Whats New

I have listed below updates to the website that have been provided to allow easy navigation, where you can click on the link below to go direct to the page, although please note I have not specifically referenced new material on the pages, just updated what was there previously


What was updated


Who Provided

1973 Frosties Historical Heads


Darren Hanning

1974 Cornflakes Famous Indian Heads

1966 Spoonsize Tarzan Transfers

Jamie Cussans

1970s Rice Krispies Look At Nature

Martin Townsend

1970s Shredded Wheat Castrol GTX Sticker

1971 Shredded Wheat Cup Winners Badge

1972 Shredded Wheat Action Replay Sticker

1972 Shredded Wheat Champions of Europe

1978 Ricicles Anti Pollution Stickers

1980 Rice Krispies Wild Animal Heads

1976 Golden Nuggets Iron on Patch

Adrian Allen

1987 Shredded Wheat Free Coin

1973 Shredded Wheat Pop Patches

1974 Shredded Wheat Johan Cruyff Skills

1952 Quaker Oats Household Hints

1952 Quaker Oats Phiz Cards

1952 Quaker Oats Railways of the World

1952 Quaker Oats British Landmarks

1952 Quaker Oats Great Moments in Sport

1952 Quaker Oats Story of Fashion

1976 Weetabix Olympic Games


1966 Sugar Puffs Punch & Judy Show

Phils Comics

1957 Cornflakes Soda Sub

1957 Shreddies Tom Dick & Harriet

1959 Shredded Wheat Cubs Battling Knights

1957 Shredded Wheat Wizza Jet

1950s Noddy Keyring Flikka Tag

Albert Sharp

1973 Cornflakes Train Set

Richard Maher

1957 Weetabix Wonderplane

Nick Symes

1956 Shredded Wheat Disney Theatre

1920s Force Yoyo

1950s Cornflakes British Costumes

1956 Rice Krispies Lore of the West

2018 Coco Pops Grown Ups Go Free

2018 Coco Pops Panini Football Stickers

2018 Coco Pops Mega & Sideways Pack

2012 Coco Pops Tip n Sip Bowl

1991 Coco Pops Peel n Play

1991 Ricicles Space Travel Book

1992 Coco Pops Magic Fun Slides

1970 Shreddies Mini Books

1997 Shreddies X Ray Dinosaurs

2017 Weetabix Despicable Me Competition

2015 Weetabix Weetabuddy Soft Toy

1991 Weetabix Transformers

1975 Ready Brek Butterfly Collection

1984 Weetabix T Shirt

1930s Quaker Oats Speed Demon

1997 Honey Loops Breakfast Set

2000 Honey Loops Pokemon Stickers

1973 Coco Pops Sooty & Sweep Jigsaw

1971 Sugar Smacks Dr Who Badge

1952 Cornflakes Cowboys & Indians

1969 Cornflakes Armour Through The Ages

1980 Cornflakes Breakfast News

1980 Cornflakes Liverpool & Manchester Stamps

1981 Cornflakes Get Fit Campaign

1981 Cornflakes Spot the Ball Competition

1987 Cornflakes Stumpers

1989 Cornflakes Corgi Miniatures

1991 Cornflakes Motoring Marvels

1992 Cornflakes Phone Cards

2012 Cornflakes Tip n Sip Bowl

2018 Cornflakes Celebrity Love Island Magnets


Tips for Providing New items for publishing

I have tried to publish good quality pictures on the site, as well as have a better quality one in my archive for anyone that wishes it.  To achieve this and consistency of image, that blends well with the web site, please could I ask when submitting pictures you:-

  • avoid using flash where it will distort the image (mainly on packets & cards)
  • Take photos against a white background
  • For packets and cards try and take overhead shot (if scan not possible) which is directly above, so packet item dimensions are not distorted. Only copy the side panels if they have some type of offer, otherwise a close up of the back panel as per examples below

Below are some examples from my own experience when taking most of the pictures that appear in the site


Dimension good but low light gives colour distortion


Flash distortion and off centre so cropping will generate non uniform picture


Overhead shot on white background to then allow for cropping

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