornflakes
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