1925 Rice Krispies Mother Goose (2)1 small
Mother Goose Stories


Rice Krispies was originally introduced in 1928, but suspended between 1940 - 1951 due to war shortages.  There have included a number of send away promotions, free gifts and activities printed on packet backs.

Please let me know of anything that can be added.  I have detailed in the yellow box on each of the offers they types of items/information I am still looking for.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more details and pictures on each offer

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1950s Rice Krispies TV Puppets Muffin the Mule1 small
TV Puppets
1953 Rice Krispies People of Africa No 15 Hausa Guardsmen1 smal
People of Africa
1955 Rice Krispies Cut out Dolls Thailand (betr)1 small
Dolls of Nations
1956 Rice Krispies Lore of the West Crazy Horse1 small
Heroes of the West
1957 Rice Krispies Skiffle Whistle1 small
Skiffle Whistle
1958 Rice Krispies Coloured Marbles1 small
Marble Games
1958 Rice Krispies Buzzer Torch1 small
Buzzer Torch
1958 Rice Krispies Whirly Wizz2 small
Whirly Wizz
1958 Rice Krispies Swamp Glider (betr) (3)1 small
Swamp Glider
1959 Rice Krispies Club Record No 3 small
Rice Krispies Record Club
1959 Rice Krispies Model Knights - blue1 small
Knights in Armour
1967 Rice Krispies Champion Show Dogs (1)
Champion Dogs
1950s Rice Krispies Flags of the Nations1 small
Flags of the Nations
British Wild Birds


1959 Rice Krispies Spacemen sets 1 (1)
1961 Rice Krispies Story of Locomotive 1st series1 small
Locomotive Cards
1961 Rice Krispies Story of Locomotive 2nd series1 small
Locomotive Cards Series 2
1962 Rice Krispies Veteran Motor Cars1 small
Veteran Car Cards
1962 Rice Krispies Ships of British Navy2 small
Ships of British Navy Cards
1963 Rice Krispies History of British Aircraft1 small
British Military Aircraft Cards
1964 Frosties The Wonders of Life on Earth1 small
The Wonders of Life on Earth Book
1965 Rice Krispies Beatles Patch (1)1 small
Beatles Badge
Tri-ang Bicycles Competition
1967 Rice Krispies Champion Show Dogs (1)1 small
Champion Dogs
1967 Frosties jet Speedboat Offer (betr) (2)1 small
Jet Speedboat
1968 Show n Tell Viewer Rice Krispies competition1 small
Picture Story Competition
1968 Rice Krispies Baby Kay (2)1 small
Baby Kay
1960s Rice Krispies Burns Guitar Competition1 small
Burns Electric Guitar Competition
1960s Rice Krispies Pop Stamps The Bachelors1 small
Pop Star Stamps
1965 Rice Krispies Moulton Bike Competition Ad1 small
Moulton Bike Competition







1970 Rice Krispies Win a Bike Competition1 small
Tri-ang Golden Arrow Bike
1970s Rice Krspies Look at Nature Autumn1 small
Look at Nature Activity Pack
1970s Rice Krispies Angle Delight Offer (betr) (1)1 small
Angel Delight Discount
1970s Rice Krispies Tea Time Recipes1 small
Teatime Treats
1971 Rice Krispies Matchbox Motorway Set competition1 small
Matchbox Motorway Set Competition
1972 Rice Krispies Camping Kit Competition1 small
Camping Set Competition
1972 Rice Krispies Snap Crackle & Pop T Shirt1 small
Snap Crackle & Poppers T-shirt
1973 Rice Krispies BEA Tristar Model (1)1 small
BEA Tristar Model
1973 Rice Krispies Fat Tracks Competition1 small
Mattel Fat Track Competition
1974 Rice Krispies Hydrofoil Model made1 small
RHS 70 Hydrofoil Model
1974 Rice Krispies Meccano Multikit2 small
Meccano Highway Multikit Competition
1975 Rice Krispies BP Sea Quest Oil Rig Model made1 small
BP Sea Quest Model
1975 Rice Krispies Sellotape Kits Competition1 small
Sellotape Prize Competition
1975 Rice Krispies Pen Set (2)1 small
Fibre Tip Pen Set
1976 Rice Kripies Mogul Toy Competition1 small
Mogul Toy Competition
1976 Rice Krispies T Shirts1 small
Rice Krispies T-shirt
1976 Rice Krispies Golden Syrup Recipes (2)1 small
Golden Treats
1977 Rice Krispies Chess Set2 small
Chess Set & Book
1978 Rice Krispies Weather Chart (4)1 small
1978 Rice Krispies Bobby Bear Offer 3 small
Bobby Bear
1978 Rice Krispies Personalised Track Suit (1)1 small
Personalised Track Suit
1978 Rice Krispies School Bag (2)
School Bag & Briefcase
1978 Rice Krispies Watch Offer  (1)1 small
1979 Rice Krispies Deocraft Bird Transfer (betr)1 small
Wildbird Transfers
1970s Kelloggs Kite (1)1 small
Sportsman Kite





1980 Rice Krispies Wild Animal Heads No 4 Lion made (3)1 small
Wild Animal Heads
1980 Rice Krispies Wild Animal Heads 2nd series No  1 Rhino mad
Wild Animal Heads 2
1980 Rice Krispies Magic Pens 4-1-small
Magic Pens
1981 Rice Krispies Holiday Inn Weekend Competition (1)
Holiday Inn Competition
1981 Rice Krispies Card Games1 small
Snap Crackle & Pop Playing Cards
1981 Rice Krispies Jeans for Kids (5)1 small
Jeans For Kids Offer
1982 Rice Krispies Alarm Clock (2)1 small
Snap Crackle & Pop Alarm Clock
1983 Rice Krispies fun books1 small
Big Books for Fun
1982 Cornflakes Free Childs Train ticket (betr)1
Free Children’s Train Tickets
1982 Rice Krispies Mini Magnets & Tops for Style (1)1 small
Mini Magnet
1982 Rice Krispies Mini Magnets & Tops for Style (2)  small 1
Cornflakes Clothes
1983 Rice Krispies Mini Jigsaws2 small
Mini Jigsaws
1983 Rice Krispies Heraldry Souvenir Stamp Cover1 small
Heraldry Stamps
1983 Rice Krispies Mug (1)2 small
Snap Crackle & Pop Mug
1984 Rice Krispies Stick Pix Snap (betr)1 small
1984 Rice Krispies Super Smash Hit  Records (1)1  small
Smash Hit Records







1986 Rice Krispies Transport Fleet Model - set red (2)
Model Transport Fleet Vehicles
1987 Rice Krispies Band - blue1 small
Snap Crackle & Pop Band
1986 Rice Krispies Wallpaper Border1 small
Wallpaper Frieze
1989 Rice Krispies Super Hero Action Model - yellow1 small
Super Hero Action Models





1992 Rice Krispies Wrap Around Shades - Snap1 small
Wrap Around Shades
1993 1993 Rice Krispies Dino Eggs (2)2 small
Dinosaur Eggs
1990 Rice Krispies Super Hero Toppers - Green1 small
Super Hero Pencil Top
Comic Relief Bike Reflector





1995 Rice Krispies Konvertables made (1)1 small
1997 Rice Krispies Mr Men Stencils (1)
Mr Men & Little Miss Stencils







2000 Rice Krispies Design you Own Pack 8 small
Design a Pack
2000 Rice Krispies Get Cooking Magnetic Fun Recipe Book 12 smal
Get Cooking Recipe Book
2003 Rice Krispies Piglet the Movie Bookmarks2 small
Piglet The Movie Bookmarks





2010 - to date

2018 Rice Krispies Elf on the Shelf1 small
Elf on the Shelf Competition







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