Originally launched in 1954 under the name of Frosted Flakes, they were renamed Frosties around 1960. There have been a number of send away promotions, free gifts and activities printed on packet backs, some of these  were of really good quality

Please let me know of anything that can be added.  I have detailed in the yellow box on each of the offers they types of items/information I am still looking for.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more details and pictures on each offer

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1955 Frosties Super Space Fleet Helmet1 small
Super Space Fleet
1956 Frosties Model Wooden Planes 3 small
Model Planes
1957 Frosties Cowboys of Wild West2 small
Cowboys of the West
1957 Frosties Famous Guns of the Wild West
Famous Guns of the Wild West
1958 Frosties Indian Warriers2 small
Indian Warriors
1958 Frosties Famous Frontier Rifles displayed1 small
Famous Frontier Rifles
1959 Frosties Tony Badges (2)1 small
Tony Badge
1959 Frosties Ball and Jacks blue 2
Ball and Jacks
For Sale 1960 Frosties Fastest Cars in the World (1)
Fastest Cars in the World
1950s Cornflakes British Costume Through the Ages No14 Elizabet
British Costumes Through The Ages
1960s Frosties Bendy Tony Tiger (betr) (3)1 small
Tony Tiger Bendy Toy





1959 Cornflakes Jigtoys set (1)1 small
1960s Frosties Tony Tiger cut out mask1 small
Tony Tiger Mask
1960 Frosties Tiger Sports Car (betr) (5)1 small
Tiger Sports Car
1961 Frosties Donkey Derby1 small
Donkey Derby
1961 Frosties Jaguar XK150 4
Model Sports Cars
1962 Frosties Ecko Transistor Radio1 small
Transistor Radio Competition
1957 Cornflakes Atomic Sub orange (2)
Atomic Sub
1963 Frosties Smiths Astral Watch Competition2 small
Astral Watch Competition
1964 Frosties Scalextric Competition1 small
Scalextric Competition
1964 Frosties Tony Tiger Badges1 small1
Tony the Tiger Badge
1964 Frosties The Wonders of Life on Earth1 small
Wonders of Life on Earth Book
1965 Frosties Ferry Boat2 small
Model Ferry-Boat
1965 Frosties Pirate Treasure Competition stock order form (1)1
Pirate Treasure Competition
1965 Frosties BOAC VC10 Model Plane (1)1 small
BOAC VC10 Plane Kit
1966 Frosties 3D Model Tropical Birds Pekin Robin  (1)1 small
3D Tropical Birds
1966 Frosties Hobbies Money Competition1 small
Hobbies Money Competition
1960s Frosties jet Speedboat Offer (betr) (2)1 small
Jet Speedboat
1968 Frosties Corncorde Model (betr)1 small
Concorde Model Kit
1960s Frosties WW2 Model Planes2 small 2
Famous Fighters of WW2
1960s Frosties Tri-combo Portable competition1 small
Tri Combo Portable
1960s Frosties Lunch box (betr)1 small
Tony Tiger Lunchbox
1965 Frosties Model Vehicles (3)1 small
Model Vehicles
1961 Frosties Fun Masks - Hanna Barbera1 small
Fun Masks







1970 Frosties Jigtoy Horse1 small
1970 Frosties Jumbo 747 Jet Model 3 small
Boeing 747
1971 Frosties Lockheed C5 Galaxy Model made (2)1 small
Lockhead Galaxy
1972 Frosties Giant SRN4 Cross Channel Hovercraft Model (betr)
SRN4 Cross-Channel Hovercraft
1972 Frosties Tonka Toy Competition1 small
Tonka Toy Competition
1972 Frosties Famous Historical Heads2 small
Famous Historical Heads
1973 Frosties Lotus Model1 small
Lotus 56B
1974 Frosties Westland Sea King Helicopter Model2 small
Westland Sea King Helicopter
1974 Frosties Scaletrix Competition1 small
Scalextric Rally Cross Competition
1974 Frosties Hot Rods (1)1 small
Hot Rods
1975 Frosties World Soccer Stamps1 small
World Soccer Stamps
1975 Frosties Save the Tiger Poster & badge (2)1 small
Save the Tiger Wallchart & Badge
1976 Frosties De Havilland DH88 Comet Model (1)2 small
De Havilland 88 Comet
1976 Frosties Halfords Bike Offer1 small
10 off Halfords
1976 Frosties SR 71 Blackbird Model (1)1 small
SR-71 Blackbird
1970s Frosties Tony Tiger Kite (betr)1 small
Tony Tiger Kite
1977 Frosties & Ricicles Radio (2)1 small
Pocket Radio
1977 Frosties Magnetic Games
Magnetic Travel Games
1970s Frosties Tony soft toy
Tony Tiger Soft Toy
1978 Frosties Road sign silks 3 small
Road Signs
1976 Frosties Letraset Animals 3 small
Wildlife Transfers
1970s Frosties Car Bedspread1 small
Racing Car Bedspread
1974 Frosties Coins of the World (2)1 small
Coins of the World
1971 Frosties Foreign Stamps2 small
Foreign Stamps






1980 Frosties Playing Cards1 small
Tony Tiger Playing Cards
1982 Frosties Tape  blue  (1)1 small
Tony Tiger Sellotape
1983 Frosties Calcuruler (betr) (2)1 small
1983 Frosties Cuddly Toy1 small
Mini Marker, School Kit & Soft Toy
1984 Frosties Super Safari figures1 small
Super Safari Animals
1984 Frosties Tony Racing Stickers
Bike Stickers
1985 Frosties Tony the Tiger Magazine - car1 small
Tonys 3 in 1
1985 Frosties Tony Models  (3)
Tony Tiger Models
1986 Frosties Codes & Secrets Books2 small
Codes & Secrets Books
1986 Frosties Tony Magazine (1)1 small
Tony’s Triple Treat
1986 Frosties Water Games 3 small
Water Games
1987 Frosties Tonys Secret Diary
Tony’s Super Secret Diary
1987 Frosties Its a Pack of Fun Playing Cards  (2)1small
Tonys Playing Cards
1987 Frosties Magic show 3 & 4 (1)1 small
Tonys Magic Show
1987 Frosties Tiger Talk Magazine (2)1 small
Action Pack
1988 Frosties Tonys Tubbers (9)
Tonys Tubbers
1988 Frosties Tonys Hinge (3)1 small
Tonys Hinge
1988 Frosties Bike Reflector
Bike Reflectors
1989 Frosties Tony Tiger Holograms (1)1 small
Tony Tiger Holograms
1989 Frosties Hawaiian shirt1 small
Joke Machines & Hawaiian Shirt
1989 Frosties Tonys Flyer all colours1 small
Tonys Flyer
1989 Frosties Tiger Tracks Mag car (2)1 small
Tiger Tracks Action Pack
1989 Frosties Water Bafflers mint (4)
Water Bafflers






1990 - 1995

1990 Frosties Tony Tiger Holograms (3)1 small
Tony Holograms
1990 Frosties Tony's Magic Show 1 & 2 (1)1 small
Magic Tricks
1990 Frosties Mega Hits Records front1 small
Mega Hits
1991 Frosties Model Red Arrow & Transporter (2)1 small
Red Arrow & Transporter
1991 Frosties Wildlife Transfer kit2 small
Wildlife Transfer Kit
1991 Frosties Sporting Tony - Red1 small
Sporting Tony
1992 Frosties Day Glo Stickers2 small
Day-Glo Stickers
1992 Frosties Monsters in My Pocket1 small 2
Monsters in my Pockets
1993 Frosties Nintendo Gameboy cards & Stickers 03 small
Gameboy Collectors Cards
1993 Frosties Mega Music Machine Competition1 small
Mega Music Machine
1994 Frosties Boglins gold rare1 small
Mini Boglins
For sale 1994 Frosties Sonic Spinners
Sonic Spinner
1994 Frosties Thunderbirds Vehicles (2)1 small
Thunderbirds Vehicles
1995 Frosties 3D Gladiator glasses1 small
Gladiators Viewers & Posters
1995 Frosties Gladiators Action Cards Jet1 small
Gladiators Metallic Action Cards
1995 Frosties Monster Wrestlers Tony Coach1 small
Monster Wrestlers in my Pocket
1995 Frosties Power Ranger Figures3 small
Power Rangers
1995 Frosties Reboot Compacts Metallic sticker Megabyte1 small
Reboot Metallic Cards & Compact
1990 Frosties personalised jigsaw (3)1 small
Personalised Jigsaw



1996 - 1999

1996 Frosties Eye of the Tiger Badges  (1)
Eye of the Tiger Badges & Stickers
1996 Frosties Exciting Poster & Postcards - Double pack front1
Twin Pack & Poster
1996 Coco Pops Euro 96 Virtual Videos front (1)1 small
Euro 96 Virtual Video
1996 Frosties Monster Sports Stars send away mint1 small
Monster Sport Stars in my Pocket
1996 Frosties Power Ranger Stickers2 small
Power Rangers Zeo Stickers
1996  Honey Nut Loops Rugrats Action Cards (2)1 small
Rugrats Action Cards
1997 Frosties Batman Discs (1)1 small
Batman & Robin Bat Discs
1997 Coco Pops Nickelodeon Flick Books mint1 small
Nicktoons Flick-Book
1997 Frosties Simpsons Squirt Rings (2)1 small
Simpsons Squirt Ring
1997 Coco Pops Space Jam Trophies - Tune Squad (2)1 small
Space Jam Trophies
1997 Frosties Tonys Mask (2)
Tony Tiger Mask
1998 Frosties Grrreat Mug  (1)
Grrreat Frosties Mug
1998 Frosties Lost in Space 3D Action Cards (1)1 small
Lost in Space 3D Action Cards
1998 Frosties NBA 3D Action Medals (1)1 small
NBA 3D Action Medal
1999 Coco Pops Star Wars Phantom Menace Statuettes1 smaall
Star Wars Statuettes
1999 Frosties Crash Pack Battle for Naboo game board1 small
Star Wars Battle of Naboo Game
1999 Frosties Star Wars Jedi vs Sith Pack game board1 small
Star Wars Jedi vs Sith Game
1999 Frosties Win a Florida Holiday1 small
Florida Holiday Competition
1999 Frosties Great Breakfast Serve1 small
Grrreat Breakfast Serve
1999 Frosties NBA Sports Bottle2 small
NBA Sports Bottle
1999 Frosties Misson Nutrition CD Rom game2 small
Mission Nutrition CD Rom
1999 Frosties Spoon Topper mint1 small
Tony Tiger Spoon Topper







2000 - 2004

2000 Frosties EA Games to Be Won - prize (2)1 small
EA Games Competition
2000 Frosties Create a CD3 small
Create Your Own CD
2000 Frosties NBA All Star Giveaway Competition - watch1 small
NBA All Star Giveaway
2000 Frosties Pokemon Card (9)1 small
Pokemon Action Cards
2000 Frosties Pokemon Stickers1 small
Pokemon Stickers
2000 Frosties 4 in 1 Secret Agent kit1 small
Spy Gadget
2001 Frosties Techno Glow Stickers 3 small
Techno Glow Stickers
2001 Frosties Tigercam (1)1 small
Tigercam & Winders
2001 Frosties Growl for a Grand back1 small
       Grrr-owl for a       Grrr-and
2001 Frosties Walking with Beasts Gastonis model (2)
Walking with Beasts 3D Cards
2001 Frosties Mini CD Rom Game front - Desperados
CD Rom Mini Games
2002 Honey Loops Cartoon Network Tags
Cartoon Network Toon Tag
2002 Coco Pops Beyblades1 small
Beyblade Attack Spinner
2002 Frosties Football Game CD Roms (4)
Football Frenzy PC Game
2002 Frosties Kelloggs World1 small
Kelloggs World
2002 Honey Nut Loops Jimmy Neutron Gadget Spoons (2)1 small
Jimmy Neutron Gadget Spoon
2003 Coco Pops Simpsons Magnets1 small
The Simpsons Magnet
2003 Coco Pops Cartoon Network Wobble Heads1 small
Cartoon Network Wobble Head
2003 Frosties Creature Comforts2 small
Creature Comforts
2003 Frosties X Men 2 Tags2 small
X-Men 2 Tags
2003 Frosties Power Up Pack1 small
Power Up Pack
2003 Chocolate Frosties Grand Prix Racing Game (2)1 small
Grrrand Prix PC Game
2004 Frosties Tonys Training Tips Training Cards (1)1 small
Tonys Training Kit
2004 Coco Pops Shark Tale Water Mazes (2)1 small
Shark Tales Water Maze
2004 Frosties Football Wallchart Challenge (2)1 small
Football Challenge Poster
2004 Coco Pops Looney Tunes Back in Action Toon Popper1 small
Looney Tunes Poppers
2004 Rice Krispies Spiderman 2 Water Squirters (2)1 small
Spiderman 2 Squirters
2004 Coco Pops Spongebob Squarepants Bobbler1 small
Spongebob Bobblers

2005 - 2009

2005 Frosties Tonys Skill Selector & Training Vests1 small
Train Like Champions
2005 Honey Loops Star Wars Light Sabres2 small
Star Wars 3 Lightsabre Maze
2005 Honey Loops Star Wars Competition1 small
Lightsabre Competition
2005 Coco Pops Horrible History Audio Books back1 small
Horrible History Audio Books
2005 Frosties Robots Spinners (2)1 small
Robots Spinners
2005 Frosties King Kong Battle Rollers2 small
King Kong Battle Rollers
2006 Coco Pops Art Attack Competition1 small
Art Attack Activity CD Rom
2006 Coco Pops Head Starters1 small
Head Starters
2006 Coco Pops Flushed Away competition1 small
Flushed Away Competition
2006 Coco Pops Ice Age 2 Ice Lolly Maker1 small
Ice Age 2 Ice Lolly Maker
2006 Coco Pops Horrible Science CD Rom (1)1 small
Horrible Science Books
2006 Frosties Mini Football  & Training Vest1 small
Mini Football
2006 Coco pops Skill Shotz insert card (1)1 small
Skill Shotz
2007 Coco Pops Free Cyclometer (2)1 small
Free Cyclometer
2007 Coco Munchers Shrek 3rd Cinema ticket offer (2)1 small
Shrek 3 Free Cinema Tickets
2007 Coco Pops Tutankhamun (2)1 small
Tutankhamen Holiday Competition
2007 Coco Pops Wake up to Breakfast1 small
Get Swim Active
2008 Coco Rocks Perform Better1 small
Perform Better
2008 Coco Pops Zookeeper for a Day competition1 small
Win a Day as a Zookeeper
2008 Coco Pops Big Bake (1)1 small
Star in a TV Ad
2008 Coco Pops Free Swim1 small
Free Swim
2009 Coco Pops Adopt a Monkey1 small
Adopt a Monkey







2010 - 2014

2010 Coco Pops Free Box cereal1 small
Free Box of Cereal
2010 Frosties Crazy Maze (3)
Crazy Maze & Spot the Difference
2010 Frosties Feast of Football1 small
Feast of Football
2011 Frosties Cereal Bowls1 small
Free Kids Bowls
2011 Frosties Win a Year of Family Fun Merlin Pass1 small
Win a Year of Family Fun
2012 Frosties Diamond Jubilee pack1 small
Diamond Jubilee
2012 Ricicles Free Swim1 small
Free Kids Swim
2014 Frosties Sip n Slurp Bowl (2)
Tip & Sip Bowls
2012 Frosties Free Olympic Towels (2)1 small
Free Kids Towels
2012 Frosties Free Fun day out1 small
Funday Out
2014 Coco Pops Give a Child a Breakfast1 small
Give a Child a Breakfast
2014 Coco Pops Rio Balls brazil1 small
Rio Balls
2014 Frosties Grown Ups Go Free1 small
Grown-Ups Go Free
2014 Frosties Fashion Flakes Anita Hindmarch pack - front and b
Fashion Flakes
2014 Frosties Sip n Slurp Bowl (1)1 small
Tip n Sip Bowls
2014 Frosties packet Special edition1 small
Seasons Greetings






2015 to date

2015 Frosties Breakfast for Better Days1 small
Breakfast for Better Days
2015 Frosties Personalised Spoon (3)1 small
Personalised Spoon
2015 Kelloggs Bowls Internet page 2 kids Frosties1 small
Tip n Sip Bowl
2015 Frosties Fathers day box - same front & back1 small
Fathers Day
2015 Frosties Christmas Packet (1)
Seasons Greetings
2016 Frosties Grown Ups Go Free (4)1small
Grown-Ups Go Free
2016 Frosties Playball small
2016 Frosties Win an Olympic Hero1 small
Win an Olympic Hero Day
2016 Coco Pops Magic Spoons (1)
Magic Spoon
2017 Coco Pops Stretch & Sip Spoons1 small
Stretch & Sip Spoon
2018 Frosties Mates Go Free1 small
Mates Go Free





2000 Frosties Toffee Flavour New front1 small
Frosties Toffee Taste
2002 Chocolate Frosties front New1 small
Chocolate Frosties
2005 Kelloggs Tiger Power New front1 small
Tiger Power
2006 Frosties Tiger Power Footy Skills No 4 small
Train Like Champions
2003 Frosties Turbo New front1 small
Frosties Turbo
Frosties Reduced Sugar Front 2006 small
Reduced Sugar Frosties
2016 Frosties Reduced Sugar Better Days - relaunch (1)1 small
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