Since Ricicles launch in 1955, there have been a number of send away promotions, free gifts and activities printed on packet backs. There were some great associations with Noddy and Magic Roundabout in the early days

Please let me know of anything that can be added.  I have detailed in the yellow box on each of the offers they types of items/information I am still looking for.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more details and pictures on each offer

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1956 Ricicles Noddy Flick Books back1 small
Noddy Flick Book
1957 Ricicles Noddy Farm Animal2 small
Noddy Farm Animal
1957 Ricicles Noddy Adventures No 26 Skittle Children1 small
Noddy Adventures
1957 Ricicles Noddy Transfers1 small
Noddy Transfers
1959 Ricicles Noddy on a String - yellow1 small
Noddy on a String
1950s Ricicles Noddy Magic Pictures
Noddy Magic Pictures
1950s Ricicles Noddy Flikka tag (4)1 small
Noddy Keyring Flikka Tag
1950s Ricicles Toyland Zoo Kangeroo1 small
Toyland Zoo
1956 Ricicles Model Wooden Planes 3 small
Model Planes







1960s Ricicles Nursey Rhyme mini books1 small
New Nursery Rhyme Books
1960s Ricicles Noddy Flip Flap Book No 2 (betr) (2)1 small
Noddy’s Flip-Flaps
1960 Ricicles Noddy Jigsaw1 small
Noddy Jigsaw
1962 & 1967 Ricicles Noddy Figures1 small
Noddy & Friends Figures
1962 Ricicles Noddy Club Badge1 small
Noddy Club Badge
1963 Sugar Smacks Atomic Sub (2)1 small3
Atomic Sub
1964 Ricicles Magic Drawing Book (betr) (3)1 small
Magic Drawing Book
1965 Ricicles Noddys Magic Painting Book No 4 small
Magic Painting Book
1968 Ricicles Noddy goes Shopping record  (1)1 small
Noddy Goes Shopping Record
1968 Ricicles Noddy at the Seaside record1 small
Noddy at the Seaside Record
1966 Ricicles Noddy Club Badges1 small
Noddy’s Friends Badges
1962 & 1967 Ricicles Noddy Figures - variations1 small
Noddy & Friends Figures
1967 Ricicles Racing Car Bedspread1 small
Racing Car Bedspread
1968 Ricicles Super Garden Slide (betr)
Super Garden Slide
1969 Ricicles Noah & his Animals - Noah (1)
Noah & his Animals Models
1969 Ricicles Magic Roundabout - green1 small
Magic Roundabout Figures
1969 Ricicles Magic Roundabout Painting Book (betr)1
Magic Painting Book
1962  Sugar Smacks Catamaran (1)1 small
Jet Propelled Catamaran
1966 Ricicles Life Size Noddy1 small
Life Size Noddy
1950s Ricicles Nursey Rhymes (1)2 small
Nursery Rhymes



1970 Ricicles Magic Roundabout figures red1 small
Magic Roundabout Models
1970 Ricicles Instant Picture Book Outer Space1 small
Instant Picture Book
1971 Sugar Smacks 3D Wildlife Picture Cards (2)1 small1
3D Wildlife Picture Cards
1972 Ricicles Popper Dolls2 small
Popper Doll
1970s Ricicles Magic Roundabout Place Mats (betr)1 small
Place Mats
1972 Coco Krispies R&L Crazy Canines - blue1 small
Crazy Canines
1972 Ricicles Magic Roundabout Iron on Transfers (1)1 small
Iron on Patches
1972 Ricicles Snap Card Game1 small
Snap Cards
1973 Ricicles Pop Out Storybook (2)1 small
TV Pop Out Book
1972 Ricicles Magic Roundabout Doodles Transfers (2)1 small
Storytime Doodles
1970s Ricicles Magic Roundabout Cut outs Dougal (betr)1 small
Cut Outs
1970s Ricicles Magic Roundabout Sticker Fun Book  (betr)1 small
Sticker Fun Book
1970s Riccicles Magic Roundabout paints card (1)1 small
Painting Cards
1970s Ricicles Childrens Breakfast Set (betr) (1)1 small
Children’s Breakfast Set
1970s Ricicles Magic Roundabout Wall Plaques (betr)1 small
Wall Plaque
1970s Riciciles Magic Roundabout Charm Bracelet (1)1 small
Charm Bracelet
1970s Ricicles Flexible Dinosaurs2 small
Dinosaur Models
1970s Ricicles Stretch Pets squirrel1 small
Stretch Pets
1975 Ricicles Birds of the World Stick on Transfers (betr)1 sma
Birds of the World Chart
1976 Ricicles Mr Men Stickers1  small
Mr Men Stickers
1976  Sugar Smacks Playpeople set1 small2
1975 Coco Krispies Magic Painting Book
Magic Painting Book
1977 Frosties & Ricicles Radio (1)1 small
Pocket Radio
1978 Ricicles Anti Pollution stickers1 small
Anti Pollution Sticker
1970s Ricicles Airfix Sailing Ships of Britain1 small
Airfix Model Ships





1986 Ricicles Captn Ric flikka mask1 small
Capt’n Rik Flikka Mask
1987 Ricicles Captn Ric Transfers1 small
Galactic Transfers
1987 Ricicles Captain Rik poster (betr)1 small
Star Guide Poster
1987 Ricicles Space Stickers (2)1 small
Space Stickers
1986 Variety Wallpaper Border1 small
Wall Frieze
1988 Ricicles Galactic Flyer made1 small
Galactic Glider
1989 Ricicles Capt Rick space stickers1 small
Space Stickers
1989 Ricicles Space Mobile1 small
Space Mobile
1989 Ricicles Party Invite set (1)1 small
Party Invite
1988 Ricicles Wobble Pen (3)1 small
Wobbler Pen
1981 Ricicles Hat Scalf & Gloves (1)1 small
Mitts, Hat & Scarf offer
1980s Shreddies Henry's Cat1 small
Henry’s Cat Badges





1990 Ricicles Intergalactic Picture ruler (2)1 small
Intergalactic Picture Ruler
1990 Ricicles Capt.Rik Glitter stickers2 small
Glitter Sticker
1991 Ricicles Room Plaque1 small
Door Plaque
1991 Ricicles Captain Rik Space Ship Game (2)1 small
Spaceship Game
1991 Ricicles Space Glo Stickers1 small
Space Glo Stickers
1992 Ricicles Captain Riks Crater Skater1 small
Crater Skater
1993 Ricicles Galatic Phone (2)1 small
Galactic Phone
1993 Ricicles Captain Rik watch (1)1 small
Capt’n Rik Digital Watch
1994 Ricicles Sooty finger puppets1 small
Sooty Finger Puppets
1994 Ricicles Space Aliens2 small
Space Alien Shelf Wobbler
Monster Klipz small
Monster Klipz
1995 Ricicles Rugrats Pencil Top2 small
Rugrats Pencil Top
1995 Ricicles Space Chase Game (2)1 small
Space Chase Game
1996 Rice Krispies Mask Pencil Tops12 small
Mask Pencil Top
1997 Rice Krispies Mr Men Stencils (1)12  small
Mr Men & Little Miss Stencils
1997 Ricicles Breakfast Set2 small
Breakfast Set
1997 Ricicles Why Why Family from Beano1 small
The Why Why? Family Cards
1998 Choco Krispies Tom & Jerry stickers Mouse holes (1)1 small
Tom & Jerry Sticker Set
1998 Choco Krispies Anastasia Hologram Secrets (1)1 small
Anastasia Hologram Secrets
1998 Cornflakes Lego sets1 small
Lego Sets
1998 Ricicles Ice Cube Makers mint1 small
Ice Cube Moulds
1999 Ricicles Pan Pipes
Pan Pipes
1999 Ricicles Galactic Games1 small
Galactic Games
1999 Coco Pops Star Wars Phantom Menace Statuettes2 Small
Star Wars Statuettes
1991 Ricicles Space Travel Book1 small
Space Travel Book
1996  Honey Nut Loops Rugrats Action Cards (2)1 small12
Rugrats Action Cards
1993 Ricicles Magic Straws (1)1 small
Magic Straws
1996 Coco Pops Teddy in my Pocket2 small12
Teddy in my Pocket
Ricicles Pops Animal Hospital in my Pocket loose1
Animal Hospital
1999 Ricicles Walking with Dinosaurs (2)
Walking With Dinosaurs







2000 Ricicles Galactic Games1 small
Galactic Games
2001 Corn Pops Robot Wars 3 small 2
Robot Wars Stickers
2002 Rice Krispies Walking With Beasts 3 small 2
Walking with Beasts 3D Cards
2002 Honey Loops Cartoon Network Tags1 small 2
Cartoon Network Toon Tag
2002 Coco Pops Beyblades1 small
Beyblade Attack Spinner
2002 Honey Nut Loops Jimmy Neutron Gadget Spoons (2)1 small 2
Jimmy Neutron Gadget Spoon
2003 Frosties X Men 2 Tags1 small 2
X Men 2 Tags
2003 Rice Krispies Piglet the Movie Bookmarks1 small
Piglets Bookmark
2004 Coco Pops Shark Tale Water Mazes (2)1 small
Shark Tale Water Maze
2004 Rice Krispies Spiderman 2 Water Squirters (2)1 small
Spiderman 2 Water Squirter
2005 Honey Loops Star Wars Light Sabres2 small
Star Wars 3 Lightsabre Maze
2005 Honey Loops Star Wars Competition1 small
Lightsabre Competition
2005 Frosties Robots Crosstown Spinners (2)1 small
Robots Spinner & Robocopter
2006 Ricicles Horrible Science Bloodythirsty Bugs1 small
Horrible Science Book


2012 Ricicles Free Swim1 small
Free Swim
2014 Honey Pops Grown Ups go Free (1)2 small1
Grown Ups Go Free
2015 Ricicles Free Cereal Bowl (1)1 small
Tip n Sip Bowl
2017 Ricicles Better Breafasts Last Offer (1)1 small
Capt’n Rick RIP
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