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Kelloggs origins were in the USA when in 1894 the Kellogg’s brothers created wheat flakes by accident and marketed them as a health product. In 1906 W.K.Kellogg created the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company having realised that corn offered a tastier alternative to wheat.

It was not till 1922 that these became available in the UK, which were shipped from the Canadian production plant.  An extensive marketing & advertising drive followed to get the British public on board, with free sample packets being given away.

By 1936 annual sales exceeded 1 million cases, so it was decided to build a plant in Salford, Manchester, which subsequently opened in 1938.  To celebrate the launch salesmen gave out free ink blotters and a copy of a hardback book called ‘Sam Smith, Grocer Extraordinary’.  It was also around this time that promotional gifts were given away for purchases of the cereal.

The war affected production with Rice Krispies being stopped in 1942 and Corn Flakes being replaced by Wheat Flakes due to the blockades of imported corn.  Post war production resumed and expanded to include the rest of the UK.

From the 1950s onwards additional ranges were added, with Sugar Frosted Flakes (Frosties) in 1954 and Coco Pops in 1960.  This also appears to be when the start of packet back cut outs 1st appeared.  Free gifts started from 1957 with the launch of the Atomic Submarine and send away gifts the same year with the over-subscribed tea spoon offer.  Kelloggs also achieved some fantastic licensing arrangements with popular children’s TV characters of the day - from Captain Scarlet to Yogi Bear

Since then various different types of cereal have come and gone, where the most modern addition is the ‘snack’ breakfast replacement, for those who dont have time to sit down to breakfast in the morning.



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Cornflakes 1973
Honey Loops Front 2012
1960s Sugar Smacks Adventures Captn Scarlet front
Ricicles Captn Rik 1999 (Galactic Games)
1999 Variety Reusable Pack Holder (2)
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Crunchy Nut Cornflakes
Frosties front 1983
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