Since Sugar Smacks launch in 1958, there have been a number of send away promotions, free gifts and activities printed on packet backs. Production stopped in the 70s and they were reintroduced briefly in the mid 80s as Honey Smacks. The 1960s/70s items have been come some of the most collectable due to the links with major children’s TV series

Please let me know of anything that can be added.  I have detailed in the yellow box on each of the offers they types of items/information I am still looking for.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more details and pictures on each offer

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1959 Sugar Smacks Circus Figures1 small
Circus Models
19xx Sugar Smacks Circus Figures series 3 small
Circus Models 2nd Series


1960 Sugar Smacks Amazing Metaal Puzzles1 small
Amazing Metal Puzzles
1961 Sugar Smacks Model Sports Cars small
Model Sports Cars
1962 Sugar Smacks Catamaran (1)1 small
Jet Propelled Catamaran
1962 Coco Pops Yogi Bear & Friends badges1 small
Yogi & Friends Badges
1963 Sugar Smacks Friends of Yogi badge1 small
Friends of Yogi Bear Badge
1963 Sugar Smacks Magic Moving pictures Yogi & friends 1 (2)1 s
Magic Moving Pictures
1963 Coco Pops Yogi Bear Pin up Pictures (3)1 small
Yogi’s Pin Up Parade
1963 Sugar Smacks Atomic Sub (2)1 small
Atomic Sub
1964 Sugar Smacks Racing Tortoises
Racing Tortoises
Yogi Bear’s Maskerade
1965 Sugar Smacks Commando Tommy-Gun & Spoon Offer1 small
Tommy Gun & Cereal Spoons
1965 Sugar Smacks Flying Wonder Wheel2 small
Flying Wonder Wheel
1965 Sugar Smacks Thurderbirds 3d Character Cut Outs - Lady Pen
Thunderbirds 3D Cut Outs
1966 Sugar Smacks Thunderbird Figures - Blue1 small
Thunderbirds Figures
1966 Sugar Smacks Thunderbird Models 2 (1)1 small
Thunderbirds Plastic Models
1967 Sugar Smacks Thunderbird Lady Penelope Fab1 car1 small
Lady Penelope Fab 1 Vehicle
1960s Sugar Smacks Adventures Captn Scarlet back1 small
Adventures of Captain Scarlet
1968 Sugar Smacks Captn Scarlet Badges2 small
Captain Scarlet Spectrum Badges
1968 Sugar Smacks Captn Scarlet Vehicles - Spectrum Patrol Car
Spectrum Command Models
1968 Sugar Smacks SPV Send Away1 small
Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle
1968 Sugar Smacks Joe 90 Badges3 small
Joe 90 WIN Badges
1969 Sugar Smacks Joe 90 Model Macís Car (1)1 small
Joe 90 Model Mac’s Car
1969 Sugar Smacks R&L Space Age Models1 small
Space Age Models
1969 Sugar Smacks Star Trek Badges2 small
Star Trek Badges
1969 Sugar Smacks Star Trek Pifco Zetaray1 small
Star Trek Pyjamas & Space Gun
1959 Cornflakes Jigtoys set (1)1 small
1966 Coco Pops 1924 Bull Nose Morris Cowley Kit1 small1
Bull-Nose Morris Cowley Model Kit
1961 Frosties Donkey Derby  (1)
Donkey Derby
1965 Frosties Ferry Boat (2)1 small
Model Ferry Boat
1961 Frosties Fun Masks - Hanna Barbera1 small21
Fun Masks
1960s Sugar Smacks Carnival Models - elephant
Carnival Models






1970 Sugar Smacks Space Mission badges2 small
Space Mission Badges
1970 Ricicles Instant Picture Book Dancing1 small
Instant Picture Book
1970 Sugar Smacks R&L Crater Critters King Crater1 small
Crater Critters
1971 Sugar Smacks Star Trek transfer (betr)1 small
Star Trek Transfers
1971 Sugar Smacks Star Trek Space Game 2 (betr)1 small
Star Trek Space Games
1971 Sugar Smacks 3D Wildlife Picture Cards (2)1 small
3D Wildlife Picture Cards
1971 Sugar Smacks Dr Who badges back2 small
Dr Who Badges
1972 Sugar Smacks Historic Car Models - Bugatti, Renault Oldsmo
Historic Cars
1972 Sugar Smacks Olympic Athletes1 small
Olympic Athletes
1972 Sugar Smacks R&L Funny Uglies
Funny Uglies
1973 Sugar Smacks International Soccer Tips (betr)1 small
International Soccer Skills
1973 Sugar Smacks Racing Car Model2 small
Racing Cars
1974 Sugar Smacks Book of Champions3 small
Book of Champions
1975 Sugar Smacks Iron on Patch1 small
Gamekeeper Max Iron on Patch
1976 Ricicles Mr Men Stickers1 small
Mr Men Stickers
1970s Sugar Smacks Footballer Models2
Footballer Models
1976  Sugar Smacks Playpeople set1 small
1978 Sugar Smacks Playpeople set1 small
1979 Sugar Smacks Playpeople Offer (2)1 small
Playpeople Trucks
1971 Sugar Smacks Dr Who Bessie Car Cut Out (2)1 small
Dr Who Bessie Car



1985 Honey Smacks Colouring Pens1 small
Colouring Set
1986 Honey Smacks Barnabee sticky badges 3 small
Padded Stickers
1986 Honey Smacks Barnabee Game (2)1 small
BarnaBee Game
1986 Honey Smacks Jigsaw1 small
1986 Cornflakes Soda Sub, Boat & Diver - closed1 small
Soda Boat
1987 Honey Smacks Barnabee stickers1 small
BarnaBee Book
1986 Variety Wallpaper Border small
Wall Frieze
1987 Honey Smacks Barnabee transfers1 small
BarnaBee Transfer
1980s Honey Smacks Pencil set (2)1 small
Floating Pen Set
1989 Honey Smacks Drop Shot Game1 small
Drop Shot Game
1980s Honey Smacks Honey Run Game1 small
Honey Run Game
1987 Honey Smacks Have a Game Spot the Difference1
Barnabee Have a Game
1986 Pippen & Sugar Smacks Poster (3)1 small
Barnabee Poster
1986 Honey Smacks Straw Spoon & Wallpaper1 small
Straw Spoon


1991 Sugar Smacks hoppers1 small
1980s Sugar Smacks Sky Spinner - mint1 small
Dig Ems High Flyer
1998 Sugar Smacks Limited Edition front1 small
Limited Edition Pack
1990 Sugar Smacks Dig Em Painting sets (1)1 small
Dig Ems Postcard




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