Since Honey Loops launch, there have been a number of send away promotions, free gifts and activities printed on packet backs.

Please let me know of anything that can be added.  I have detailed in the yellow box on each of the offers they types of items/information I am still looking for.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more details and pictures on each offer

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1990 - 1995


1990 Honey Nut Loops Stacking Spinning Tops2 small
Spin n Stack Spinning Top
1990 Honey Nut Loops Aerobie Sprint Ring1 small
Aerobie Sprint Flying Ring
1991 Honey Nut Loops Musical Loopy badges3 small
Musical Badges
1991 Honey Nut Loops Glow Ball1 small
Glo Ball
1991 Honey Nut Loops Bike Klakker1 small
Loopy Bike Klakkers
1992 Honey Nut Loops Mega glow stickers1 small
Mega-Glo Stickers
1992 Honey Nut Loops Monsters in my Pocket mint1 small
Monster in my Pocket
1993 Honey Loops Monster in my Pocket Dinosaurs Set 4 small
Dinosaur Monsters in my Pocket
1993 Honey Nut Loops Thunderbirds Action figures1 small
Thunderbirds Figures
1994 Koosh Ball1 small
Loopy Koosh Ball
1995 Honey Loops Puppy in my Pocket loose1 small
Puppy in my Pocket
1995 Honey Nut Loops Kitty in my Pocket loose1 small
Kitty in my Pocket
1995 Honey Nut Loops Budgie the Helicopter Sticker Comics1 smal
Budgie the Helicopter
1994 & 95 Coco Pops Mighty Max Compacts (2)1 small
Mighty Max & Polly Pocket Compact

1996 - 1999

1996  Honey Nut Loops Rugrats Action Cards (2)1 small
Rugrats Action Cards
1996 Honey Nut Loops Looney Tunes Memory game 2 (2)1 small
Looney Tunes Multi Stickers
1996 Rice Krispies Mask Pencil Tops1 small
Mask Pencil Top
1997 Rice Krispies Mr Men Stencils (1)1 small
Mr Men & Little Miss Stencil
1997 Honey Nut Loops Breakfast Set 6 small
Loops Breakfast Set
1997 Honey Loops Animal Hospital in my Pocket1 small
Animal Hospital in My Pocket
1997 Coco Pops Space Jam Trophies - Tune Squad (2)1 small
Space Jam Trophies
1997 Honey Nut Loops Lego UFO Set2 small
Lego UFO Set
1997 Rice Krispies Teeny Weeny Families loose (2)1 small
Teeny Weeny Families
1998 Choco Krispies Tom & Jerry - stickers1 small
Tom & Jerry Sticker Set
1998 Choco Krispies Anastasia Hologram Secrets (2)1 small
Anastasia Hologram Secrets
1998 Honey Loops Ice Cube Makers (2)1 small
Ice Cube Makers
1999 Honey Loops Buzzzzin Puzzles1 small
Buzzzzin Puzzzzles


2000 - 2009

2000 Frosties Pokemon Stickers1 small
Pokermon Stickers
2001 Corn Pops Robot Wars 3 small
Robot Wars Stickers
2002 Rice Krispies Walking With Beasts 3 small
Walking with Beasts 3D Cards
2001  Honey Nut Loops Eden Project1 small
Eden Project Tickets
2002 Honey Loops Cartoon Network Tags1 small
Cartoon Network Toon Tag
2002 Honey Nut Loops Jimmy Neutron Gadget Spoons (2)1 small
Jimmy Neutron Gadget Spoon
2003 Coco Pops Simpsons Magnets1 small
The Simpsons Magnet
2003 Frosties X Men 2 Tags1 small
X-Men 2 Tags
2005 Honey Loops Star Wars Light Sabres2 small
Star Wars Lightsabre Mazes
2005 Honey Loops Star Wars Competition1 small
Star Wars Competition
2005 Honey Nut Loops Cinderella DVD1 small
Cinderella DVD
2007  Honey Nut Loops Horrible Science Awful Animals1 small
Horrible Science Book
2008  Honey Nut Loops Big Bake1 small
Star in our TV Ad


2010 to date

2012 Frosties Free Olympic Towels (2)1 small
Kids Towel
2015 Honey Loops packet (1)1 small
Hoopla Pack
2014 Honey Pops Grown Ups go Free (1)
Grown Ups Go Free
2015 Kelloggs Bowls Internet page  4 kids1 small
Tip n Sip Bowl
2015 Honey Loops Better Breakfast Days (2)1 small
Breakfast for Better Days



Honey Loops Variations

2014 Honey Pops Grown Ups go Free (1)2 small
Honey Pops
2015 Honey Pops Pillows Grown Ups Go Free (2)1 small
Honey Pops Pillows
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