Whats New

I have listed below updates to the website that have been provided to allow easy navigation, where you can click on the link below to go direct to the page, although please note I have not specifically referenced new material on the pages, just updated what was there previously


What was updated

Who Provided

1970s Quake Up Motion Picture Cards

Adrian Allen

1976 Quaker Up Camberwick Green Transfers

1966 Sugar Puffs Dalek Competition

Rose Wesley

1959 Sugar Puffs Moon Rocket

Jon Levine

1968 Frosties Concorde Model

Frederic Andrieux

1970 Frosties Boeing 747 Model

1971 Frosties Lockhead Galaxy Model

1974 Frosties Westland sea king

1981 Sugar Puffs Honey Monster Cut Outs

Nick Symes

1970s Sugar Puffs Frog Spitfire










Tips for Providing New items for publishing

I have tried to publish good quality pictures on the site, as well as have a better quality one in my archive for anyone that wishes it.  To achieve this and consistency of image, that blends well with the web site, please could I ask when submitting pictures you:-

  • avoid using flash where it will distort the image (mainly on packets & cards)
  • Take photos against a white background
  • For packets and cards try and take overhead shot (if scan not possible) which is directly above, so packet item dimensions are not distorted. Only copy the side panels if they have some type of offer, otherwise a close up of the back panel as per examples below

Below are some examples from my own experience when taking most of the pictures that appear in the site


Dimension good but low light gives colour distortion


Flash distortion and off centre so cropping will generate non uniform picture


Overhead shot on white background to then allow for cropping

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