Whats New

I have listed below updates to the website that have been provided to allow easy navigation, where you can click on the link below to go direct to the page, although please note I have not specifically referenced new material on the pages, just updated what was there previously


What was updated


Who Provided

1986 Shreddies Dungeons & Dragons Hologram


Adam Dare

1969 Sugar Smacks Joe 90 Model Mac’s Car

Mark Woodford

1989 Cornflakes Village Corgi  Minitures

Stian Kringlebotten

1993 Frosties Gameboy Collectors Card

Adrian Allen

1960s Quaker Oats Your Child’s Career Set 1

1960s Quaker Oats Your Child’s Career Set 2

1987 Shreddies Thundercats Stick ‘n’ Lift  Stickers

1910s Force Cereal Postcard

1992 Golden Grahams Beverly Hill 90210 Poster

1989 Small Shredded Wheat Touchdown Gamecards

1960s Rice Krispies Pop Star Stamps

1970s Cornflakes Beach Buggy

Francis Hendry

1970s Ready Brek Doodle Stencil

Paul Hart

1971 Ready Brek Movie Spinner

1970s Ready Brek Kings & Queens

1972 Sugar Smacks Funny Uglies

Andy Judd

1980s Shreddies Henry’s Cat Badges

1939 Quaker Oats 3 Draw Telescope

Phil’s Comics

1953 Weetabix Worshop Series 2

1986 Pippen & Sugar Smacks Poster

1935 Puffed Wheat Quaker Glider

1962 Sugar Puffs Treasure Hunt Competition

1960s Sugar Puffs Brown Bear Soft Toy

Annie Hibberd

1985 Cornflakes Prehistoric to Present Flikka-Pics

Barry Jones

1958 Quaker Oats Lone Ranger Comic

Peter Hampson

1985 Honey Smacks Barnabee Colour Sheet

Darren Dixon

1970s Ricicles Magic Roundabout

Jack Reid

1960s Sugar Smacks Carnival Models

Stas Librowski

1973 Ready Brek Talker Tapes

Action Transfers

Weetabix Yoyos

Charles Howell

1969 Ricicles Noahs Ark Animals

Goran Hellsin

1968 Sugar Smacks Spectrum Command Models

Mike Slattery

1972 Quaker Oats Toby Jug

Philip Kelly

1975 Cornflakes Sindy Competition

The Little Sindy Museum

Weetabix Commemorative Coin

Candice Clews

1939 Force Sunny Jim Painting Book

Steve Taylor

1954 Ready Brek Stanley Matthews Football Tips

Jon Bodenham

1972 Ready Brek Gordon Banks Sports Date

1972 Ready Brek Hot Wheels Sets

1980s Ready Brek Famous Games

1980s Ready Brek Magic Tricks

1980s Ready Brek Tale of Ready Eddie

1982 Ready Brek Corgi Rally Racers

1970s Ready Brek Animodels

Mark Davies

1958 Shredded Wheat Super Guns

Sarah Gilder

1958 Scott’s Oats Zoo Animals

1996 Weetos Prof’s Puzzle  Pack Packet

Rob Oxley

1958 Frosties Tony Tiger Bendy Toy

Nick Symes

1959 Cornflakes Spinzips

1961 Frosties Donkey Derby

1973 Sugar Smacks Racing Cars

1974 Cornflakes Famous Indian Chiefs’ Heads

1977 Cornflakes Railway Ticket

1982 Weetabix Weetagang T Shirt

1986 Honey Smacks Straw Spoon

1987 Honey Smacks BarnaBee Book

1988 Shreddies Real Ghostbusters Flyers

1989 Cornflakes Bike Reflectors

1989 Shreddies Spokey Dokeys

1990 Shreddies Crazy Hopper

1990 Shreddies TMNT Stickers glowing

1991 Shreddies Kosmic Kreatures Glow stickers

1991 Sugar Puffs Scratchees Game cards

1992 Sugar Puffs Trainer Tags

1994 Shreddies Alien Fling Ons

1994 Sugar Puffs Flintstones Movie Models

1997 Cornflakes Wallace & Gromit Figures

1997 Shreddies Promatch Cards

1998 Sugar Puffs Glo Ghosts

1998 Sugar Puffs Soccer Topper Home Shirts

1999 Choco Puffs Spoon Straws

2002 Shreddies Lilo & Stitch Luminous Stickers

2013 Shreddies Nana-Versary 60th Teapot

2018 Shreddies Breakfast to Go

2019 Coco Shreddies Forever Vegan

2019 Shreddies Ltd Edition Apple & Cinnamon

2019 Shreddies Ltd Edition Toffee & Apple

2019 Shreddies Ltd Strawberries & Cream

2019 Coco Caramel Shreddies Ltd Edition

2020 Shreddies Tokyo Olympic Screens

1920s Force Sunny Jims Force Record

1900s Force Leaflet

1968 Shreddies Jungle Book Puppets

1920s Force Rag Doll form

1970 Ready Brek Butlins Competition

1970s Ready Brek Knights of Round Table

1980s Force Coasters

1987 Force Special Recipes

1987 Force Shopping Bag

2000 Force Wall Clock

2001 Golden Grahams Playstation Tips & Cheats

1995 Oat Krunchies Thomas Tank Engine Models


Tips for Providing New items for publishing

I have tried to publish good quality pictures on the site, as well as have a better quality one in my archive for anyone that wishes it.  To achieve this and consistency of image, that blends well with the web site, please could I ask when submitting pictures you:-

  • avoid using flash where it will distort the image (mainly on packets & cards)
  • Take photos against a white background
  • For packets and cards try and take overhead shot (if scan not possible) which is directly above, so packet item dimensions are not distorted. Only copy the side panels if they have some type of offer, otherwise a close up of the back panel as per examples below

Below are some examples from my own experience when taking most of the pictures that appear in the site


Dimension good but low light gives colour distortion


Flash distortion and off centre so cropping will generate non uniform picture


Overhead shot on white background to then allow for cropping

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